Articles de Presse 2013/07-09

Carrickfergus Castle (Ulster): prehistoric flints, board games and crockery uncovered as dig reveals 800 years of history

Butleigh (G-B):A first view of whole Roman mosaic after 1600-year wait

Dura-Europos (Syrie): Toxic Gas First Used in Syria 1,700 Years Ago

Prokuplje (Serbie): Archaeologists Smelt Copper  As Was Done 7,000 Years Ago

Ham Hill (G-B): Slaughtered bodies stripped of their flesh - a gruesome glimpse of Iron-Age massacre at UK’s largest hill fort

New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt

Roumanie: Declassified spy photos reveal 'Trajan's Rampart' that once stretched from the Danube to the Black Sea

Derbe (Turquie): Remains of first religious structure discovered in Central Anatolia

Cave 7 Utah (USA): Grisly Mass Grave Is Evidence of ‘Prehistoric Warfare’

James Bay (Canada): Archeological mystery on the shore

Hala Sultan Tekke (Chypre):Evidence of Production of Luxury Textiles and the Extraction of Copper from an Unknown Part of a Bronze Age City

- Tacna (Pérou): Excavators at the Moqi fortress

- Barabar / Nagarjuna caves (Inde): Light of facts on cave of death

Bagnes (Suisse): Les premiers Bagnards ont 10000 ans

Bourgas (Bulgarie): archaeologists find Roman-era frigidarium

Spinningdale (G-B): Bronze Age sheepskin discovered

- Xiangyang (Chine): Song Dynasty tombs discovered

Drumholm (Irlande): Ancient monastic find could be next ‘Clonmacnoise’

Belwa (Bangladesh): 1100-year-old Pala dynasty temple unearthed

Tiruvottiyur (Inde): rare Chola-era paintings at an Adipuriswarar (Lord Shiva) temple

Ust-Polui (Russie) :Ancient ‘Bear Cult’:   2,000-Year-Old Ring Found

Winnipeg Forks (Canada): Proof of ancient farming

Kanchipuram (Inde): Artwork & temple emerge during repairs of 12th century Ekamreswar shrine

Chavin de Huantar (Pérou): Archeologists discover two stone sculptures

Lejre (Danemark): Feasting and fighting: the long-lost secrets of Beowulf

Shimao (Chine): Neolithic city ruins shed light on the dawn of Chinese civilization

Nachara Khera (Inde): A rare terracotta figurine with the Ramayana as its theme discovered

Saunders Goose Pond (Canada): Artifacts in northern Quebec could be 7,000 years old

Lincoln Castle (G-B): archaeologists to extract sarcophagus

Tel Rehov (Israël): Have Archaeologists Found Prophet Elisha's House?

A brass-and-silver astrolabe made in 1590

Tel Dor (Israël): Israel Was Land of Milk, Honey – and Cinnamon

La Libertad (Pérou): Tomb find confirms powerful women ruled Peru long ago

Cihuatan (El Salvador): Mayan Jaguar Sculptures Discovered

Lyrboton Kome (Turquie): Ancient city witholds the secrets of olive oil

Xinjiang (Chine):Zoroastrian tombs found

Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs?

- Uacusecha (Mexique): Avancées récentes du projet archéologique

- Swaffham (G-B): Silver disc reveals Christian worship

Ponteau (France): mis au jour d'un village néolithique

Tivoli (Italie): Hidden slave tunnel beneath Hadrian’s Villa

Tamil Nadu (Inde): On the menhir trail

Cape Kaliakra (Bulgarie): 14th-century poison ring found

- Gabii (Italie): Rome’s Start to Architectural Hubris

Londres (G-B): Roman horseshoes found on remains of road

Huahaizi Lake (Chine): 3,000-year-old nomad shields excavated

Missouri River (USA): Corps archaeologists study past

Melton (G-B): Centuries-old artefacts uncovered at car park site

Nagaland (Inde): Re-thinking Naga pre-history, identity & Mimi caves

Tel Ashdod Yam (Israël): Assyrian Period Fortifications Unearthed

Kilis (Turquie): Prophet Abraham's lost city found

Nunalleq (USA): Excavation underway of largest find of Yup'ik artifacts

Croxton Kerrial (G-B): Lost medieval manor found

Genzano (Italie): Mini-Colosseum of 'Gladiator' Emperor Found

- Göbekli Tepe (Turquie):  temple built to worship the dog star

Başur Höyük (Turquie): Oldest Gaming Tokens Found

Winchburgh (G-B): The secrets underground

Uckermark Stolpe (Allemagne): Badger digs up medieval warrior graves

Rothwell (G-B): Mystery of the medieval crypt solved

Tripolis (Turquie): A church that dates back 1,500 years unearthed

Hot summer unearths Roman discoveries in Wales

Butuan (Philippines): Massive balangay 'mother boat' unearthed

St.Augustine (USA): Prehistoric well could solve questions about indigenous groups

- Holmul (Guatemala): Giant Maya Frieze Found

Belfort (France): Place d’Armes : une fortification qui ne devrait pas être là

New York (USA): NYC becomes archaeological site covering centuries

Kami-Goten (Japon): Mystery dagger molds imply ancient links to northern China

San José de Moro (Pérou): Tomb of a Powerful Moche Priestess-Queen Found

Vizhinjam (Inde): Once a port, always a port

Holmul (Guatemala): 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found

- Ferryland (Canada) : Elizabethan Six Pence among ‘Treasures’ Found

Khirsara (Inde): Excavations reveal a major industrial hub of Harappan era

Cúl na Móna bog (Irlande): Laois ‘bog body’ said to be world’s oldest

Le Mans (France): L'étrange affaire des sépultures des Jacobins

Jerusalem (Israël): excavation discovers Crusader Hospital

Southam (G-B): Medieval barn uncovered

- Long Bay (Saint-Martin) : pre-ceramic Amerindian site

Galway (Irlande): Exploration of ill-fated SS Gairsoppa reveals treasure from the deep

Shikhin (Israël): Archaeological Dig uncovers Jewish village

Renac (France):Des thermes romains exceptionnels

Kiana (USA): archaeologists uncover Alaska village believed to be at least 200 years old

Saar (Bahrain): Settlement of merchants from pre-Islamic history

Pañamarca (Pérou): Ancient Shield Found In Temple Dates Back 1,300 Years

Ness of Brodgar  (G-B): 5000-year-old Neolithic art found in Orkney dig

El Cano (Panama):Découverte archéologique majeure d’une culture amérindienne méconnue

Paris (France): et si la Lutèce gauloise s'élevait bel et bien dans l'île de la Cité ?

- Ilısu (Turquie): Protection Excavation Project

Israeli Historian Proves Roman-Jewish 'Friendship' Tablet

Yan Oya Middle Basin (Sri Lanka): Sinhala archaeology focuses operation in North-East corridor

Leicester (G-B): Greyfriars Burial is a Russian Doll-Style One

When Lettuce Was a Sacred Sex Symbol

- Rhondda Valley (G-B): 6000-year-old decorative wood carving unearthed on Welsh mountainside

Khirbet Qeiyafa (Israël): King David's palace discovered ?

Dongoin shiree (Mongolie): Epigraphs of ancient Turkic people discovered

- Fayum (Egypte): Long-Lost Pyramids Found?

Gliwice (Pologne): Archeologists Suspect Vampire Burial

- Al Wakrah (Qatar): 7th century building found

Souvanna Khomkham (Laos): Ancient city emerges from the waters of the Mekong

- Ifugao (Philippines) : For rice terraces, age should not matter

5,000-year-old primitive writing generates debate in China

El Brujo (Pérou): Mummy of sacrificed woman found

Verquin (France): Les vestiges d’un édifice «monumental» découverts 

Longforth Farm (G-B): : Medieval manor emerges from the earth VIDEO

Tel Hazor (Israël): Sphinx fragment of pyramid-building Egyptian king  VIDEO

- Hierapolis (Turquie): excavations at ancient theater

Wadi Debayan (Qatar): ‘Fantastic finds’ from excavation

Lumbini (Népal): Unearthed: Pre-Ashoka structures

Londres (G-B): Roman fingerprints found in 2,000-year-old cream

Chersonesos (Ukraine): Massacre dating back 2300 years in the Crimea

Yejiashan (Chine): tombs from the West Zhou Dynasty

Beaufort Inlet (USA): Blackbeard The Pirate’s Sword found ?

Martigues (France): un cimetière "de catastrophe" découvert à Ferrières

Amasya (Turquie): 2,000-year old Roman mosaics found

Was there a Jewish temple in ancient Egypt?

Mersea (G-B): Mystery of the island bones is finally solved

Cala Levante (Italie): Ancient Anchors from Punic Wars Found Off Sicily

Rutland Water (G-B): Roman shrine found

- Eshta’ol (Israël): evidence of human habitation 9,000 years ago

Lord Ashley site (USA): ‘ground zero’ for early English influence in S.C.

Vicálvaro (Espagne): In search of the lost city

Bellandur (Inde): Iron Age antiquity lies beneath a concrete edifice

- Lincoln Castle (G-B): Skeleton found beneath Castle could belong to a Saxon king

Jérusalem (Israël): Archaeologists Find 2,000-Year-Old Evidence of Siege

Phnom Pel (Cambodge): jungle graveyard mystifies experts

- Hopewell Mound : Iron smelting in North America

Rakhigarhi (Inde):Is Haryana home to older, larger Harappan-era site?