Archéo-génétique 2010-2011


            - Aboriginals get new history

            - Premier séquençage du génome d'un Aborigène d'Australie

            - DNA study suggests Asia was settled in multiple waves of migration

            - Continents influenced human migration, spread of technology

            - Human-Neanderthal coupling was rare

            - Ancient wild horses help unlock past

            - A 'jumping gene's' preferred targets may influence genome evolution

            - Mother tongue comes from your prehistoric father

            - Evolution's past is modern human's present

            - Indians and Europeans share a milky past

            - Dingo came earlier and by different route

            - Ancient humans were mixing it up

            - Genetic analysis of medieval plague skeletons

            - Canoodling with cavemen gave healthy boost to human genome

            - Sunflower Domesticated in US, Not Mexico

            - Ancient wild horses help unlock past

            - Modern humans may have picked up key genes from extinct relatives 

            - Genetic research confirms that non-Africans are part Neanderthal

            - 4000-year-old banana roots in Southeast Asia

            - New algorithm provides new insights into evolutionary exodus out of Africa

            - Faster, less expensive DNA analysis

            - Breeding with Neanderthals helped humans go global

            - Life-history traits may affect DNA mutation rates in males more than in females

       -  La recherche génétique lève le voile sur la vitesse de mutation de l'ADN humain

            -  Un labo dédié à l'ADN ancien

            - "A mammoth task -- sorting out mammoth evolution"

            - "Neandertal hybridization & Haldane’s rule"

            - "Rice's origins point to China, genome researchers conclude"

            - "Differences in mammalian brain structure and genitalia linked to specific DNA regions"

            - "Comment le pénis humain a perdu ses épines"

            - "Early humans began in southern Africa, study "

            - "Subtle Shifts, Not Major Sweeps, Drove Human Evolution"

            - "Lignée humaine : le métissage entre Homo sapiens et espèces plus archaïques n'est pas la seule explication aux données génétiques"

            - "Genetic archaeology finds parts of our genome more closely related to orangutans than chimps"

            - "Number Crunching Through Maize"

            - "Grapes domesticated 8,000 years ago" 

            - "Lice DNA shows humans first wore clothes 170,000 years ago"

            - Nos gènes auraient trois milliards d'années

            - "2010 : A good year for Neanderthals"

            - "Bones give peek into the lives of Neanderthals"

            - "L'Homo sapiens a un développement plus lent que son ancêtre néandertalien"

            - "Early cities sprrred evolution of immune system"

            - "New statistical model moves Human evolution back three million years"

            - "City living helped humans evolve immunity to TB"

           - "J'ai fait décripter mon génome"

           - "Taking molecular snaps of ancient crops"

           - "'Mitochondrial Eve' : mother of all humans lived 200000-years ago.'.

            - What plant genes tell us about crop domestication"  (Washington University in St Louis / D. Lutz)

            - "Understanding genetic mixing through migration ..."  

         - "Ancient viral invasion shaped Human genome"


          - "The Bantu völkerwanderung



           - Gene study sheds new light on origins of British men

           - King Tut and half of European men share DNA

           - Half of Swiss men share 'pharaoh gene'

           - Are the English really Germans or Spaniards?

           - Ancient DNA reveals male diffusion through the Neolithic Mediterranean route

           - Population Genetics Reveals Shared Ancestries

           - Sorbs: relics of the Ostsiedlung

           - "Bear DNA is clue to age of Chauvet cave art"

           - "Skeleton sparks DNA interest"

           - "Solving the puzzle of Henry VIII"

           - "DNA detectives in Viking North West"

           - "Une cellule familiale chez Néandertal"

           - "Genome of extinct Siberian cave-dweller linked to modern-day humans"

           - "Y-a-t'il eu un troisième homme en Europe ?"

           - "Humans helped vultures colonize the Canary Islands"

           - "Vikings possibly carried Native American in Europe"

           - "Ancient DNA from European early Neolithic farmers reveals their Near East affinities

           -  "What will Otzi the Iceman's DNA teach us"

           - "Ancient DNA reveals ingredients of Roman medecine"

           - " Roots of the British come under new scrutiny" (University of Leicester)

           - " Ötzi's secrets about to be revealed"  (European Academy of Bolzano)

           - "More on Gene Map to ive insigh into 5200-year-old Iceman"



          - Ancient Farmers Started the First 'Green Revolution'

          - "Anthropologists looking for Roman legion in China"

          - "No Romans needed to explain Chinese blondes"

          - "Chinese scientists reveal ancient man's route to East Asia"

          - "Xinjiang discovery provides intriguing DNA link"



           - Endangered river turtle's genes reveal ancient influence of Maya Indians

           - Deep history of coconuts decoded

           - Shrunken Head DNA Proves Horrific Folklore True

           - Early Americans helped colonise Easter Island

           - Scientists Fight University of California to Study Rare Ancient Skeletons

           - Puerto Rico, Dominica and Cuba embrace their Taino Indian heritage

           - North America was populated by no more than 70 people 14,000 years ago, claims stunning new DNA research

           - Ancient gut bacteria could shed light on First Nations history

           -  Alaska evidence shows dogs came from Asia

           - "The initial peopling of the Americas : a growing number of founding mitochondrial genomes from Beringia"

           - " Testing remains provides new insights"



           - Genes Tell Tale of Jewish Ties to Africa

           - "Curse of the Pharaoh's DNA"

           - "Royal rumpus over King Tutankhamun's ancestry "

           - " Population expansion in the North African Late Pleistocene"

            - " Ancient DNA identifies donkey ancestors, people who domesticated them"


            - "Rice archaeological remains and the possibility of DNA archaeology examples from Yayoi and Heian periods of Northern Japan" 



            - SAQQAQ : Inuk, l'homme qui venait de l'Est ...


            - "Prospects of recovering ancient DNA from Homo floresiensis"


            - "The Genetic secrets that allow Tibetans to thrive in thin air ..."



            - "DNA analysis reveals Pamir origin of Bulgarians"


            -Kashmiris populated Europe 40000 years back


            - Ancient DNA points to Maori feather trade



              - "Genetic study uncovers new path to Polynesia