Prehistoire 5

Mammoths might have survived except for bad 'mineral diet'

Yakutia (Russie): cave lions perfectly preserved in permafrost

Schöningen (Allemagne): New insights on the wooden weapons from the Paleolithic site

Early humans linked to ancient Australian extinction

Haua Fteah Cave (Libye):Snail shells with man-made holes found

Bradgate Park (G-B): archaeological evidence of Ice Age economic migrants

Fuyan Cave (Chine): Modern humans out of Africa sooner than though

Sibérie (Russie): Shift in weaning age supports hunting-induced extinction of woolly mammoths

Cantabria (Espagne): The environment in the course of 35,000 years reconstructed

Molise (Italie): Scientists say tooth is oldest human remains in Italy

Rubha Port an t-Seilich (G-B): 12,000 year-old Ice Age stone tools

Mammoth (Russie): Paleolithic man's 'butchering' tools found at site of 'largest woolly mammoth graveyard in Asia'

Ann Arbor (USA): mammoth find hints at role of early humans

The Iceman Cameth

- How ancient Americans relied on dogs for survival

Aetokremnos (Chypre): L’énigme du massacre des hippopotames nains

Lapa do Santo (Bresil): 9,000 year-old ritualized decapitation found

How to find out about the human mind through stone

Traces of heavy metal pollution dating back to the Stone Age found in Spanish caves

Upward Sun River  (USA): North American salmon fishing at least 11,500 years old

Cueva del Ángel (Espagne): evidence of hominin activity

- Seo Pan (Botswana): Acheulian handaxes, blades, various flakes, cores and bifacialas

Australie : Ancient campfires show early population numbers

Data analysis yields striking maps of human expansion in North American Holocene

Marathousa 1(Grece): Elephant butchering site of the Lower Palaeolithic found

Redmond  (USA): 10,000-year-old stone tools unearthed in dig

Fishing for the first Americans

Grotta Paglicci (Italie): Ancient pestle shows Paleolithic people ground oats for food

Imanai cave (Russie): giant lions were sacrificed 60,000 years ago

The Ceremonial Sounds that Accompanied Our Ancestors’ Funerals, 15,000 Years Ago

Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals

Chagyrskaya cave (Russie): If you think Siberia is cold, for cave-dwelling Neanderthals it was far colder

Dikika (Ethiopie): Marks on 3.4-million-year-old bones not due to trampling

- Mirak (Iran): Paleolithic findings point to Neanderthal life

- Ukok (Russie): Petroglyphs believed to be drawn 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in remotest Siberia

Denisova Cave (Russie): First glimpse inside the cave that holds the key to man's origins

Swartkrans cave (Afrique du Sud): an old fossil site yields new finds

Tautavel (France): une dent de 550 000 ans découverte

- Persistence Cave (USA): Cave Contains Thousands of Ice Age Fossils

- Abrupt climate change may have rocked the cradle of civilization

Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change

The population history of Native Americans

Xuchang (Chine): 100,000 year old human remains found 'may show evidence of cannibalism'

Olaho II (Israel): first evidence of farming in Mideast

Hohle Fels Cave (Allemagne): Fragments of a new female figurine

- New methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming

Ripari Villabruna (Italie): Oldest Dentistry Found in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth

Sibudu / Blombos (Afrique du Sud): Early culture investigated

Out of Africa and into Arabia

Sibudu Cave (Afrique du Sud): South Africans using milk-based paint 49,000 years ago

Calvert Island (Canada): Footprints found may be oldest on continent

- Rakefet (Israel): Giant 11,000-year old mortars found in Levant served in funerary rituals

Ust-Yana  (Russie): 12,000-year-old remains of puppy discovered perfectly intact sealed inside permafrost

Qesem Cave (Israel): 400,000-year-old dental tartar provides earliest evidence of manmade pollution

Mughr el-Hamamah (Jordanie): Stone tools point to dawn of division of labor

Beaver River complex (USA): 11,500-Year-Old Bison Butchering Site Discovered

Did early Europeans wipe out the mammoth?

The shape of a perfect fire

The long read: Out of Arabia, the story of early humanity

- Madjedbebe (Australie): The First Australians?

- Yalibirri Mindi (Australie): Evidence of oldest human occupation in Mid-West discovered

Ksâr ‘Akil (Liban): Modern human dispersal into Europe came from the Levant

Deciphering clues to prehistoric climate changes locked in cave deposits

- Mas d’Azil (France): Il y a 35 000 ans, les Aurignaciens, premiers hommes modernes à occuper la grotte

- Trollesgave (Danemark): Une famille préhistorique au travail

Mead (USA): Alaska researchers turn up 12,300-year-old artwork

New research claims that the Peking Man fossil may have been a woman

Denisova Cave (Russie); Stone bracelet is oldest ever found in the world

El Mirón cave (Espagne): Traces of flowers on Red Lady’s tomb

- Xiachuan (Chine):  Fireplaces, grinding stones and hematite coexisted in Paleolithic site

Did people settle the Americas once or many times?

Inconsistencies in peopling of North America ‘ice bridge’ theory revealed

Myth of tolerant dogs and aggressive wolves refuted

El Mirón Cave (Espagne): Dental calculus analysis reveals mushrooms were consumed as early as the Upper Palaeolithic

Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe

- Wally's Beach (Canada): Q & A with Brian Kooyman

Barranco León (Espagne): Earliest humans in Western Europe followed the climate

Sima del Elefante (Espagne): Archaeologists report on early human tools

Utah (USA): Over 1,000 Ancient Stone Tools, Left by Great Basin Hunters, Found in Desert

“Neanderthal bone flutes” were the work of scavenging hyenas

- Schoningen (Allemagne): 300,000 year-old eggshells aid in re-construction of Palaeolithic environment

Ice-age Europeans roamed in small bands of fewer than 30, on brink of extinction

Heitugou (Chine): remains of a two-million-year-old playground?

El Mirón (Espagne): Red Lady cave burial reveals Stone Age secrets

Wally's Beach (Canada): people hunted horse and camel 13,300 years ago

Saldanha Bay (Afrique du Sud): Middle Stone Age Picnics on the Beach

- Poisons, plants and Palaeolithic hunters

Revadim (Israel): Animal fat residue found on 500,000 year old stone tools

Redmont (USA): 10,000-Year-Old Stone Tool Site Discovered

Messak Settafet (Libye): Saharan 'carpet of tools' is the earliest known man-made landscape

Rimrock Draw (USA): Stone Tool Unearthed‘Hints’ at Oldest Human Occupation in Western U.S.

Did Dog-Human Alliance Drive Out the Neanderthals?

Manot Cave (Israel): Precise dating of ancient charcoal found near a skull is helping reveal a unique period in prehistory

- Vero Beach (USA): More Evidence Suggests Humans From The Ice Age

- Trail of Tools Reveals Modern Humans' Path Out of Africa

- Al Ain fan (UAE): Out of Africa: Did humans migrate in a single wave or in phases based on weather?

Pilbara (Australie):  digs debunk timeline for ancient tool development

Bluefish Caves (Canada): Butchered Bones Found Bear Marks of Early Americans

Scientists are increasingly revising the idea of human nature as inherently competitive and violent

El Collado (Espagne): The Emergence of Mesolithic Cemeteries in SW Europe

Lubuskie (Pologne): Dozen thousand years old hunter-gatherer camp studied

1st Americans Used Spear-Throwers to Hunt Large Animals

Fossils link Caribbean bat extinction to humans

Evolutionary origins of dog-human cooperation

- Prehistoric sex toys

Yangtze River (Chine): Ancient bone hand ax identified

Arcy-sur-Cure (France): Stone Age man wasn't necessarily more advanced than the Neanderthals