Articles de Presse 2016-1

Caesarea (Israel):  divers discover treasure trove from 1,600 year old shipwreck

- Umm Al Quwain (UAE): How and where the bodies were buried

Rome (Italie):  metro line runs into Roman barracks and burial ground

Montréal (Canada):New tannery discovered

Vannes (France):  une nécropole gallo-romaine

Meyenheim (France): Un habitat du haut Moyen-Âge

Newark (USA): On New Jersey hillside, clues to Revolutionary War mystery

Deir el-Medina (Egypte): Intricate animal and flower tattoos found on mummy

Bénin City (Nigéria): Edo, capital of a pre-colonial African empire

al-Kusur   (Koweit): ancient air conditioning disvovered

Bylazora (Macedonie): Explorations Unveil Civilization Dating Back to 5th Century BC

Nazca (Pérou): Over 2000-year old geoglyph found

Seville (Espagne): Enormous haul of ancient Roman coins unearthed

Rakhigarhi (Inde): Harappa’s riches emerge from Hisar

Did Chavín society create authoritarianism?

Paris (France): Découverte d'une nouvelle tour de l'enceinte de Philippe Auguste

Florence (Italie): Etruscan stone could help unravel enigma of one of Italy's first civilizations

Oman: How a few grains of pepper unlocked the Esmeralda mystery

Aspero (Pérou): High status female found buried

Kothapalli  (Inde): Ancient Dharmachakra, rock inscription unearthed

Midnight Terror Cave (Belize): Maya child sacrifice site

Wiltshire (G-B): Barn conversion leads to amazing find of palatial Roman villa

Alger (Algérie): fouilles archéologiques

Falirikon Delta (Grèce): Ancient mass graves discovered

Were Hebrews Ever Slaves in Ancient Egypt?

Nasca (Pérou): Puquios Mystery: Puzzle Of Spiralling Holes Solved From Space

Beit She’arim (Israel): Oldest kilns and Judean glass remains in country unearthed

Altai (Mongolie)Archeologists find ancient mummy approximately 1,500 years old

Athènes (Grèce): Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave

- Ritidian (Guam) : 3,500 years of Chamorro history

Mexique : Yucatan archaeology races to keep up with development

Mawlamyaing (Myanmar): Ancient site offers clues to trade with Middle East

- Tollense (Allemagne): Smashed skulls suggest large European battle 3,200 years ago - and a more advanced society

Hund (Pakistan): capital of Hindu Shahi dynasty

- El Olivar (Chili): Archaeological finds enrich understanding of pre-Columbian Chile

Sydney (Australie): Massive Indigenous artefact find

Are humans inherently violent? This ancient Japanese society says no

- Marawah Island (UAE): Ancient ‘house for the dead’ unearthed

Migdal Oz (Israel):  Ancient Byzantine Church Uncovered

Mamallapuram (Inde): Millennium-old 'sunken town' found

Plain of Jars (Laos): New Findings Help Unravel Ancient Mysteries

Pocklington (G-B): 'Hugely important' iron age remains found

- Itoshima (Japon): New evidence of written diplomacy in ancient Japan

Piedras Marcadas (USA): La véritable expédition vers les cités d’or

Oman: Site of 1503 shipwreck tied to Vasco da Gama found

Beijing (Chine): 2,200-year-old Han Dynasty tomb discovered

Lechaion (Grèce): Monumental Piers Found in Sunken Harbor

G-B: Archaeological dig planned as metal detectorist discovers untouched Bronze Age burial mound

How Satellites Find Shipwrecks From Space

Cadzow (G-B): Artefacts from 'lost' medieval village found near M74

Rome (Italie): Forma Urbis Romae, Puzzle Gets New Piece​

- Mariana Islands: Ancient people wore clothes, probably chewed betelnut

- Zhejiang (Chine): New discoveries in Phoenix Mountain kiln site

Beads Found in 3,400-year-old Nordic Graves Were Made by King Tut's Glassmaker

- Jerusalem (Israel): Meet Elihana Bat Gael, First Temple Era Woman of Valor

- Bethlehem (Palestine): Vast 4,200-year Old Prehistoric Necropolis Found

- Angkor (Cambodge): Digging for where the gods were constructed 

Kondane caves (Inde):  art depicts myth and daily life

Amphipolis (Grèce): Inscription Spurs Debate Over Mysterious Tomb

Jiangxi (Chine): Master of ancient marquis tomb confirmed

Jerusalem (Israel): Ancient Roman Bathhouse and Winery Found

Jelna (Roumanie): Rare copy of Giotto fresco discovered in ruins of church

Kayuko Naj Tunich (Belize): Role of the Mounds in Maya Royal Accession Ceremonies

Ban Faqiran (Pakistan): Mughal-era coin, ‘longest staircase’ unearthed

Tottori  (Japon): Image of shark found on ancient bronze sword

Must Farm (G-B): Bronze Age fire at Britain's 'Pompeii' set to remain a mystery

Timna Copper Mines (Israel): First Textiles From King David Era Discovered

Mumbai (Inde): ‘Ass curse’ on boundary stones

What really wiped out the Maya?

Khatt Shebib (Jordanie): Ruins of Mysterious Wall Found

Decoding this script could crack the mystery of the Indus valley civilization

- Sandby Borg (Suède): Remains at Iron Age fort tell a story of a horrible massacre

Lattès (France): Roman bar dating back to 125BC discovered

Nyaung’gan (Burma): Bronze Age cemetery casts new light on ancient Burma

Oxyrhynchus (Egypte): Finds in Ancient rubbish dumps inspire "world's largest archaeological project"

Jerusalem (Israel): Archaeologists Find 7,000-year-old Houses

Florida Panhandle (USA): Evidence of first ever European settlement

- Kampen (Pays-Bas): Medieval trading ship raised to surface 'almost intact'

Koga (Japon): Treasure trove of artifacts points to early exchanges with Korea

Tebturnis (Egypte): Secrets of 2,000-year-old 'mummy paintings'

Achavanich (G-B): Effort to unlock secrets of 3,700-year-old woman 'Ava'

Orkney (G-B):  lamb bone and limpet offerings in coffin of Bronze Age woman

Gross Fredenwalde (Alemagne): 8,500-year-old graves with man buried in upright position found

Evidence of how ancient humans crossed Taiwan Strait still scarce

Guam: Archaeologists present findings of Chamorros migration

Colchester (G-B): Remains of 'extraordinary' Roman arcade found

- Netheravon (G-B): Badger Uncovers Bronze Age Burial Site Including Human Remains  VIDEO

- Battir (Palestine): Are historic terraces really that ancient?

Mazotos (Chypre): A wreck of historic importance

- Sanxingdui (Chine): New discoveries unlock lost civilization

Arequipa (Pérou): 90 archaeological sites found

Stonehenge (G-B): burials show 'surprising degree' of gender equality

Xiaohe (Chine): Ancient cemetery gives clues to women's status

Kremna (Turquie): Byzantine church unearthed

- Xiaohe (Chine): ‘Sex toys’ or religious relics? Wooden phalluses found

- Abousir (Egypte): Did ancient Egypt suffer from climate change?

Takasaki (Japon): warehouse from 8th century unearthed

Lod (Israel): A new mosaic unveiled

- New Brunswick / Nova Scotia (Canada): Archaeologist digs up artifacts along border from 1700s 

Huaca Santa Rosa (Pérou): Researchers discover 1,200-year-old temple, evidence of female sacrifice

Ancient Babylonians Tracked Jupiter With Calculus

- Chongqing (Chine): Ancient gov’t building with vault unearthed

Nasca (Pérou): NASA Airborne Radar ‘Sees’ Nasca Lines

Shizuoka (Japon): ‘Fujizuka’ mound in dates to Edo Period

- Lakhisarai (Inde):  Discovery of 1200-year-old structure

Tucson (USA): Footprints from a Family Walk through the Mud at Least 2,500 Years Ago

Sakai (Japon): Dig suggests elaborate ritual held at ancient burial mound 

Nevşehir (Turquie): Historic church discovered

Comox Valley (Canada): Research reveals K’omoks people’s advanced fishing methods a thousand years ago

Chanhassen  (USA): Archaeological site continues to reveal its secrets

Shkārat Msaied (Jordanie): 9,000-year-old skeletons with a strange history

Çatalhöyük (Turquie): New findings

Salut (Oman): Key Iron Age site of eastern Arabia found

Yueyang (Chine): Archaeologists find location where famous 'Reforms of Shang Yang' took place

Negev (Israel): The Mystery of Ancient Abandoned Cities

North Yorkshire (G-B): 'Outstanding' Roman relics discovered at roadside

Guang'an (Chine): Ancient tombs of Southern Song discovered

Abu Erteila (Soudan): archeologists make major discovery

Xian (Chine): Archaeologists discover world's oldest tea buried with ancient emperor

Abusir (Egypte): Queen Khentakawess III's tomb found

Palenque (Mexique): Nouvelles analyses sur la Reine Rouge

Nahariya (Israel): 3,400-year Old Canaanite Fort found

Sarasota(USA): evidence of 1,300-year-old village

Jimena de la Frontera (Espagne): Unearthing Roman 'nerve centre'

Incahuasi (Perou): Scientists May Be Close to Solving Ancient Inca Riddle

Viking (Canada): Ancient grave in farmer's field unearths historical mystery