Prehistoire 4

Danjiangkou Reservoir Region (Chine):  existence of the true Acheulean techno-complex

- Extinct rhino's eating habits lead to new reconstructions of ice age environments

Study casts doubt on mammoth-killing cosmic impact

- Early Modern Human Adaptability in South African Rock Shelters

Vero Beach (USA): excavation stacks more evidence against 'Clovis First'

Et si le feu n'était pas à l'origine du succès de l'espèce humaine ?

Gediz River (Turquie): Scientists discover oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey

Lac Kinneret (Israël) Evidence of 60,000-year old auroch hunting found

Haida Gwaii islands (Canada): Possible 13,800-year-old fishing weir found in ocean

Vero Beach (USA): Dig Suggests Human Presence at Controversial Old Vero Man Site

What was the 'Paleo diet'? There was far more than one

Tabun (Israël):  cave offers clues about when humans mastered fire

- Renancourt (France): Découverte d’une statuette paléolithique

- Trinil (Indonésie): World's oldest engraving discovered

American mastodons made warm Arctic, subarctic temporary home 125,000 years ago

Qesem Cave (Israël): Lessons From an Ancient Time

Renancourt (France): Limestone 'Venus' 23,000 years old dug up

New evidence of ancient rock art across Southeast Asia

Magic mushrooms may have been used in Japan since Jomon times

Předmostí (Rép. Tchèque): People ate mammoth; Dogs got reindeer

Sydney (Australie): Ancient Aboriginal rock art site discovered

Nihewan Basin(Chine): Paleolithic relics unearthed

Remigia (Espagne): The cave paintings could be dated in absolute terms

Upward Sun River   (USA): Archaeologists discover remains of Ice Age infants

Yana-Indigirka (Russie): Complete 9,000-year-old frozen bison mummy found

- Cuncaicha / Pucuncho (Pérou) :High Life in the Andes, 12,000 Years Ago

- Is Your Salmon Small Because of Hungry Cavemen?

Sound Phenomena Influenced Ancient Art and Architecture

Chhattisgarh (Inde): Largest Stone Age flake tool found

- Cuncaicha / Pucuncho (Pérou): Paleoindian settlements of the high-altitude

Ayodhya (Inde): Bengal just got older by 22000 yrs

‘Fire at will’: The emergence of habitual fire use 350,000 years ago

Leeman (Australie): Mammalian bones provide clues to early human activity

Prehistoric humans were far smarter than previously assumed

Cave art and harpoon tips show African roots of our creative genius

Tourville-la-Rivière (France):Découverte d’un nouveau pré-Néandertalien

Sulawesi (Indonesie): cave paintings challenge Europe as cradle of art

Sahaspur (Inde): 200,000 year old Stone Age tools found

Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea

Témara (Maroc): Climate Change Influenced Early Modern Human Occupation of Caves

- The first South Americans: Extreme living

Facts not ‘flexible’ in dating earliest Americans

- They weren’t wimps: how modern humans, like Neanderthals, braved the northern cold

- Nor Geghi (Arménie): Innovative Stone Age tools were not African invention

- Willendorf (Autriche): Modern humans may have migrated into Austria 43,500 years ago

Lunadong (Chine): fossils support theory of earlier dispersal of modern man

Clovis Is Bogus: Archeologists Blocked Truth About Native Settlement

- Early Humans in Northern Saudi Arabia Were a Diverse Lot

Microscopic Diamonds Suggest Cosmic Impact Responsible for Major Period of Climate Change

An archaeological scenario for Out of Arabia

Jubbah lake basin (Arabie Saoudite): Ancient Stones Hint at How Humans Migrated Out of Africa

- Central Great Plains (USA): search for evidence of earliest inhabitants

- Advantage of Stone-Tipped Spears for Prehistoric Humans

Study examines 13,000-year-old nanodiamonds from multiple locations across three continents

Oregon (USA): new look at ancient coastline, pathway for early Americans

Jubbah (Arabue Saoudite): Unexpected technological heterogeneity indicates complex Late Pleistocene demography at the gateway to Asia

Cova de la Barriada (Espagne): Cavemen  were first to eat snails

Early modern humans were 'culturally diverse'

- Boella (Espagne): Million year Hominid dispersal event in Iberia

Chesapeake Bay (USA): Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans

- Prehistoric man was armed - but not dangerous

- When Sahara was green

- Mieso (Ethiopie): Acheulean technological behaviour in the Middle Pleistocene landscape

Vogelherd Cave (Allemagne): How the lion got his head back

Kathu (Afrique du Sud): Earlier Stone Age artifacts found

A model of hunter-gatherer skeletal element transport: The effect of prey body size, carriers, and distance

Ametzagaina (Espagne): The economic territory of Upper Palaeolithic groups is specified by flint

Affad 23 (Soudan): 70,000 year-old settlement unearthed  indicating that early Homo sapiens built sizeable permanent structures

Dawson City (Canada): Ice age horse skull found

Al Khiday (Soudan): Tooth plaque provides unique insights into our prehistoric ancestors' diet

- Charama (Inde): 10,000-year-old rock paintings

Waziers (France): un site archéologique préhistorique rare découvert

Sonora (Mexique): Bones of elephant ancestor unearthed: Meet the gomphothere

Lundby (Danemark): 11,000 years old elk bones shrouded in mystery

LaPrele Creek (USA): Rare Mammoth Site Excavated

- Lost collection of human fossils found

- Study links Greenland ice sheet collapse, sea level rise 400,000 years ago

Hoyo Negro (Mexique): Researchers to document underwater cave, Paleoamerican remains

Coalescence and fragmentation in the late Pleistocene archaeology of southernmost Africa

- Ganga Maya Cave (Australie): dig unearths artefacts from 45,000 years ago

- High Tibet was cradle of evolution for cold-adapted mammals

Krasnoyarsk (Russie): The jaw that could unlock our genetic secrets

- Post ice-age extinctions of large mammals linked to humans, not climate change

- Agronomic conditions in ancient Near East 12,000 years ago

Did Dogs Help Drive Mammoths to Their Graves?

Cueva Negra (Espagne): Rock-Shelter Evidences Early Human Use of Fire

Hanzhong Basin (Chine): New Paleolithic sites discovered

Lantian (Chine): New palaeolithic artifacts discovered from loess deposits

Prehistoric societies took drugs and drank but only for religious reasons

- No evidence of extraterrestrial impact causing Younger Dryas deep freeze

Kelly Forks (USA): 13,500-Year-Old Tool-Making Site Uncovered

- Lake Huron (USA):9,000-Year-Old Caribou Hunting Ground  Reveals Ancient Hunting Techniques

- el-Wad Terrace (Israel): Intensification and sedentism in the terminal Pleistocene Natufian sequence

Humans may have dispersed out of Africa earlier than thought

Bose Basin (Chine): New Findings at Prehistoric Stone Tool Site

Chronology of the earliest Upper Paleolithic in northern Iberia

Neanderthals and Cro-magnons did not coincide on the Iberian Peninsula

Ice-free corridor hypothesis of human migration

Jonathan's Cave (G-B) : Digitising cave art will prevent it being lost forever

Nefud Desert (Arabie Saoudite): Tusk suggests greener, wetter Arabian Desert in the past

Experimental heat treatment of silcrete implies analogical reasoning in the Middle Stone Age

Windjana Gorge (Australie): New find challenges ‘simple’ artefacts assumption

- Howburn (G-B): 14,000 year old tools unearthed

Schöningen (Allemagne): Humans and saber toothed tiger met 300,000 years ago

Serra da Capivara (Brésil): Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas

Bradgate (G-B): Park 'was hunting ground in Ice Age'

Neck ribs in woolly mammoths provide clues about their decline and eventual extinction

Early modern human palaeodiet and palaeoenvironment