Rapports archéo 2011

The trans-Atlantic slave trade

Translations of ancient papyrus

The Secrets of Ancient Rome’s Buildings

Flagstaff (USA) : Volcanic destruction? Not always

Carriacou (Petites Antilles) : New Evidence Of Animals Being Introduced To Prehistoric Caribbean

Pacific coast of North America  : the mystery surrounding a tale of shaggy dogs

WenQu (Chine) : Excavations and Achievements

Comalcalco (Mexique) : Doutes sur une seconde occurence du 21/12/2012

Medieval Student Violence

Nea Pafos (Chypre) : Archaeological Excavations in 2011

- Erlitou (Chine) : New achievements of the Erlitou site during 2010-2011

Jérusalem (Israël) :  Building the Western Wall: Herod began it but didn't finish it

Human domestication of soybeans

Dingtao (Chine) : Excavation of large Tomb of Han Dynasty

Selinunte (Italie) : A huge ancient Greek commercial area

Cape Espenberg (USA) : Ancient bronze artifact from East Asia unearthed at Alaska archaeology site

Kenchreai (Grèce) : Early Roman Chamber Tombs

Arganzon (Espagne) : Fortified mediaeval village discovered

Pacific Northwest (USA) : Northwest natives were fishers, not hunter-gatherers

Fuquanshan (Chine) : An excavation of the Wujiachang cemetery

Kataliondas Kourvellos (Chypre) : Completion of the excavations

Prastion-Mesorotsos (Chypre) : Results of Archaeological Expedition, 2011

Shijiahe (Chine) : New achievement from the excavation

Ngari (Tibet) : Silks from Han to Jin Period Found

Western Baltic : Ancient cooking pots reveal gradual transition to agriculture

Kibbutz Zor'a (Israël) :  Ritual bath dating to the Second Temple Period discovered

Yuhui (Chine) : New discovery

Willingham Mere (G-B) : Excavation shines a light on what the Fens would have looked like 3,000 years ago

Channel Islands, Isles of Scilly, Outer Hebrides (G-B): Excavation of islands around Britain to establish origins of neolithic period

Zekiah Fort (USA) : Archaeologists in Maryland say they have found long-sought Zekiah Fort

Luoyang (Chine) : Well-preserved 3,000-year-old tomb found

Gaerstad (Suède) - Bronze Age Art  : Sun Horses

Göbekli (Turquie) :Archaeologist argues world's oldest temples were not temples at all