Articles de Presse 2012/08-10

- Can Sadurní cave (Begues): Most Ancient Pottery Prehistoric Figurine of the Iberian Peninsula Found

Llanbedrgoch (G-B): Ancient skeleton could shed new light on the history of the Vikings in Wales

Fredericksburg (USA): City courthouse dig tells Civil War story

Banwell (G-B): a horde of Roman artefacts

Tibet : Nazi buddha from space might be fake

- Ile de Pâques (Chili): statues 'walked' out of quarry

Proto-élamite: Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing

Baffin (Canada): Evidence of Viking Outpost Found

'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' Faces Authenticity Tests

Babine River (Canada): Ancient villagereveals 1,300 years of First Nations history

Tsunami impacts Pacific culture history

Alexandrie (Egypte): City Aligned With Sun on King's Birthday

Lake Zjuratkul (Russie): Elk-Shaped Structure Discovered

Stonehenge (G-B): Early Bronze Age carvings suggest Stonehenge was a huge prehistoric art gallery

Gudiwada (Inde) : Evidence of Buddhist site found

Urvich fortress (Bulgarie): New excavations begin

Mexico City ( Mexique): skulls in rituals at Templo Mayor

Ness of Brodgar (G-B): why Orkney is the centre of ancient Britain

Chichen Itza (Mexique): ball court was celestial 'marker'

Sri Lanka : East’s excavations suggest Buddhism was early bird

Mazotos (Chypre): Mazotos wreck could shed light on ancient shipbuilding

Ashford (G-B): Bronze Age discoveries

- Ek Balam (Mexique): Ukit Kan Lek Tok’ souverain difforme

- Londres (G-B): Bronze Age transport route 'found during Crossrail dig'

ed-Dur (UAE): Coin Discovery Suggests a Female Ruler

Zominthos (Grèce): 3500-year-old Minoan building found

Grand (France): Le site gallo-romain conserve tout son mystère

Geitzendorf  (Autriche): Cavewoman jeweller rewrites gender history

Toulon (France): "Opération Lune" à la découverte de l'épave cachée du Roi Soleil

Rhizon (Montenegro) : Coin hoards and pottery bring new insights to an Illyrian stronghold

Antikythera (Grèce): Divers revisit wreck where ancient computer found

Dartmoor (G-B): Palaeoecological and archaeological surveys

Reims (France): une belle demeure appartenant à l'élite du IIIe siècle

VIET NAM : Archaeological finds

Nunavut (Canada): Franklin artifacts

Varsovie (Pologne): Lost Royal Treasure Revealed by Sinking River

Skokholm (G-B): Island settlements uncovered by laser survey

- Bodzia (Pologne): Mystery endures over millennium-year-old graves

-  Stracathro (G-B): Angus field may hold church where Balliol abdicated

Nguom Hau Cave (Viet Nam): early calendar dating back 4,000 years

Labergement-Foigney (France): Un site gallo-romain mis au jour

Cladh Hallan (G-B): Bronze Age skeletons reveal strange secrets

Lathiya (Inde): The ghost walls of the four temples

Gohar-Tappeh (Iran): excavating Gohar-Tappeh for anthropological studies

- Londres (G-B): Below Moorgate

- Hermies (France): traces d'activités humaines aux époques antique et médiévale

Jesus 'wife' papyrus unverified

- Evian Straits (Grèce): Pristine wrecks revealed

Carthage (Tunisie): Ancient Baby Graveyard Not for Child Sacrifice

Perperikon (Bulgarie): Third century temple, ancient altars found

- Thessalonique (Grèce): Subway Works Bring Ancient City to Light

Mount Kamhantik (Philippines):  a 1,000-year-old village  ?

- Acoua (Mayotte): Les tombes remonteraient aux 10ème ou 12ème siècle

Orvieto (Italie): First ever Etruscan pyramids found

Un document relance le débat sur le mariage de Jésus

Aphrodisias (Turquie): Two headless Roman statues discovered

- Chan Chich (Belize): Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Maya Center

Florence (Italie): Mona Lisa coming back from the grave ?

- Loftus (G-B): A major Roman villa found

Corinthe (Grèce): A Roman period tomb containing vivid murals found

Port Arthur (Australie): life at the penal colony

- Tahitótfalu (Hongrie): Medieval shipwreck found in Danube river

- Hollingbourne (G-B): Ancient henge discovered in North Downs

Baelo Claudia (Espagne): Archaeologists are digging up the necropolis

Nouvelle Zélande : Moa exploitation heavy

Stonehenge (G-B): Ancient pastoralists linked to construction of massive stone monuments

Quinhagak (USA): Race to save Alaskan Arctic archaeology

Chotuna-Chornancap (Pérou): Ancient Tomb Built to Flood—Sheds Light on Peru Water Cult?

Jerusalem (Israel): archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old cistern

Mobile Bay (USA): Mysterious shipwreck washes onto Alabama shore, believed to be from Civil War

Ahvenkoski / Viirankoski (Finlande): Two Iron Age Sites Discovered

Magnesia (Turquie): Historic stadium found

Dakar (Sénégal): Découverte archéologique

La Mézière (France): La cuisson de viande à la façon des néolithiques

Exeter (G-B): A 'softly, softly' Roman conquest

Keatley Creek (USA): The Path to Keatley Creek

Kovno (Lithuanie): Mementos of Lithuania's Lost Jews

Uxul (Mexique): Rare Drinking Vessel 

Pouto Point (Nouvelle-Zélande): Dating of wreck suggests visitors pre-dated Cook

Uljin (Corée du Sud): An 8,000-year-old wooden boat discovered

New England (USA): 'mound buildersand' ancient stonework

Copan (Honduras): Un scénario d'abandon

Tel Moza (Israel): Archaeologists find 9500-yr-old figures

U Castellu di Sarravalle (France): Le Niolu néolithique décrypté

Vindolanda Roman fort (G-B): 'Murder' body found was from overseas

- Girnavaz (Turquie): Archaeologists discover ancient theater masks 

Cahokia (USA): North America's First City

Ziyarettepe (Turquie): Mysterious tablet’s secrets revealed

Oxyrhynchus (Egypte): Ancient poem deifies wife of Roman emperor Nero

Plovdiv (Bulgarie): Roman Forum dig

East Farleigh (G-B): Black magic of the Roman era

Da Nang (Viet Nam): Largest Cham tower discovered

Caen (France): Reprise des fouilles archéologiques au Château

Antelope Cave (USA): Archaeological Dig Reveals Causes for Diabetes Epidemic

Gar County (Tibet): 2,000-year-old tombs bear secrets of ancient Tibetan kingdom

Cnidos (Turquie): Ancient cold case solved

Isles of Scilly (G-B): Bronze Age pottery sherd could be earliest British depiction of a boat

Sobibor (Pologne): archaeologist digs into Nazi death camp

- Isurumuniya (Sri Lanka): Sculpture of Man and Horse

Bornais (G-B): finds shed light on Iron Age and Viking life

Xi'an (Chine): Opening secret tomb of China's first emperor waits for science

- Pitkin County (USA): Experts urge protection of archaeological site

Atzompa (Mexique): tomb of a high-ranking member of Zapotec society  found

Chiclayo (Pérou): Remains of an Ancient Nobleman in an Aquatic Tomb

Groenland : Scott's wrecked ship Terra Nova found

Ukok (Russie): Siberian Mummy Has Detailed Tattoos

East Farleigh (G-B): A "curse tablet" made of lead and buried in a Roman farmstead

Renaissance Women Fought Men, and Won

Atacama Desert (Chili): Chinchorro mummification practices

Eigg (G-B): Monastery where Christian saint was martyred is uncovered

Motza (Israel): New Light on Origins of Carpentry

Ocotillo (USA): Dogs search for ancient remains on wind farm project site

France -  Inrap : dix ans de découvertes archéologiques

Avaris / Tell el-Daba (Egypte): A severed right hand discovered in front of a Hyksos palace

Mexique: specialists save pre-Columbian murals

Yeronisos (Chypre): Ancient amulets for toddlers found

Dunluce (Ulster): The castle