Articles de Presse 2012/05-08

Puy-en-Velay (France): découvrir le passé du sol vellave.

Sha'ar HaGolan (Israel): Archaeologists claim objects are earliest 'matches'

Monmouth (G-B): Doubts raised over ‘Bronze-age’ house

Najaf (Irak): may be Hira, a legendary Arab Christian center

Les Rochardières (France):Près de 1 000 structures, puits de mines et galeries,détectées sur 20 000 m2 de terrain

Rome (Italie): Ruins of the Vergine Aqueduct discovered

Londres (G-B): Mass grave reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe

Lushun (Chine): New characters found on oracle bone relics

- Pachacamac (Pérou): Exploring a Peruvian chamber of secrets

Salmon Inlet (Canada): 4,000-year-old burial site

- Jerusalem (Israel): Have the skeletons of the Temple Mount massacre been found?

Xi'an (Chine): "World's biggest wooden bridge" found

Noyal-Châtillon-sur-Seiche (France): une villa gallo-romaine livre ses secrets

Saint-Rémy (France):mettre au jour un village gallo-romain

Harran (Turquie) : remnants of the world’s first Islamic university

- Esclavolles-Lurey (France):enclos funéraire (fin de l'âge du bronze), occupation domestique gallo-romaine, nécropole mérovingienne

Karakız Kasabası / Hapis Boğazı (Turquie): Hittite Stone and Sculpture Quarry

- Liyang (Chine): 1400-year-old 'national granary' found

- Istanbul (Turquie):Genoese frescoes found on walls of Arap Camii

Selinonte (Italie): Newly Uncovered Temple Challenges Archaeological Theory

Gufuskálavör (Islande): First 15th Century Fishermen’s Hut Excavated

Marseille (France): Service régional de l’Archéologie, bilan scientifique 2011

Beginish and Church Islands (Irlande): structure may be due to tsunami waves in medieval times

Kodumanal (Inde): Several Roman coin hoards have been found in villages around Kodumanal, indicating its trade links with Rome

- Herculaneum (Italie): House of the Telephus Relief

Boncuklu Höyük (Turquie): Ancient village holds lifestyle clues for archaeologists

Tell es-Safi/Gath : In Goliath’s hometown, the drama is in the details

Porpanaikottai (Inde): Stone commemorating heroic act with Tamil-Brahmi inscription found

Mont-Beuvray (France): une fosse puits du I er siècle av. JC.

Dahchour (Egypte): Pharaoh's playground revealed by missing fractals

Wet climate may have fueled Mongol invasion

Dispilio (Grèce): 7270-year-old Tablet Found Calls into Question History of Writing

- Limantepe (Turquie):Random discovery results with the first ‘Archeo Park’

Lemberg Castle (Autriche):600-year-old linen bras found / Des soutiens-gorge du Moyen Age retrouvés

East St. Louis (USA) : Archaeological team uncovers ancient suburb

Prague (Rép.Tchèque): early Middle Ages burial

Florence (Italie): Mona Lisa's remains found ?

Gavrinis (France): Le cairn livre ses secrets au numérique

Nan’ao One (Chine): Underwater archaeological work progresses into 3rd phase

Selkirk (G-B) : Roman fertility eagle dug up

Mexico City (Mexique): Mysterious 1200AD temple

La Mézière (France): Habitat du néolithique, site funéraire du Ve-VIIe siècles

Beechwood (G-B): New 'Iron Age' discoveries

'Mantle site' (Canada): Archaeologists unearth 'cosmopolitan' 1500s settlement near Lake Ontario

Saïda (Liban): Découverte rarissime : une inscription phénicienne exhumée

Modi’in (Israel): Is the Maccabees’ ancient mystery close to solution?

Urville-Nacqueville (France): la plage regorge de trésors

Saïda (Liban): Et si Europe était sidonienne ?

Ewell (G-B): Archaeologists unearth Roman past

Lausanne (Suisse): Une nécropole romaine sous le futur stade de football

Beyrouth (Liban): Les cales à bateaux, témoins-clés uniques de l’architecture portuaire phénicienne

Sidon (Liban): Excavations reveal the forgotten cultural treasures

Svetloyar Lake (Russie): a prototype for Kitezh, the “Russian Atlantis.”

The chicken has been at our side for the last 10,000 years

Alken (Danemark): a mass grave of scores of slaughtered Iron Age warriors

Heuneburg (Allemagne): Le trésor du Keltenblock

Serbie / Bulgarie: Discoveries represent a 'goldmine' of archaeology

Profen (Allemagne): World's Oldest Purse Found

Ningbo (Chine): exploring Xiaobai Jiao-1, an ancient merchant wooden vessel

Deir Mar Musa (Syrie):  Mysterious structures found

- L'Auberson (Suisse): Les archéologues découvrent un puits de mine

LA REUNION: repérage de vestiges de sites d'esclaves marrons

Thessalonique (Grèce) : Subway work unearths ancient road

Baoji (Chine): 3000-year-old wine vessel unearthed

Viminacium (Serbie): Gold Objects Found Near Mammoth Graves

Goseong (Corée du Sud): Neolithic farm field found

St. Lunaire-Griquet (Canada): paleohispanic alphabet used by an ancient culture known as the Tartessians ?

Marquion - Sauchy-Lestrée (France): villas et sépultures gallo-romaines

Nagaoka (Japon): Roman jewellery found in ancient tomb

Oakington (G-B): Mystery of Anglo-Saxon woman buried with cow

Les Rochardières (France): Des mines de l'âge du fer

Campana Hill (Pérou): Pre-Inca Cinnabar Mine Discovered

Monmouth (G-B): Mysterious Structure May Have Led to Ancient Artificial Island

Egyptian Talisman of Ancient Googly-Eyed God

Rach Nui (Viet Nam): archaeologists have doubts of 3,500-year toilet discovery

Boulogne sur Mer (France): la crypte de la basilique Notre-Dame

 - Sturkö (Suède): Extraordinary' shipwreck found

Monmouth (G-B): Huge prehistoric structure draws further speculation

Angers (France): L'ancien couvent des Augustins

Sozopol (Bulgarie): The "vampire" skeleton has been identified as a pirate and mayor

Megiddo (Israel):Excavating Armageddon, Researchers Reveal Canaanite Past

Rach Nui (Viet Nam): a 3,300 to 3,700 year old Neolithic village site

Goshen (USA): BYU students excavating Fremont Indian village

Shipwreck Science: 7 Great Underwater Finds

- Xi'an (Chine): Unearthing warriors' colorful past

Mes Aynak (Afghanistan): Prince Who Would Become Buddha

Brasstown Bald (USA): Is this the lost Mayan city of Yupaha?

Kodumanal (Inde): Ancient factories and foreign trade

Achziv (Israel): Figurine of the bathing woman (8th or 7th century BCE)

Québec (Canada): “Parc des Braves”, 3D as a tool for archaeology

- Cork (Irlande): Ship's exotic cargo may be pirates' haul

- Londres (G-B): The Curtain theatre, pre-Globe Shakespeare theatre, unearthed

Sozopol (Bulgarie): Human remains from Middle Ages found with iron rods staked through their chests / Découverte des squelettes de vampires potentiels

Dunstaffnage site (G-B): Bronze Age was height of cool

Galloway (G-B): 'Lost Kingdom' found in Scotland remains in burnt-out Dark Ages fort hint at ancient ALLIANCE between Picts and Britons

- Puerto Madryn (Argentine): Warren whaling ship wreck found

Venise (Italie):  An exorcism of a vampire ?

Pleasant Hill (USA): A Shaker Village

Corfou (Grèce): Deepest Roman shipwrecks found

Chalcatzingo (Mexique): An altar and a stela estimated to date from as early as 800 B.C. found

Allinges (France): Fouilles aux châteaux

Kodumanal (Inde): excavation yields a bonanza again

Wadi Debayan (Qatar): human occupation dating back to about 7,500 years ago

Haluru (Inde): Rare Roman coins, pottery pieces, stone weights excavated

Dunnyneil Island (Irlande): Northern Ireland's medieval shopping mall

Trefael Stone (G-B): stone age burial chamber

Pune (Inde): From the stone age to the medieval era

Censorship of 16th-Century Big Thinker Erasmus Revealed

- Da'an (Chine): oldest brewery unearthed

Bubeneč (Rep.Tchèque): Prague district yields up evidence of 5500 BC settlement

Londres (G-B): The remains of the 16th-century "Gresham Ship"

Yinxu (Chine): Tombs with undamaged mural paintings from Tang Dynasty