Rapports archéo 2012 - 2

- Copenhague (Danemark): Did a recently found bird spear belong to a kidnapped Greenlander?

Paso del Macho (Mexique): Des traces de cacao vieilles de 2500 ans

Antibes (France): Une épave romaine dans le port antique

Kourion (Chypre): Kourion Urban Space Project, 2012

Mahuixtlan (Mexique): un satellite de Campo Viejo.

Tel Beit Shemesh (Israel): Stone seal may prove story of Samson

Tayinat (Turquie): Archeologists unearth extraordinary human sculpture

- What Vikings really looked like

Uxul (Mexique): Archaeologists discover the tomb of a Maya prince

- Arsur / Apollonia (Israel): Hoard of Crusader Gold Found in Ruins

Huangsipu (Chine): New discovery

Denmark’s past viewed from above

- Liancourt (France): Le parc d’agrément des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles de l’ancien château

Sauchy-Lestrée / Marquion (France): Des tombes à hypogée de la fin du Ier siècle-début du IIe siècle

- The Power of the Written Word in Ancient Israel

- Medieval banking records hidden under coats of arms

Samarobriva /Amiens: Un site gallo-romain aux portes de la ville

Silchester (G-B): Iron Age olives and pampered pets

Atzompa (Mexique): Un édifice funéraire retrouvé

Kofinou (Chypre) : Continuation of the ‘Eumathios Philokales’ project

- Rezé (France): nouveaux vestiges sur le site antique de Saint-Lupien

Hujiaying (Chine): Site of Eastern Zhou

Ströja (Suède) : mead-hall's foundation

Acre (Israel): ancient harbor exposed

El Zotz (Guatemala): masks yield insights into Maya beliefs

Tikal (Guatemala): largest ancient dam built by Maya in Central America

Can Abecedaries Be Used to Date the Book of Psalms?

Why did the Romans recline while feasting?

Nantang (Chine): A Han Dynasty cemetery

Huqoq (Israel): rare mosaic in ancient Jewish synagogue

Middle Volga River Region (Russie):  secrets about ancient Russian gold

Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou (Chypre): Completion of the 2012 excavations

U.S. Pacific Northwest : Medieval Climate Anomaly

Qianjiaping (Chine): Stratigraphy can be divided into six layers

Edzná (Mexique): Restauration au Temple des Masques

Sliasthorp / Schlei bay (Allemagne): Legendary Viking town unearthed

- La Corona (Guatemala): Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument

Rome (Italie): New technologies help us better understand Ancient Rome

- "Red Crucifix" in the sky cited in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle for the year 774

Palenque (Mexique): La Reine rouge retourne chez elle

La Draga (Espagne): the oldest Neolithic bow discovered in Europe

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (France): Une riche villa antique révélée par la fouille de la ZAC d’Ussol

In the Middle Ages the Danish church changed the perception of rape

Markaryd (Suède): Creative individuals travelled to the south Swedish inland 9,000 years ago

Takarkori (Libye): Chemical Analysis of Pottery Reveals First Dairying in Saharan Africa

Negev (Israel): Viewing Petroglyphs as More than Scribbles

- Stonehenge (G-B): a monument to unify the peoples of Britain

Metz (France): Aux origines du quartier du Sablon

Viking Age conceptions of the god Odin

Shuangfendian (Chine): A late Neolithic settlement site

Bath (G-B): The Beau Street Hoard: excavation progress

Saint-Florent-sur-Cher (France): Un groupe d’habitations du début de l’époque mérovingienne

Copper mining in Bronze Age Southern Norway

Palmyre (Syrie): Researchers solve Roman Empire historical mystery

Amazonie : Scientists dispel myths, provide new insight into human impact on pre-Columbian Amazon River Basin

- Fort Saint-Sébastien (France): Un fort éphémère pour préparer la prise de Maastricht en 1673

- Paquimé (Mexique): L'aviculture, une coutume bien ancrée

Shierqiao (Chine): New Discoveries of Shang-Zhou to Sui-Tang Dynasties

Antikythere (Grèce): The Antikythera mechanism

Annapolis (USA): Forgotten Annapolis immigration conflict uncovered

Ciudad Blanca (Honduras): first light detection and ranging survey of Honduras' Mosquitia region

Umm al Quwain (UAE): la plus ancienne perle fine archéologique de l'humanité

- Pachacamac (Pérou): the newfound burial site

Usseau (France): Fouille d’une nécropole mérovingienne  (VIe et VIIIe siècles)

Acqualadrone (Italie): New secrets from 'Bay of the Pirates' warship that sunk 2,300 years ago

Qiryat Gat (Israel): 2,000 Year Old Gold and Silver Hoard Uncovered

Chibaisong (Chine): New Discovery in the site of Han Dynasty

Tenochtitlan/Mexico (Mexique): découverte d'une offrande au sud-est du zocalo

In the late eighth century, Earth was hit by a mystery blast of cosmic rays

Ancient Jugs Hold the Secret to Practical Mathematics in Biblical Times

Dayr al Barshā (Egypte): Discovery of a new nomarch burial

Kinishba (USA): Ceramics tell the story of an ancient Southwest migration

The Oldest Hebrew Script and Language

Danemark : Dyed clothes came into fashion in early Iron Age

Tel Gezer (Israel): Bilingual Boundary Stone Discovered

Cueva del Oso (Mexique): Des peintures murales pouvant remonter à 1300 ans après J.C.

Wyre (G-B): Orkney’s first farmers

Norvège : Immigration in the Stone Age

Heishuiguo (Chine): New discovery

- Taking climate and agriculture lessons from the ancient world

San Pietro di Deca (Italie): a Sicilian farmland estate

Climate change led to collapse of ancient Indus civilization

Silves / São Bartolomeu de Messines (Portugal): Oldest Jewish Archaeological Evidence on the Iberian Peninsula

Lyon (France): Les sous-sols de l’Antiquaille

Trade patterns for crucial substance played key role in Maya collapse

Ancient tree-ring records from southwest U.S.

Tel Megiddo (Israel): Unique gold earring found / Un trésor exhumé

Santo Nombre (Mexique): Restauration de grelots

Ile de Pâques : Excavation Season V

Antongil (Madagascar): early Dutch postal system

- Northern Gulf of Mexico (USA): Historic, 19th century shipwreck discovered

Shizhudi (Chine): Neolithic, Shang and Zhou dynasties and tombs dated to Han dynasty

Suède : Sulphur and iron compounds common in old shipwrecks

- Ancient Egyptian observations of a variable star

- Cara Blanca (Belize): Part 2 Diving for Underwater Offerings

- Cara Blanca (Belize): Part 1 A Year Later, Ready to Dive Again

- Ziyaret Tepe / Tušhan (Turquie): Archaeologists discover lost language

- Klimonas (Chypre): découverte du plus ancien village d'agriculteurs de toutes les îles méditerranéennes

Khirbet Qeiyafa (Israel):first evidence of a cult in Judah at the time of King David

Jönköping (Suède): 16th Century Campaign Archaeology

Cardamom Mountains (Cambodge): enigmatic burial rituals

Research on Ancient Ballgame Reveals More about Early Mesoamerican Society

- Khirbet Qeiyafa (Israel): Ancient Inscription Refers to Birth of Israelite Monarchy

Archéologie de l’esclavage colonial

Archaeology expands beyond traditional scope into other sciences

Jerusalem (Israel): Hebrew seal bearing the name 'Matanyahu' uncovered

Old Fields (USA): 17th Century Settlement in South Berwick

Reading the Romans

Santorin (Grèce): In 1650 B.C.E., a series of massive volcanic eruptions

Marco Polo was not a swindler – he really did go to China

Comala (Mexique): l'occupation du site serait mille ans plus ancienne

Qasr al-Abd (Jordanie): Exploring the estate of the Tobiads at ‘Iraq al Amir