Articles de Presse 2015-2

Sanxingdui (Chine):  Neolithic human skeleton found

Sidon (Liban):  archaeological site alters global views

- Greek god of fertility was depicted with a penis disorder in 2,000-year-old fresco in bid to protect others from debilitating disease

Kakapel (Kenya): Stone art proves Western Kenya's 4,000 year history

Elah (Israel):   archaeologists find inscription of name from Bible

- Solving a Dark Age mystery: 7th century Christians, Pagans and the search for the Battle of Hatfield

Kaunos (Turquie): Ancient saltpan first in Anatolia

Norfolk (G-B): graffiti survey uncovers 'medieval selfies'

Strasbourg (France): Des lions dévorent un bélier route des Romains

Aragada (Inde): structure older than initially thought

- Nim Li Punit (Belize): Mystery Of The Jade Pendant

Cambridge (G-B): archaeological finds at Cambridge Biomedical

Athenes (Grece): Amazon on horseback in a battle found on vase

Triplicane (Inde): Sri Parthasarathy Swamy temple yields more history

- Woippy  (France): un cheval de 1 500 ans découvert

Vichama (Perou): 3,800-year-old statuettes found

Abu Ghosh (Israel): Byzantine-era church uncovered

Talagada (Inde): Iron Age infant bones found

Aksum (Ethiopie): Dazzling jewels from a grave reveal 2,000-year-old link to Rome

Flint (G-B): Historic Castle defences found

Koba el-Hawa (Egypte): 6 ‘unique’ tombs discovered

Cornwall (G-B) was scene of prehistoric gold rush

Rome (Italie): Roman rubbish dump reveals secrets of ancient trading networks

- Tel Yavneh (Israel): Sex, drugs and Philistines: A biblical psychedelic scene

Haripur (Pakistan): Indo-Scythian era: Silver rush eats away at 2,000-year-old city

Kasuga (Japon): Ancient mold used to cast bronze mirror earliest found

Londres (G-B): The mystery of the headless skeleton revealed by Crossrail

- Arkansas City (USA): archaeological study to look at lives, work of Etzanoans

- Stavelot (Belgique): Un sarcophage (Saint Remacle ?) découvert à l'abbaye

Mursalevo (Bulgarie): 8,000-year-old streets and rows of two-storey houses unearthed

Oxford (G-B): Dark Side of Medieval Convent Life Revealed

Galilee (Israel): 5,000-year old seal shows oldest-known musical image found

Rakhigarhi (Inde): Excavations show Harappan site died as Saraswati river dried

Tetelia (Inde): 300-year-old hunting implements found

Mata Indio (Perou): Archaeologists seek to unveil mysteries of  Mochica culture

Gebel Silsileh (Egypte): Long Lost Egyptian Temple Found

- Xinjiang (Chine): Ancient Leather Balls Found in Show Polo as Sport in Early China

Nara (Japon): oldest basil pollen found may have been 'medicine' from China

Nanjing (Chine): Ming Dynasty gold-filled tomb of concubine-turned-political leader discovered

Trapezà (Grece): Trois sépultures mycéniennes intactes découvertes

Dartmoor (G-B): Highest stone circle in southern England found

Nahal Hever (Israel): 2,000-year old letters by Bar Kochba in desert cave

Badalpur (Pakistan) :Third century BC stupa discovered

Haryana (Inde) sweet water pools fire up Saraswati revival

- Xi'an (Chine): terracotta army has new recruits: 1,400 more clay warriors, horses and chariots found buried near emperor's tomb

Portway (G-B): Skeleton of high-status girl was one of dozens of burials at Saxon cemetery

Tharu Fortress (Egypte): Ancient Egyptian army headquarters and huge military cemetery discovered

Kaniš (Turquie): La Mésopotamie se découvre une voisine

- Le Mans (France): Squelettes et vestiges au pied de la cathédrale

Nixtun-Ch'ich' (Guatemala): Un urbanisme inhabituel observé

- Buddha Purnima (Afghanistan): Ancient Buddhist city could be destroyed by copper mining

- Dimple Dell Park (USA) was home to ancient humans

Cusco (Pérou): Hidden crypt and mural discovered in San Francisco of Assisi  Temple

Tonga : Lapita colonised Tonga within two generations

Canada : The Great Arctic Thaw Is Seriously Worrying Archaeologists

Bear River (USA): Site of Deadliest Native American Massacre Identified

Develier (Suisse):  Un tronçon de voie romaine mis au jour

- Londres (G-B): Have the remains of Boudicca's rebels been uncovered by Crossrail project?

Is the world ready for a female leader? It wasn't in 1478 BCE in Egypt

Teotihuacan (Mexique):  Large amount of mercury found sealed in 1,800-year-old chamber beneath pyramid

Rakhigarhi (Inde): The lost world of Hisar’s Mohenjo-daro

Londres (G-B): Cremated human bones in pot found in Crossrail dig suggest gruesome ritual

- The Oxyrhynchus Papyri (Egypte): contained hangover remedy

Fehmarn Belt (Danemark): Ancient fishing leister found together with its spearing point

- Tarighat (Inde): Elephant figurine unearthed shows Chhattisgarh’s link to South Africa

Recent discoveries in China may lead to fresh look at Silk Road history

- A high-tech quest to unlock the secrets of ancient Israelite letters

North Hertfordshire (G-B): Bone fragments and burial goods of "wealthy and cosmopolitan" Roman found

Memphis (Egypte): Archaeologists unearth "white walls"

Upward Sun River (USA): How humans survived the last Ice Age

Dekdhuwa (Inde): a rich archaeological site found

Hampshire (G-B): Bearded men bottles could have been filled with urine and hair to ward off 17th century witches

Bhirrana /  Rakhigarhi (Inde):  new Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report

1177 B.C., the year a perfect storm destroyed civilization

Essex (G-B): Archaeologists find Britain's oldest human cremation at Mesolithic pit

- Le Caire (Egypte):  A 2,400 year-old basalt shrine was unearthed

Garapan (Mariannes du Nord): Archaeologists find pre-contact period settlement

Cambodge : Record-breaking aerial laser survey to reveal Kingdom's historical secrets

Merimde Beni Salama (Egypte): the site is larger than was thought

Vadnagar (Inde): The search for Hueng Tsang's 10 monasteries

Badnam Creek (G-B):  The Roman curse tablet written after a 4th century theft

The Southern Silk Road: Bangladesh, the missing link

Gyeongju (Corée du Sud): Remains in Silla tomb suggest an undying love

- Lima (Pérou): Chinese immigrant remains found at Huaca Mateo Salado

Royston (G-B): Unique Egyptian and Roman finds unearthed

- What Was Dental Hygiene Like During the Middle Ages?

- Tenahaha (Perou): Tombs Filled with Dozens of Mummies Discovered

- Step into the dive boots of a maritime archaeologist

Wallsend (G-B):  Segedunum Roman baths site set to reveal more of its secrets

Egyptian ‘Meidum Geese’ are possibly a forgery

Rochester (G-B): Uncovering crypt’s treasures could rewrite the cathedral’s history

Aiskew (G-B): Heated dining rooms and butchery: The robbed Roman villa found in Yorkshire

Magapit (Philippines): cultural tradition that binds the Philippines and the Northern Marianas

Qionglai (Chine): Netizen claims discovery of relics of Shakyamuni

Tabit El-Geish (Egypte): archaeologists unearth two Old Kingdom tombs

Pocklington (G-B): Skeletons and jewellery in square barrows come from Iron Age East Yorkshire tribe

Tel Halif (Israel): massive archaeological find indicating Egyptian cultural influence

Anavarza  (Turquie): Archaeologists uncover classical era’s first two-lane road

- Scaloria Cave (Italie): Stone-age defleshed their dead

- Tetiaroa (Tahiti) dévoile ses secrets grâce aux archéologues

Holystone (G-B): Medieval priory discovered

Gurugyam (Tibet): Gold masks shine light on lost Himalayan kingdom

Linlithgow  (G-B): Antler waste reveals medieval Scottish industry

Who Were the First Inhabitants of the Caribbean?

Sisson (Canada): Rare artifact at mine site dates back 8,500 years

Puruchuco-Huaquerones (Perou): Dozens of Inca Mummies Discovered Buried

Ezhuthala (Inde): paintings fading away with time

Irish Elk:  prehistoric animal lived some 2,000 years after 'extinction'

Paruchuco (Perou):  preserve ancient Incan complex

Jerusalem (Israel): An Authentic 1st Century Burial Shroud

The poisonous garden plants once used as prehistoric weaponry

Xi'an (Chine): Qin dynasty crossbow found at Terracotta Army site may reveal secret of emperor’s success

New Research Reveals Why Pig-Use in Middle East Declined

Tirukovilpattu (Inde): Oldest shrine dedicated to goddess Cauvery ‘detected