Archéo-génétique 2011

- North American native population decline

Ancient Greek trading vessels carried much more than wine

Genetic Study Confirms: First Dogs Came from East Asia

Domestication du blé

Angel Mounds (USA) : DNA testing settles 70-year mystery over possible conjoined twins buried

Cause of Ice Age extinctions

Ancient horse DNA sheds light on cave paintings

Shared genes with Neanderthal relatives not unusual

Early humans were from Africa but their route out was via Arabia

Génome de la bactérie responsable de la Peste Noire déchiffré

La grossesse humaine a-t-elle évolué à cause d'une infection ?

Manis Site (USA) : Hunters present in North America 800 years earlier than previously thought

Aboriginals get new history

Premier séquençage du génome d'un Aborigène d'Australie

DNA study suggests Asia was settled in multiple waves of migration

Continents influenced human migration, spread of technology

Human-Neanderthal coupling was rare

-  Ancient wild horses help unlock past

A 'jumping gene's' preferred targets may influence genome evolution

Mother tongue comes from your prehistoric father

-  Evolution's past is modern human's present : ancient interbreeding inside Africa

Indians and Europeans share a milky past

Australia's native dog – the dingo – may have arrived here much earlier and by quite a different route than previously thought

Ancient humans were mixing it up

Genetic analysis of medieval plague skeletons proves the presence of y. pestis bacteria

Canoodling with cavemen gave healthy boost to human genome

 Sunflower Domesticated in US, Not Mexico