Articles de Presse 2015

Sardaigne (Italie): 3,000 year-old Mediterranean melon

Stonehenge (G-B):  origin is subject of new theory

- Diospolis Magna (Egypte): An Ancient Tax Receipt

Fincastle (USA): 2,500-Year-Old Bison-Kill Site Offers New Clues Into Ancient Culture of Northern Plains

Qurna(Egypte): Second 18th Dynasty tomb to be discovered in a week

Veracruz (Mexique): Mysterious Jade Artifact

Nara (Japon): Excavation discovers elaborate foundation to 1,300-year-old Yakushiji pagoda

Lindong (Chine): Structure and Scale of the Imperial Palace of Liao Dynasty’s upper capital Confirmed for the First Time

Floride (USA) - The First Coast's 1st People: The Timucuan Indians

Bhamala (Pakistan):  Over 500 new artefacts found

Lavau (France): L'incroyable découverte de la tombe d'un prince celte

Qurna (Egypte): Tomb of Amun gate's guard uncovered

Nazareth (Israel): Is this Jesus' childhood home?

- Avebury (G-B): New Stone Avenue found at UNESCO World Heritage Site

- Luoyang (Chine): Bronze mirror linked to Himiko found in China for 1st time

- Western Mongolia: Archaeologists unearth lost fortress of Genghis Khan

- Oxford (G-B): Remains of a woman and a coin dating from the 1600s are unearthed

- Sitka (USA): Stone tool found in landslide

- Nazareth (Israel): 1st-Century Structure May Be Where Jesus Grew Up

- Tel Jezreel (Israel):  Laser technology and archaeology

Sidon (Liban): Archaeologists discover secret room in ancient temple

Hereford (G-B): Headland unearth a potential jousting casualty at the Cathedral

Louxor / Rive Ouest (Egypte): Statues of Sekhmet, lioness war goddess

- Khonkho Wankane (Bolivie): Ancient mortuary where corpses were stripped of flesh uncovered in Andes foothills

- Chine: Which came first: sheep or goat?

- Perou: Archaeology: Of Ice and Hair and Drones

- La momie d’un moine retrouvée dans une statue bouddhique

- Auroville (Inde): Excavation throws up Iron Age artefacts

- Khor Kharfot (Oman): ruins shed light on period pre-dating Islam

- Gegharot (Armenie): 3,300-Year-Old Shrines Uncovered

- Amazonie (Bresil): Drone to scan for ancient Amazonia

- Elba (Italie): Villa Owned by Ben-Hur's Rival Identified

- Nateshwar (Bangladesh): Going back to Atish Dipankar Era

Deir el Medina (Egypte): Ancient Egyptians had an NHS too

Gan Yavne (Israël): Storm uncovers massive Byzantine pot on beach

Al-Yahudu (Iraq): Ancient tablets displayed in Jerusalem fuel looting debate

Suabarai (Inde): Chalcolithic site found

Taposiris Magna (Egypte):  Rosetta stone-style stele unearthed

Eilat Mountains (Israël): 100 Ancient Cult Sites Discovered

Chester (G-B): Archaeological remains found dating back to bronze age

Xi'an (Chine): Tomb of First Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Grandmother Discovered

Chauchilla (Pérou): The Ransacked Mummies

Nok Culture study enters its third round

Timna (Israël): More Proof of King Solomon’s Mines

Kollur (Inde): Typical hero-stone found

NW Iowa (USA): A prehistoric day in the life

Taj Mahal (Inde) : Gardens Found to Align with the Solstice Sun

Hejia (Chine): Tomb of Western Zhou Dynasty 'diplomat' unearthed

Humans Used Magic Mushrooms, Opium

Leicester (G-B): Mysterious Stone Carving May Contain Old Message

Makimuku (Japon): Ancient animal bone suggests Himiko adopted Chinese fortunetelling method

Madappuram (Inde): Centuries-old stone pillars unearthed

Sakai (Japon): First wooden 'tachikazari' ornament unearthed in ancient burial dig

- Roman meals : Dinner At Piso's

Beacon Island (Australie): Skeleton and musket balls from gruesome 1629 shipwreck and mutiny unearthed

American Indians, colonists had healthy appetite for crabs

Drumnadrochit (G-B): Bone bow and arrow wrist guard and pottery found with Bronze Age body

Tse’K’wa / Site C (Canada): floods will wash away 12,000 years of human history

Concho County (USA): Ancient pictograph mystery solved

Northampton (G-B):  medieval chess workshop found

Tilaurakot (Népal): the city was bigger and older than it was thought to be

Baoji (Chine): Ancient sacrificial architecture unearthed

Rennes  (France) découvre son passé médiéval

Al-Yahudu (Iraq): Ancient tablets disclose Jewish exiles’ life in Babylonia

Sutton (G-B): Lasers help reveal clues behind King John's lost treasure

Cara Blanca 'Belize): At Newly Discovered Water Temple, Maya Offered Sacrifices to End Drought

Blackbeard's Booty: Pirate Ship Yields Medical Supplies

Pagan deities in ancient synagogues

Gebel el -Silsila (Egypte): Amon-Rê et Thot : Une rencontre inédite

Sappho's New Poems: The Tangled Tale of Their Discovery

China's top archaeological discoveries in 2014

Tehara (Japon): Find suggests ancient Buddhist site-cleansing ritual

Sharjah (UAE):  Mass graves, tools and remains of ancient homes discovered

Hinkley Point (G-B): Dark Age cemetery, dog bones, cremations and central-heated Roman villa found on huge archaeological site

Hats off to the Russian helmet

Amphipolis (Grèce): New Theories on Buried in the Tomb

- Rome's military women have been hiding in plain sight

Mediterranean Diet an Ancient Greek Invention

Atapuerca (Espagne):  a diet of dogs and badgers between 3,100 and 7,200 years ago

Hengshan (Chine): Rare mural paintings found in Yuan Dynasty tomb

Asuka (Japon): Possible ruins of ancient emperor's grave unearthed

Dunluce (G-B): evidence of 15th century settlement near castle

Mummy Mask May Reveal Oldest Known Gospel

Chang’an (Chine) : Remains of ancient large bridges found

Hongshan (Chine): civilisation began 2,400 years earlier than previously thought

How to Recreate a Sloppy Ancient Greek Drinking Game

Burnt City (Iran): Latest findings

Logar (Afghanistan): Ainak Copper Mine

Snaketown (USA): Mesoamerican ‘Fool’s Gold’ Mirrors Found Reveal Ties to Ancient Mexico

Carwynnen Quoit (G-B): a burial chamber in Neolithic Cornwall

East St. Louis (USA): Remains of bustling city found near new bridge

Tell Habua (Egypte): Ancient Egyptian fortress unearthed

Sakitari-do cave (Japon): Ancient burial remains may fill void in Japanese ancestry

Ouganda: Rock Art Sites

Zaoyang (Chine): 30 tombs, 28 chariots and 98 horse skeletons dating back 2,800 years found

Ras al Hamra (Oman):  New evidence further proves settlement oldest

Gela (Italie): Atlantis' Legendary Metal Found in Shipwreck

Gogar Mains (G-B): Neolithic discoveries offer evidence of prehistoric Scotland's first farming communities

Negev (Israël):  rare 'Desert Kites' catch attention of archaeologists

Gizeh (Egypte) : the Causeway for the Great Pyramid Found

Abousir (Egypte): Tomb of mystery Egyptian queen discovered

Zhengzhou (Chine): Stunning palace of Shang Dynasty unearthed

Experts suggest link between ancient Chinese and Peruvian cultures

Jerusalem (Israël): Archaeologists find possible site of Jesus’s trial

Nevsehir (Turquie): Inside the Mysterious Underground City That's 5,000 Years Old

Sheikh Abd el-Qurna (Eypte): Tomb of Osiris – god of the dead – found in necropolis

Chandayan (Inde): Excavation at Harappan site reveals house plan

Jerusalem (Israël): Western Wall stones result of earthquake, not Roman demolition

Pas-en-Artois (France): Le Trésor des Atrébates, découverte «fortuite» exceptionnelle

Nea Paphos (Chypre): Palindrome Inscription Found on Ancient Amulet

Burnt City /Shahr-e Sukhteh (Iran) : New burials discovered

- Tver (Russie): Under-cabinet director general of the Museum found an ancient treasure

Thanh Khuong (Viet Nam): Bronze drum moulding methods revealed

Lenborough (G-B):  a huge hoard of silver coins dating back to the Anglo- Saxon period