Articles de Presse 2012/10-12

Baoji (Chine): archaeologists excavate earliest bronze armor pieces

Top 10 Discoveries of 2012

Roskilde (Danemark): Rebirth of the Viking warship that may have helped Canute conquer the seas

Zafar (Yemen): Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam

Tel Motza (Israël): Rare Find of Temple Era Artifacts

Digging into 2012's archaeology

Pointe du Canonnier (St Martin) : le village précolombien , VIIe-Xe siècles de notre ère

Jerusalem (Israël): the forbidden eating habits of a bunch of 6th century monks

Londres (G-B): Crossrail dig unearths forgotten London

Kazakhstan: Recent Archeological Finds Clarify Historical Record

An old vintage: Wine markers found in ancient winemaking paraphernalia

- Carajás (Brésil): Caves and rock shelters guarding the secrets of human beings who lived here more than 8,000 years ago.

Leicester (G-B): King Richard III's medieval inn recreated

- North York Moors (G-B) : Flickering embers of camp fires from 7,000 years ago

Valbruna (Italie): Roman Settlement and Possible Prehistoric Site Uncovered

- Yunnan (Chine): Grain finds may shed light on a Bronze Age civilisation

Le bitume dans l’Antiquité

Tel Kabri (Israël): Canaanite banquets at the palace

A mysterious shorthand used by 17th century religious dissident Roger Williams.

Delphes (Grèce): How did the oracle really prophesize ?

Vallée des Rois (Egypte): The largest Merneptah' sarcophagus has been identified

Nouvelle-Zélande: Maori stones hold magnetic clues

Rome (Italie): Gladiator’s tomb to be reburied

Volubilis (Maroc): 'First tartan' on Roman statue

Kashihara (Japon): 1000-year-old shogi pieces found

Mexique : Exploring Sacred Caves

Nag el-Hamdulab (Egypte): Oldest Pharaoh Rock Art Rediscovered

Compertrix (France): 10.000 ans d'histoire mis au jour

Stonehenge (G-B): A new timeline of construction revealed

Istanbul (Turquie): A Byzantine-Era Fleet Surfaces Again

Kyoto (Japon): 9th century fragment of earthenware

Rouen (France): des objets de la vie quotidienne sous François 1er /  VIDEOS

Drumclay Crannog (Ulster): 1000-year-old household objects and tools

Kissonerga-Skalia (Chypre): Bronze age 'microbrewery' discovered

Escalera al Cielo (Mexique): Mayans cooked food with clay balls

Alepotrypa Cave (Grèce): the mythic ancient Greek underworld Hades

West Acre (G-B): Anglo-Saxon treasure reveals west Norfolk cremation

Penn Museum:  the new artifact lab and the mummies

1000-year-old Muslim joke book found

Lofoten Islands (Norvège): Human waste can map two millennia of history and climate change in a  Arctic settlement

Le son retrouvé d'une trompe gauloise

Udegram (Pakistan): Ancient tombs discovered

Bali (Indonésie): Lost civilization unearthed

Baffin Island / Nanook (Canada): building established by the Norse (Vikings) around 1300 or possibly earlier

Waikato (Nouvelle-Zélande): Pits reveal glimpses of past

Florence (Italie): Researchers have exhumed Giovanni de Medici

Wu (Chine): Scientists unearth ancient city

Key Largo (USA): Remains from a 1911 shipwreck identified

Europe's First Farmers Came, Then Went

Lunt Meadows (G-B): Stone age nomads settled down in Merseyside, flints and timber suggest

Omurtag mount (Bulgarie): the ritual burial of Gath ruler Kotela, one of the father-in-laws of Philip II of Macedon

Serpent mound (USA): evidence of a large village on the site

Horyuji temple (Japon): centuries-old theatrical masks discovered at museum in Munich

Echline (G-B): Scottish dig unearths '10,000-year-old home'

Wakefield (G-B): hoard of mysterious silver and gold

Chasné-sur-Illet (France): Un site archéologique exceptionnel

Odigram (Pakistan): 3,000-year-old pre-Buddhist era cemetery

- Provo (USA): Mormon baptistry from 1870s excavated

- Vagnari (Italie): Were Roman slaves hungry?

- Jerusalem (Israel): where Golgotha is really located ?

San Nicolas Island (USA): 'Island of the Blue Dolphins' woman's cave believed found

Jezreel Valley (Israël): 8,500-Year-Old Well Unearthed, Mystery Surrounds Two Human Skeletons

Karkemish (Turquie): Archaeologists explore site on Syria-Turkey border

Omurtag mount (Bulgarie): a gold Thracian treasure discovered

- Harappan people used an older form of Brahmi script

Thailande : An updated survey of archaeology and early history

Our Ancestors, the Acoustical Engineers

- Lussery-Villars (Suisse): mis au jour d'une villa gallo-romaine

Warmeriville (France): une centaine d'implantations du haut Moyen-Age mises au jour

Vráble-Fidvár (Slovaquie): The Bronze Age site ranks among top 10 digs in Europe

- Itkhori (Inde): Ninth century AD antiquities found

Abusir (Egypte): the tomb of Shert Nebti's, a pharaonic princess, discovered

Provadia (Bulgarie): a walled fortified settlement

Bangarh (Inde): Finds shed light on the Chalcolithic

Lyminge (G-B): Anglo-Saxon hall found is 'tip of the iceberg'

25000 Roman artifacts reported in England and Wales in 2011

- Taklamakan desert (Chine): Google Earth reveals more strange patterns

- Provadia (Bulgarie): The ancient town where they sliced their dead in half and buried them from the pelvis up

Genève (Suisse): Tsunami hit Geneva in AD 563

- Florida BCE

Tak’alik Ab’aj (Guatemala): Discovering the Vulture Ancestor, the Oldest Royal Mayan Tomb in Mesoamerica

- Khor Rori (Oman) : Potsherd with Tamil-Brahmi script found

Gordion (Turquie): Celtic sacrifices confirmed

Florence (Italie): Le squelette de Mona Lisa finalement exhumé ?