Articles de Presse 2014 01/04

Mayapan (Mexique): Skulls reveal Mayans used spiked clubs

Rakhigarhi (Inde): the biggest Harappan site

Shanhur (Egypte): Roman Emperor Claudius Dressed As Pharaoh

- Odense (Danemark): 700-year-old toilet filled with poo unearthed

Abousir (Egypte): Skeleton from 5th ancient Egyptian dynasty found

Louxor Rive Ouest (Egypte): Two more colossal pharaoh statues unveiled

Turkey’s underwater richness comes to light

Purana Qila (Inde): Layers of mystery

Qumran Phylacteries Reveal Nine New Dead Sea Scrolls

Surrey (G-B): Roman, Iron Age and Bronze Age finds

Lump in Iceman's Stomach May Be Ancient Cheese

Cambridge (G-B): Archaeologists find 'oldest' Roman irrigation system

Eagle Ridge (USA): First Evidence Found of Storied Battle That Stopped Spain’s Eastward Expansion

Southern Utah (USA): Ancient petroglyphs found by drone

- Northampton (G-B): Project reveals town's medieval past

- Xilin Gol (Chine): well-preserved coffin could date back to Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534).

Staffordshire (G-B): hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold reassembled after 1,300 years

Rendlesham (G-B): Archaeologists’ excitement at discovery of ‘exceptional’ royal site linked to Sutton Hoo

- Purana Quila (Inde): The discovery of Indraprastha

Teotihuacan (Mexique): The Pyramid of the Sun could collapse like a sandcastle

Purana Qila (Inde): ASI finds 12th-century Vishnu idol

Dartmoor (G-B): 4,000-year-old burial find rewrites British bronze age history

Louxor (Egypte): Ancient Egyptian Statue of Princess Iset Discovered

The Book of Flying Cats

Mesa Verde (USA): ‘Mummy Lake’ Was Built to Hold Rituals, Not Water

Druridge Bay (G-B): Newly discovered footprints may be 7,000 years old

Nola / Neapolis (Italie): Digging on the Dark Side of Vesuvius

Sheikh Abdel-Gournah (Egypte): Tomb from 18th dynasty discovered

Stonehenge (G-B): The 'singing' stones

St Piran (G-B):  Oratory emerges from the sands

Assouan (Egypte): New Kingdom tombs discovered

Lyon (France)  - Ampère : découverte de mosaïques gallo-romaines

Nottingham (G-B): Digs unearth evidence of Romans at Lenton

Safeguarding China's sunken riches

Irlande: Adventures of 17th-Century Pirate Alliance Uncovered

Ordos (Chine): Large numbers of ancient coins excavated in Inner Mongolia

Bussell Island. (USA): Rare 1715 map reveals French fort

Small River Cemetery Number 5 (Chine): Remains discovered with mummies prove to be oldest known samples of cheese

Carnuntum (Autriche): Gladiator School Discovery Reveals Hard Lives of Ancient Warriors

- Carrickfergus Castle (Ulster): prehistoric flints, board games and crockery uncovered as dig reveals 800 years of history

- Los Angeles (USA): Wetlands, 8,000-Year Survey Finds

Heracleion (Egypte) : a Lost 1200-Year-Old City Under the Sea

- Victoria (Canada)! Une pièce de monnaie qui pourrait changer l'Histoire

Haddenham (G-B): Shield-wearing skeleton, necklace and grave goods found in early Saxon inhumations

- Shimao (Chine): Sacrificial altar unearthed

- Were the ancient Greeks and Romans colour blind?

Ribe (Danemark): Excavations at the Domskirke

Tonaquint (USA): archaelogical discoveries

Shalban Bihar Comilla (Bangladesh): Cruciform temple unearthed

Pupukea (Hawaii): Monster Surf Exposes Rare Petroglyphs

- Abel Beth Maacah (Israel): Silver hoop earrings found among ancient treasure

Sarnath (Inde):  ASI launches excavation to ascertain Sarnath's actual age

Ruelzheim (Allemagne): Treasure hunter finds Roman gold hoard

- Shijutou (Chine): Western Zhou Dynasty cemetery

The Romans: What They Ate

Agen (France):  fouilles archéologiques du plateau de l'Ermitage

Malmö (Suède): Twenty skeletons appear in 'macabre' find

Dra Abul-Naga (Egypte): Stunning 3,600-year-old sarcophagus with feather patterns could belong to an ancient official

El Khokha (Egypte): Ramesside Tomb discovered

- Ozarks (USA): Southwestern-Style Spear Throwers Identified

- Nottingham (G-B): ancient skeleton mystery

- Tel Habuwa  (Egypte): The Expulsion of the Hyksos

Anne Arundel County (USA): How the original settlers lived

Dartmoor (G-B) :tomb treasure horde uncovered  by archaeologists

- Tel Tabla (Egypte) : discovery of a mud brick mastaba dated back to Late period.

- G-B : HS2 – what to expect: The biggest dig for ancient treasures and prehistoric beasts in UK history

Abydos (Egypte): Lost dynasty revealed

Azoria 'Grèce): An urban centre of the Archaic period

Makimuku (Japon): Remains of building may be part of ancient queen's palace

- Cologne (Allemagne): 1,700 years of Jewish history come alive in downtown

St. Thomas (Iles vierges): Researcher digs deep into the past

- Tel Aviv (Israël): 1,400 Year-Old Well Discovered

Kemalpaşa (Turquie): Archaeological findings in industrial zone to be removed to make place for warehouse

Land's End (G-B): Family of rabbits uncover 8,000-year-old archaeological 'gold mine'

Edfou (Egypte): 4,600-Year-Old Egyptian Pyramid Discovered

California Channel Islands (USA):  Islanders Relied on Drifting ‘Tarballs’ for Petroleum

Çatalhöyük (Turquie): Centuries-old fabric found

East Sussex (G-B): Iron industry revered by Romans discovered

Poompuhar (Inde):Site could date back 11,600 years ago

The nectar of the sultans – şerbet and şarap

- Mystery of ‘lost church’ at the bottom of Lake İznik

- Mirrors may have worked magic in ancient Japanese rituals

- Rome (Italie): Archaeologists unearth what may be oldest Roman temple

Sedgeford (G-B); A historic holy trinity

- New Poems of Greek Poetess Sappho Recovered

- Babylonian tablet shows how Noah's ark could have been constructed

Halls Swamp (USA): More than 13,000 artifacts recovered

Cardigan Castle (GB): 9,500 artefacts found in archaeological dig

İznik (Turquie): Archaeologists on the door steps of tumuli in necropolis

Bhanbore (Pakistan): Human bones, relics ‘from 10AD’ dug up

Kleczanów (Pologne): Unusual Zlockie Culture burial found

- Jindo Island,(Corée du Sud): Over 500 artifacts discovered in undersea trove

- Mésopotamie: 4,000-year-old erotica depicts a strikingly racy ancient sexuality

Tumacácori National Park (USA) : Ruins May Be ‘Lost’ Jesuit Mission

Carthage (Tunisie); Carthaginians sacrificed own children

Pierre De Saurel (Canada): Projet archéologique des Forts

Paphos (Chypre): excavations uncover ancient bath house

Archaeology helping to unravel mysteries of ancient Japanese

Pompéi (Italie): Star-aligned temples hint  at Pompeii's religious mix

ROYAUME UNI : Treasure hunters found nearly 1,000 items in 2012

- Sardis (Turquie): Roman pots containing magical offerings

Abydos (Egypte): Archaeologists discover 'new' pharaoh

Herodium (Israël): Doubts grow over the true whereabouts of 'Herod's tomb'

Trefael (G-B): Stone burial site 'much older than previously thought

Moghalmari (Inde): Six terracotta tablets found

Ahvenkoski (Finlande): New Iron Age Sites Discovered

Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

Revealing the Secrets of Mycenaean Barbecue

Assos (Turquie): Anatolia's oldest Parliament unveiled at cross paths of Plato and Aristotle

Mashabei Sadeh (Israël): Ancients in Negev had advanced economy

- South China Sea: exploring the 'Maritime Silk Road

- Louxor Rive Ouest (Egypte): tomb of Khonso-Im-Heb, head of beer production for goddess Mut