Articles de Presse 2013/01-03

Swordale Hill (G-B): Ancient rock art uncovered

Ambaran (Inde): ancient Buddhist site, dating back to 2nd century B.C. to 7th century A.D

Tel Habuwa (Egypte): new discoveries shed light on the campaign by Ahmose I (c.1550–1525 BC) against the Hyksos invaders

Tarighat (Inde): Explorers find evidence of 2,500-year-old planned city

- Fermanagh (G-B): Drumclay crannog dig extended for further week

Londres (G-B): burial ground containing victims of the Black Death

Cirencester (G-B): Roman cockerel 'best find' in 40 years

Mariannes du Nord : migration to Marianas longest ocean-crossing in human history

- Ahihud (Israël): Evidence of Stone Age Cultic Phallic Symbols Found

- Edinburgh (G-B): Medieval knight remains found in Edinburgh car park

- Baray (Cambodge): Seventh century temple unearthed at West Baray

- Tel Haror  (Israël): Bit found in mouth of donkey buried 3700 years ago

- Stonehenge (G-B): an ancient rave spot, new theory says

Nukuleka (Tonga): Uranium dating of coral tools used by the earliest settlers

Colchester (G-B): Remarkable ringfenced burials

Wadi Takarkori (Libye): Stone-Age Skeletons Unearthed In Sahara Desert

Alderney (G-B): Shipwreck find could be legendary 'sunstone'

Suizhou (Chine): History of Sui and Zeng states unfolds

- Kingsmead (G-B): Four Neolithic houses unearthed at quarry

Sakurai (Japon): Researchers Investigate Hashihaka Ancient Tomb

Hårby (Danemark): the only representation of a valkyrie ever found

- Hadrian's Wall (G-B): New digs reveal truth

- Huaca Tupac Amaru B (Pérou): 11 pre-Hispanic bodies found

Al Magar (Arabie Saoudite): Desert finds challenge horse taming ideas

Londres (G-B): Remains of Roman Southwark found below London Bridge Station

Marseille (France): : le trésor caché du Vélodrome

Caral-Supe (Pérou): To Build An Empire, Hold The Anchovies

Geneticists Estimate Publication Date Of The 'Iliad'

Tenochtitlan (Mexique):'un autel sacrificiel retrouvé au Templo Mayor

Ephèse (Turquie): Bones found are probably those of Cleopatra's half-sister

Kangjiashimenji (Chine): Cave Art Shows Earliest Transsexual Orgy Porn

- Harborough (G-B):  A hoard of 16th and 17th century children’s toys

- How a distaste for 'pagan food' first put the British off horsemeat

Karnataka (Inde): Ancient copper plates, gold coins found in Karnataka temple

Mezmay (Russie): Treasure-Filled Warrior's Grave Found

- Păru (Roumanie): Bronze Age necropolis discovered

Damagou (Chine): World's smallest temple discovered

Norvège : 25 ancient kings are buried in unmarked graves round the country

Damagou (Chine): wooden tablets deciphered

El Paraiso (Pérou): archaeologists find ancient temple

Terre-Neuve (Canada): Newfoundland birds were the heart of extinct Beothuk nation’s religion

Didcot (G-B): A glimpse of 9,000 years of village life

Alexandrie (Egypte): Graeco-Roman cemetery discovered

Cebu (Philippines): The search for early Chinese traders

Oberbipp (Suisse): Dolmen reveals rituals of the Neolithic

Ka'Kabish (Belize): discovery in ancient Mayan city

Winchester (G-B): Have archaelogists found Alfred the Great too?

Norwich (G-B): medieval graffiti scrawled on cathedral walls

Odisha (Inde): 4000-year-old skeleton dug out  - Second such find after Golabai

Wad Ben Naga (Soudan): Ancient Nubia’s secrets

- Stone Age Stew? Soup Making May Be Older Than We'd Thought

Drumclay (Ulster): largest medieval building in Ireland found

Balsamo Mountain Range (Salvador): Deciphering an Ancient People and Their Language

York (G-B): York Minster discoveries shine light on period between Romans and Vikings

Sedeinga (Soudan): At least 35 small pyramids discovered

Tisbury (G-B) hoard and the oldest known museums

Chultukov Log burial mounds (Russie): Ancient Egyptian necklace found in grave of Siberian princess

Saintes (France): Dans la banlieue de l'antique Mediolanum Santonum

INDE : Inscriptions throw light on Chola period

- Winchester (G-B): After Richard III, archaeologists hope to find grave of Alfred the Great

Slippers of Napoleon's Sister Found

Kattupalli (Inde): Ancient idols unearthed

Fos-sur-Mer (France): un cimetière antique au pied d'une chapelle

- Mitla (Mexique): Restauration de grecques

- Jingchuan (Chine): Ancient Buddha statues found by Silk Road

Amambay hills (Paraguay): The solar map project – recording the Ita Letra

Draa Abul Naga (Egypte):  More discoveries at Djehuty's tomb

- Ji'an (Chine): Goguryeo stele unearthed

The Mystery of Curry

- Escrick (G-B): sapphire ring's mystery

War a money-spinner in Late Middle Ages

Egyptian Mummy's Elaborate Hairstyle Recreated In 3D

Suizhou (Chine): Les tombes découvertes datent de la Période des Printemps et Automnes aux Han de l'Est

G-B: Archaeologists Mistake Viking Brewhouses For Bathhouses

Machu Picchu (Pérou): A (Burial?) Chamber discovered

Srirangam (Inde): 2,500 year old megalithic urn burial unearthed

Frattocchie (Italie): Roman Marker Used to Measure Earth Found

- Assoss / Ayvacık (Turquie): Loom weights reveal existence of weaving since 2,500 years ago

Site 13 / Utah (USA): Earliest Evidence of Chocolate in North America

- Galles: Aerial snow photos help archaeologists explore Wales' landscape

- Didcot (G-B): Dig discovers 9,000-year-old remains

Bettelbühl / Heuneburg (Allemagne): Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts

Pompéi (Italie): 'Wall Posts' Reveal Ancient Social Networks

- Pisidia Antiocheia (Turquie): Ancient city made to measure

Karkemish (Turquie): an ancient city site on the banks of the Euphrates

Carleon (G-B): Roman man's face finally revealed

- Sanxingdui (Chine): Architecture remains found

- Rome (Italie): Colosseum Cleaning Yields Ancient Art Discoveries Including Old Frescos, Graffiti

- Minnesota lake (USA):region of giants that once roamed the land

Recreating the vestal virgin hairstyle

Kerala (Inde): Digging up the past

- Bon Secour (USA): part of a lost Gulf Coast culture

Pompéi (Italie): upstairs toilet

Godavaya (Sri Lanka): oldest shipwreck in the Indian Ocean discovered

- Upshur County (USA): Archaeological investigation of Caddo Indians nears end

Lost Items Reveal Roman Bath Activities

- El Pich (Mexique): Le projet Noc Cah

Chengdu (Chine): Eight-ton, 2,000-year-old animal statue discovered

Groënland - Abandoned Colony : Archaeologists Find Clues to Viking Mystery

Louxor (Egypte):5 tombs found in King Amenhotep II's funerary complex

Corinthe (Grèce): Archaeological feast: Heap of ancient cattle bones discovered

- Florence (Italie): Scale Model Discovered for Florence Cathedral

- Artezian (Ukraine): 2,000-Year-Old Treasure Discovered In Black Sea Fortress

Ancient Maya Predicted 1991 Solar Eclipse

Ciampino (Italie): Niobides brought to light at the villa of Marcus Valerius Messalla Corvinus

Tel Shiloh (Israël): la destruction de l’ancienne capitale d’Israël

Myra / Demre (Turquie): Sealed Under  Mud, a Well-Preserved Byzantine Chapel

Poggio Civitate (Italie): Baby bones found scattered

- Athènes (Grèce): A mysterious "snake goddess" discovered

Who Deforested Central Africa: Humans or Climate?

Bam (Iran): New archeological discoveries in Afraz (Bam fault)

Vindolanda (G-B): Roman kids showed off status with shoes

- Kiuic (Mexique): Maya 'fat god' platter found

Bushwood (USA): Colonial rebel’s home may have been uncovered

Saqqara (Egypte): Eight million dog mummies uncovered at the dog catacomb

Müslümantepe (Turquie): Rescue dig reveals Assyrian town

Meroe (Soudan): Ancient Carving Shows Stylishly Plump African Princess

- Practice of Voluntary Temple Slavery in Ancient Egypt