Bones 3

- Yakutia (Russie): Ancient puppy's brain is 'well preserved'... as dog bares its teeth after 12,400 years

Tuli (Botswana): First successful extraction of ancient DNA from a mummy

Uppsala (Suède): new light on the life and death of medieval king Erik

Casas Grandes (USA): First Evidence of Corn Beer in Southwest Discovered on Teeth From Ancient Burials

How our ancestors drilled rotten teeth

Why Did Ancient Humans Cut Open Their Skulls?

- Estremoz  (Portugal): Archaeologists Find Medieval Foot Fungus In Cemetery

Clues about human migration to Imperial Rome uncovered in 2,000-year-old cemetery

Teheran (Iran):  7,000-year-old woman had infection

Ancient Chinese Domesticated Leopard Cats 5,500 Years Ago

Nag Al-Qarmila (Egypte): Earliest historical detection of scurvy discovered

Nataruk (Kenya): 10,000-year-old Mass Murder Site Discovered

Forensics of modern child abuse shed light on past cultures

Hemmaberg (Autriche): Wooden prosthetic for a medieval foot

Turpan (Chine): Prosthetic Leg with Hoofed Foot Discovered

Tech Wizardry Solves Mysteries of Egypt’s Royal Mummies

Teouma (Vanuatu): New insights on origin of Polynesians

Giv’at ha-Mivtar (Israel): Only Skeletal Evidence For Crucifixion In The Ancient World

Hemmaberg (Autriche):Elite 6th Century AD Cavalryman With Unique Foot Prosthesis

Lechlade (G-B): Facial reconstruction of a high-status young Anglo-Saxon woman

Assiout (Egypte) : Investigate woman who died more than 3,000 years ago

Viste (Norvège): 8200-year-old "Viste Boy" sent for DNA analysis

Imaging yields evidence of heart disease in archaeological find

Parents Have Been Reshaping Their Kids’ Skulls for 45,000 Years

St. Pölten (Autriche): Possible case of congenital syphilis in 14th century skeleton

Neutron beam aimed at 'un-burning' bone

Truie Pendue (France): Using burnt bone to interpret Neolithic burials

Being rich in the Middle Ages led to an unhealthy life

Meet the Dentist to the Dead

Amarna (Egypte): Spear injuries show worker life in ancient Egypt

New morbid terminology: cementochronology

Marsh Creek (USA): Severed Heads, Skull Bowls Found Were Tributes, Not War Trophies

Sárrétudvari-Hízóföld (Hongrie): Medieval Warriors Were Accomplished Archers

Edinburgh (G-B): Could Cramond hold the secret of Scotland during Dark Ages?

Mummification was commonplace in Bronze Age Britain

What’s inside the Pompeii mummies

Pleasanton (USA): Mass Grave Found Reveals Prehistoric Violence Against ‘Outsiders’

Chichester (G-B): Archaeologists Discover 7-Pound Calcified Uterus

Great Chesterford  (G-B):Clues Revealed About an Ancient Case of Leprosy

Tiree (G-B): Neolithic skeleton reveals early history of rickets

For skeleton sex it's all in the hips

Cahokia (USA): Victims of Human Sacrifice at Were Locals, Not ‘Foreign’ Captives

Ancient Egyptians Forced Open Mouths During Mummification

Stuttgart-Mühlhausen (Allemagne): 7000 Years, The Oldest Case of Leukemia Discovered - Prehistoric female skeleton shows signs of this cancer

3,500-yr-old Egyptian mummy shows earliest death of heart failure

- Stuttgart-Mühlhausen (Allemagne): Earliest case of leukemia found in 7,000-year-old skeleton

Hofstaðir (Islande): Archaeologists Find Viking Families Among Skeletons

Deir el Medina (Egypte): Mummies Embalmed With Unusual Recipes

Jamestown (USA): skeletons identified as colony leaders

- Vilnius (Lithanie): Skeletons Of Napoleon's Soldiers Discovered In Mass Grave Show Signs Of Starvation

- Vergina (Grece): New research effort claims King Phillip II buried in Tomb I not Tomb II

Prosthetic pin discovered in ancient Egyptian mummy

Cova do Santo (Espagne): Bronze Age humans' diet and arrival of new crops in Iberian Peninsula

- Lincoln Castle (G-B): Dundee experts recreate face of Saxon man

Lund (Suede): Mummified bishop from the 17th century - VIDEO

Eten (Perou): 'Evil Twin' Ovarian Tumor Found In Skeleton From 16th Century

Bones in Alexander the Great Tomb Give Up Few Secrets

- Koitas (Kazakhstan): Bronze Arrowhead Embedded In Spine Shows Elite Iron Age Warrior Survived Battle

Athenes (Grece): 450 Dead Babies Found in Well Sheds Light on Ancient Greeks

Face to face with two doomed Franklin members

Copacabana (Bolivie/Perou): Ancient Titicacans Survived Brutal Brawls And Cranial Surgery

- Tlatelcomila (Mexique): Nouveaux apports de l'anthropologie physique sur le sacrifice humain

- Hierakonpolis (Egypte): Life Wasn’t Easy for Elite Pets

Sima de los Huesos (Espagne): Scientists discover 430,000-year-old murder

Egtved (Danemark): The Bronze Age Girl was not from Denmark

The size of domestic animals has increased over time

City living in Roman Britain meant longer lives but worse teeth

DNA testing on ancient skeleton reveals leprosy may have spread to Britain from Scandinavia

Egyptian Mummies' Height Reveals Incest

- New study of Iceman reveals oldest known example of red blood cells

How Nature Can Mummify Your Brain

Bone analysis reveals violent history of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica

- Dental enamel reveals surprising migration patterns in ancient Indus civilizations

San Calocero (Italie): Medieval 'Witch Girl' Likely Just Suffered From Scurvy

- Norton Priory (G-B): Human ancestors could hold the key to early diagnosis of bone disease

Archaeologists to reconsider origins of industrial era obesity and cancer by scanning Museum of London skeletons

Rakhigarhi  (Inde): Haryana Harappans had 'stainless smile'

Gough's Cave (G-B): Palaeolithic remains prove cannibalistic habits of human ancestors

Milk teeth of Irish famine's youngest victims reveal secrets of malnutrition

Julius Caesar may have suffered mini-strokes

Hereford (G-B): Battered Bones of Norman Knight Tell Story of his Life and Death

Lugnano (Italie): Solving the riddle of malaria

Vác (Hongrie): Mummified bodies reveal how tuberculosis ravaged the heart of 18th century Europe

- Caleta Vitor (Chili): A Pre-Columbian population was poisoned

Scaloria Cave (Italie): the transition from living to dead in Neolithic

Jerusalem (Israel): Human parasites found in medieval cesspit reveal links between Middle East and Europe -

Creating a malaria test for ancient human remains

Ancient Africans used 'no fly zones' to bring herds south

Cova do Santo cave (Espagne): Using the Dead to interpret Daily life in Bronze Age

Heslington (G-B): 'Oldest human brain' may have been preserved by mud

Significant facial variation in pre-Columbian South America

- Pharaoh  SenebKay was brutally killed in a battle away from home

Wari Kayan (Perou): Mummy Hair Reveals Ancient Last Meals

Mont Saint Jean (Belgique): L’énigme du squelette

Badia Pozzeveri (Italie): cemetery may provide clues on cholera's evolution

Researchers use isotopic analysis to explore ancient Peruvian life

Richard III Killed by Sword Thrust Upwards Into Neck

Otranto (Italie): Mystery Over 15th-Century Drilled Skull Solved

Malocclusion and dental crowding arose 12,000 years ago with earliest farmers

Science dates old dogs with new tricks

Irkutsk (Russie): Prehistoric Grave May Be Earliest Example of Death During Childbirth

Peruvian child mummy with elongated skull : a “virtual autopsy”

Ancient Siberian brain surgery techniques

Analysis of skull fractures in medieval Denmark reveals increased risk of death later on in life

New tattoos found on Otzi the Iceman support prehistoric acupuncture theory

Huari (Pérou): The life after death of dismenbered remains

- Nashville (USA): New clues to the lives of Grassmere slaves