Tautavel (France): cinquième mandibule d'homo erectus vivant il y a environ 450.000 ans

Paisley Caves (USA): 13,000-year old Western Stemmed points, more human DNA

- Shi'bat Dihya (Yemen): Early humans settled in Arabia

Pahiyangala (Sri Lanka): bio anthropologist unearth more secrets

Na Mo Cave (Viet Nam): Stone artefacts dating from 20,000 BC to 10,000 BC  found

Cathole Cave (G-B): U-series dating suggests Welsh reindeer is Britain’s oldest rock art

Greenland Ice Not A Reliable Model For Younger Dryas Period

Xianrendong cave (Chine): Pottery 20,000 years old found

Complex Thinking Behind the Bow and Arrow

- Iran - Rock Art : the Ibex Motif

Pahiyangala (Sri Lanka): the recently excavated full skeleton

New deglaciation data opens door for earlier First Americans migration

Nawarla Gabarnmang (Australie): oldest rock art in Australia

El Castillo Cave (Espagne): Paleolithic paintings date back at least 40,800 years

- New evidence supporting theory of extraterrestrial impact

Climate, habitat, humans in cahoots to kill mammoths

Chauvet (France): Ancient cave paintings depict moving animals

- Engravings, the earliest form of art in the American continent

- Early human activity has left prominent ecological footprints

Geißenklösterle Cave (Allemagne): birthplace of European music and art ?

Tasmanie (Australie): Prehistoric cold case links humans to megafauna extinctions

New type of bone tools in Early Aurignacian assemblages

Boulazac (France): Fouille d’un campement préhistorique solutréen

Geißenklösterle Cave (Allemagne): new dates produced ages between began between 42,000 – 43,000 years ago

Finding the First Americans

Danjiangkou (Chine): Stone Artifacts With Handaxes and Picks Found

Liuhuaishan (Chine): New Paleolithic remains found

Abri Castanet (France): Early Europe Art depict female sex organs

How Dogs May Have Helped Humans Beat the Neanderthals

Abri Castanet (France):37,000 years old: Earliest form of wall art discovered / La plus ancienne forme d'art pariétal découverte en Dordogne

Cape Malekas (Crete): The extinct dwarf mammoth

Le succès d'Homo sapiens pourrait être dû à ses habiletés spatiales

Grotte Chauvet (France):les peintures rupestres datent de plus de 30.000 ans

Ancient migration: Coming to America

Roc aux sorciers (France): La première BD du monde

Vero Beach (USA): Early North Americans lived with extinct giant beasts

A new picture of humans' arrival in Europe.

Human migrations: Eastern odyssey

Ancient network of rivers and lakes found in Arabian Desert

- Preresa (Espagne): 'Inhabitants of Madrid' ate elephants’ meat and bone marrow 80,000 years ago

- Osorno (Chili) : Archaeologists found 14,000-year-old knives while studying elephant ancestors.

Qihe cave (Chine): Significant achievements from the excavation

Geometric Signs - A New Understanding

Lamb Spring (USA): archaeological dig could rewrite human history

La Madeleine (France) : étude complète du mammouth gravé sur  ivoire

Wadi Abu Subeira (Egypte): Palaeolithic rock art on the verge of destruction

Bessinaudes (France): Eclats de silex datant de la période moustérienne (entre - 300 000 et - 40 000 ans)

- Analytical standards needed for 'reading' Pliocene bones

Sibérie (Russie): Young mammoth likely butchered by humans

Wonderwerk Cave (Afrique du Sud): Human ancestors used fire one million years ago / Le feu déjà utilisé il y a un million d'années

- Azraq Basin (Jordanie) : From foraging to farming: the 10,000-year revolution

- Australie : Hunters, not climate change, killed giant beasts 40,000 years ago

Zhengzhou (Chine) : Old Stone Age relics discovered

Jefferson's ground sloth (USA) : early North American settlement

Meadowcroft (USA) : Did the Solutreans settle America first?

- Mas d'Azil (France) : L’Inrap entreprend des recherches

- Mas d'Azil (France) : Vers une relecture de la grotte

Ohio (USA): First Evidence of Hunting by Prehistoric Ohioans

- Tools May Have Been First Money

East coast (USA) : New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America

- Klasies River Cave (Afrique du Sud): oldest known engraved object ?

Lapa do Santo (Brésil) : Rock art discovery could shed light on when New World was settled

Kolyma River (Russie) : Ancient plants back to life after 30,000 frozen years

- Mleisa 1 (Abu Dhabi) : Les éléphants préhistoriques aussi sociables que leurs congénères actuels

- Kharaneh IV (Jordanie) : Earliest evidence of prehistoric architecture

Cueva de Nerja (Espagne) : the Earliest Human Paintings

Did Early Humans Ride the Waves to Australia?

Zamostje 2 (Russie) : More than 7,500-year-old fish traps found

Küçükçekmece Gölü (Turquie) : Early Neolithic discoveries

Ouriakos (Grèce) : Seafaring in the Aegean: new dates

Qurta (Egypte) : Un art rupestre préhistorique en Afrique du Nord

Jerimalai (East Timor) : Fishy find shows humans skilled anglers 42,000 years ago

Byzovaya (Russie) : Late Mousterian Persistence near the Arctic Circle

Mas-d'Azil (France) : Les secrets de la grotte mis au jour

Little Salt Spring (USA) : How long have humans lived in Southwest Florida?

Guanajuato (Mexique) : 40 ensembles pariétaux découverts

Kengnan (Chine) : Excavations at the paleolithic site

Irikaitz (Espagne)

Dog domestication was natural

Early humans retained fine hair to ward off parasites

Lac Huron (USA) ; Divers Retrieve Prehistoric Wood

Qesem Cave (Israël) :the disappearance of the elephant caused the rise of modern man 400,000 years ago

- Zhanghuokou (Chine) : New Achievements of the excavation at Paleolithic location

Traverse (USA) : A prehistoric crossroads

Stadel cave (Allemagne) : Is the Lion Man a Woman?

Sibudu (Afrique du Sud) : Herbal Medicines Used 77,000 Years Ago

Sibudu (Afrique du Sud) : Grass Mattress Was A Stone Age Bed And Breakfast

- La Dame de Villers-Carbonnel

Olorgesailie (Kenya) : The hidden treasures

Wadi Banut (Oman) : Ancient Tools Point to Early Human Migration Into Arabia

Torquay 2 (G-B) : Le Cro Magnon britannique à 42.000 ans contesté

- Jerimalai (East Timor) : Gone fishing? We have for 42,000 years

- Oulad Hamida 1 (Maroc) : Découverte d'une incisive datant de 450 000 ans

Lion Rock (Chine) : Violent Interhuman Encounter May Have Occurred 126,000 Years Ago

Qurta (Egypte) : Oldest rock art in Egypt discovered

Ishigaki (Japon) : Japan's oldest known human remains found

Dantewada, Bastar Caves (Inde) : Stone Age tools found

Prehistoric men scarred, pierced, tattoued privates

Klipfonteinrand (Australie) : Dig it – Cederberg’s stones will rock you

Sequim (USA) : Mastodon weapon was older than thought

Alxa League (Chine) : New Prehistoric Discoveries

Torquay (G-B) : Humans ventured as far as Torquay more than 40,000 year s ago

Cavallo (Italie) : L'Homme moderne arrivé en Europe plus tôt que prévu

Kennewick (USA) : Jawbone found near Kennewick Man site, raising specter of controversy

El Coyote (Mexique) : 9,000-Year-Old Tools Found

- Blombos (Afrique du Sud) : Le plus ancien atelier de fabrication de pigments

Qesem Cave (Israël) : Ancient ‘production line’ remnants found

Blombos (Afrique du Sud) : 100,000-Year-Old Paint Kits Unearthed

Předmostí (R.Tcheque) : Evidence of domestication of dogs during Paleolithic period

Rouffignac (France) : Prehistoric Preschool? Paleolithic Kids Finger-Painted in Caves

Vistehola Cave (Norvège) : study the features of a boy who lived outside Stavanger 7 500 years ago

Finding Clues as to How Early Man Adapted to Marine Environments