Articles de Presse 2013/03-06

El Castillo de Huarmey (Pérou): the first unlooted imperial tomb of the Wari

Jagaddala (Bangladesh): Ancient artifacts found

Hamoukar (Syrie): A tale of two cities and one site

- Lincoln Castle (G-B): Roman townhouse 'underneath the castle'

- Fangshan (Chine): Salvage excavation at Tang Dynasty tomb

Alchester (G-B): Tombstone unearths Roman soldier's history

Jamestown (USA): Colonial America's Oldest Unsolved Murder

Kodumanal (Inde) : Written for posterity

- Le Mans (France):  Un mur-terrasse antique découvert

Murshidabad (Inde): Highway coins clue to historical mystery

Teston (G-B): Roman villa discovery solves 140-year-old mystery

Kilteasheen (Irlande): Did zombies roam medieval Ireland?

Kültepe (Turquie): excavations focus on an area from the Bronze Age

Perthshire (G-B): Digging into Pictish past

Shuozhou (Chine): A colorful, well-preserved "mural tomb"

Maryport/ Alauna (G-B): Archaeologists Unearth Roman Frontier Fort and Settlement

Tell el Yahoudiya (Egypte):Excavation at the Hyksos fort

Alacranes Reef (Mexique): HMS Forth Shipwreck:  Found Off Yucatan Peninsula After 164 Years

Mahendraparvata (Camodge) : the lost city

Bethlehem (Palestine): A 2,800-year-old pillar discovered

Quang Ngai (Viet Nam): ‘Cemetery’ of ancient shipwrecks

Pays Basque (France): La pierre tombale du censeur romain des Basques retrouvée

Bulgarie : 2013 season underway with new discoveries

Hapton (G-B): Dig cash appeal to find 'lost' Burnley village

Tennessee (USA): Oldest cave art discovered in US shows prehistoric southern living

Northampton (G-B):  Castle finds include 10th Century lamps

Fukuoka (Japon): More rare ancient finds uncovered

Taiyuan (Chine): a group of 70 tombs discovered at Kaihua

Clonmacnoise (Irlande): Ancient Irish texts show volcanic link to cold weather

Nazareth (Israël)  in the First Century

Notre Dame Bay (Canada): New North America Viking Voyage Discovered

- Heit el-Ghurab (Egypte): city of bean counters suffered flash floods

Chapultepec hill ( Mexique): a hydraulic system that provided water to the City of Mexico

Cape Romain (USA): Smuggling ship -- and maybe gold?

Cliffs End Farm (G-B) : Researchers discover migrants in Bronze Age burial site

Elbeuf (France): mis au jour un manoir médiéval du XIVe siècle.

Lhassa (Tibet): Ancient paintings revealed

Red Bay (Canada): Labrador Basque site vying for UNESCO heritage status

Urdzhar (Kazakhstan): archaeologists found a tomb of a “Saka princess”

New reading of Dead Sea Scroll fragment

Angkor (Cambodge): The Lost Temples

Gwynedd (G-B): Caernarfon dig finds Roman construction site and medieval cemetery

Ratho Kroonkop (Afrique du Sud): Shaman 'Rainmaking' Center

Mandi (Inde): Archaeological plundering

Kuragala (Sri Lanka): Buddhist Sacred Site Or Sufi Shrine?

Sicyon (Grèce): Excavation Projects in Ancient Corinth

Daifuku (Japon): 2nd-century wooden mask unearthed, oldest yet found

- How the internet is fast unravelling mysteries of the Mayan script

Russell Island (Canada): 1000-year-old First Nations clam gardens unearthed

Alabama mountain (USA): Stones ruins similar to Georgia sites found

Leicester (G-B): King Richard III found in 'untidy lozenge-shaped grave'

Utah (USA): Fremont menus 1,000 years ago

Wuqing (Chine): 10 graves,100 cultural relics unearthed

Pattanam (Inde): antiquity authenticated by radiocarbon dating

- Wessel Islands (Australie): Coins key to rewriting the history of Australia

Le Bono (France): Une nécropole de l'âge du Bronze ancien mise au jour

Burgos (Mexique): 4,926 well-preserved cave paintings found

Novato (USA): Dig unearths Miwok artifacts

- Saar (Bahrain): Excavations are shedding light on one of the oldest trading civilisations.

Molène (France): Le trésor de l'île

- Kellis (Egypte): Summer Sex, Spring Babies

Al Ruwaida (Qatar): site yields unique archaeological find

Leicester (G-B): Ancient Roman Cemetery Discovered

Krasnosamarkskoe (Russie): dismembered dogs point to ancient initiation rite

Beyrouth (Liban): Archaeologists believe Roman gate found

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Solving the Goldenball Mystery

Drogheda (Irlande): Ancient wooden boat found in the Boyne river

Aguas Buenas (Nicaragua): Mysterious Mounds

Tarbat peninsula (G-B): New excavations to find lost Pictish kingdom

Groote Keeten (Pays-Bas): Mystery of 200-year-old British soldier found in the dunes

Duns Law (G-B): Beaker burial ground

Cerro del Gentil (Pérou)): Ancient pyramid shows amazing astronomical alignment

Windsor (G-B) Quarry settlement finds

Ninive (Iraq): the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

- Pine Island (USA): Calusa Indians dominated our coast in 1500

Ras Al Khaimah (UAE): remains of pre-historic tombs

St. Augustine (USA): Archaeological team digs at Fountain of Youth

Zibo (Chine): First ancient mirror workshop discovered

Heracleion (Egypte): Scientists recreate trading town buried for 1,200 years

Heit el-Ghurab (Egypte): remains of massive catering operation to feed builders who made the pyramids at Giza on 4,000lbs of meat a day

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Mini-robot finds surprise in ancient Temple of Quetzalcoatl

Burrough Hill (G-B): an Iron Age hillfort

El Palenque /Oaxaca (Mexique): Oldest Temple in Mexican Valley Hints at Possible Human Sacrifice

Kingsmead Quarry (G-B): 'beaker burial' woman is rare find

Cluj-Napoca (Roumanie): Love beyond the grave - Skeletons discovered holding hands in coffin together

Stonehenge (G-B): occupied 5,000 years earlier than thought

Enniskillen (G-B): A medieval murder mystery

Roman-Era 'Cosmetics' May Have Treated Eye Chlamydia

Bahiri (Inde): relics from first century port town

Iron Age Weapons—From Cold Metal to Warm-Blooded Animals

- Yangzhou (Chine): The real tomb of Yang Guang, an emperor of the Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618) found

Boudelo Abbey (Belgique): Medieval Monks Cultivated Wetlands

Isigny-sur-Mer (France): un site gaulois et une villa gallo-romaine

Londres (G-B): Horse-related artifacts unearthed

Thiruvananthapuram (Inde): treasures of Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple

Mound City (USA): digs provide insight into Hopewell

Kathmandu (Népal): Treasure trove rolls out from Hanumandhoka houses

- Wadi el-Jarf (Egypte): Archaeologists uncover world’s oldest port

Londres (G-B): Roman Treasure Found Bloomberg Archaeological Dig

Mer de Galilée (Israël): Underwater Stone 'Monument' Puzzles Archaeologists

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Découverte de deux nattes tissées

Pérou: Clamshells Reveal Secrets of Pre-Columbian Society's Decline

Northampton (G-B) : Castle dig reveals Saxon past

Lattes (France): la Cavalade,  un site du Néolitique final (-300 ans avant J.C).

Harda (Inde): 4000 year-old relics found on the banks of the Narmada

Gonur-Tepe / Mary (Turkménistan):  Ancient mysteries revealed in desert sands

- Mandalay (Myanmar): AYUTTHAYA KING : Doubts remain after tomb hunt

Aiken (Danemark): Bones from time of Christ reveal a brutal history

Stockholm (Suède): Two shipwrecks believed to be 17th-century Danish warships have emerged

Khasi hills (Inde): Iron used 2000 years ago

Wales (G-B): Snowy landscape reveals forgotten ancient remains

Hierapolis / Pamukkale (Turquie): 'Hell's Gate' Was Real

Badal Pur (Pakistan): Monastery unearthed in Taxila valley

Drumbeg (G-B): Sutherland shipwreck intrigues archaeologists

Mandalay (Myanmar): In search of a king of Ayutthaya

Kuyavia (Pologne): early Neolithic houses in the Lowlands

- Lendbreen glacier (Norvège) : a 1,700-year-old tunic used as warm outer clothing