Rapports Archeo 2016/1

- Arad (Israel): Handwriting analysis provides clues for dating of old testament texts

Assouan (Egypte): New Discoveries in Elephantine Island

Vagnari (Italie): Roman Imperial leaders had wine empire away from the battlefield

What really happened on Easter Island?

Colorado (USA): Researchers link climate changes, Pueblo social disruption

Easy as Alep, Bet, Gimel? Research explores social context of ancient writing

Le Mans (France): Fouilles aux abords de la cathédrale

Why some Iron Age women chose exotic jewellery

Fidji : Archaeologists Survey Damage from Cyclone Winston

Bolków (Pologne): the sanctuary: a window to prehistoric beliefs

- How ancient horse-dung bacteria is helping our team locate where Hannibal crossed the Alps

Clisson (France): fouilles au château avant restauration

Point Rosee (Canada): Discovery Could Rewrite History of Vikings in New World

Samdzong 5 (Nepal): textile find suggests Silk Road extended further south than previously thought

Orchies (France): quatre statues entourées de mystère

Gebel el-Silsila (Egypte): A group of Tombs found

Minorque (Espagne): Archaeologists uncover monumental prehistoric structure

Mugello (Italie): Text in lost language may reveal god or goddess worshipped by Etruscans at ancient temple

Cumae (Italie): Ancient Non-Stick Pan Factory Found

Lubuskie (Pologne): Bronze treasure discovered

The Staurogram : The earliest images of Jesus on the cross

World first as 3,000-year-old Chinese oracle bones go 3D

- Sled Dogs Have Been Pulling Us for Millennia 

- USA : Forests reveal lingering effects of native cultures

Kirikongo (Burkina Faso): Production of butter from shea trees in West Africa pushed back 1,000 years

Entrains sur Nohain (France): Art et Luxe à Intaranum

Cave Creek Midden (USA): 3,000-Year-Old Bison Hunting Site Discovered

Vallée des Rois (Egypte): results of the radar survey of the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Górzyca  (Pologne): millennia old cemetery of the elite

Soulac-sur-Mer (France):  Découverte archéologique de production de sel datant du néolithique

Assouan (Egypte): Rock Art found

Lille (France): Aux origines du quartier de Fives

- Danemark: Unique jewellery from the British Isles found in Viking grave

Kôm el-Hettan (Egypte): Discovery of statues of Sekhmetin, the temple of Amenhotep III

Knossos (Grèce): The Houses of the High Noon

Dijon (France): Vestiges médiévaux et modernes rue Berlier

Hopewell used cross-cultural approach to build great monuments

Mudhmar Est (Oman): Découverte d'armes antiques inédites en Arabie

Tell Tebilla (Egyte): Discovered Objects at Northern Delta

Nieszawa (Pologne): Scientists resurrected lost medieval town

- Tel Kabri (Israel): For the first time in excavations of ancient Near Eastern sites: Winery Found in Canaanite Palace

Lesvos (Grèce): A Geometric period tomb found

- Shipwrecks, tree rings reveal Caribbean hurricanes in buccaneer era

Saint-Clément (France):  la panoplie agricole antique

Chihuahua  (Mexique): Ancient Grave of Teenage Girl May Reveal Secrets of Southwest’s Earliest Farmers

Tivoli (Italie): Excavation at Hadrian’s Villa Uncovers the Art of Ordinary Spaces

- Boult sur Suippe (France): Le cimetière allemand

Panama: Tiny island deer hunted to extinction thousands of years ago

- Tombos (Soudan): Identity Unearthed

Little Carlton (G-B): Anglo-Saxon settlement found

Vern sur Seiche (France): L'élite gauloise des Hauts de Godon

- Dolice (Pologne): More "Polish pyramids" discovered

- Wadi Sura II (Egypte): Lizards may be behind ‘baby handprint’

Nîmes (France): Premières sépultures musulmanes médiévales en France

Using medical imaging techniques for noninvasive probing of Egyptian artefacts

Exeter (G-B): Archaeology project will uncover hidden secrets

- El-Lisht. (Egypte): Middle Kingdom Tomb Discovered

Migrations of the population 1500 years ago influenced the shape of modern Europe

Cahokia (USA):  Internal dissension cited as reason for dissolution

Must Farm G-B): Most complete Bronze Age wheel to date found

Some Iron Age forts in Europe strengthened by friendly fire 

Japanese earthenware time capsules contain 4,300-year-old cockroach egg case impressions

Meroe (Soudan): archaeologists working at the famous pyramids

Madagascar: Stalagmites reveal humans set fire to forests around 1000 years ago

Nahal Ein-Gev (Israel): Prehistoric village links old and new stone ages

Ile de Pâques (Chili) :  populations were not destroyed by warfare

Old trees reveal Late Antique Little Ice Age (LALIA) around 1,500 years ago

Wight (G-B): Ancient Roman Brooch Contains 'Lovely' Palindrome

Deir el-Bahri (Egypte): a foundation deposit of Hatshepsut’s temple

Canada: Underwater archaeologists explore the wreck of the Erebus

Honduras: New Discoveries at the Mysterious City of the Jaguar

Poitiers (France): découverte exceptionnelle de peintures murales dans la cathédrale

Discovering the source of marble used in Roman buildings

Achill Island (Irlande): The Cromlech Tumulus

Blekinge (Suède): Signs of early settlement date back to the cradle of civilization

Thorikos (Grèce): Some 5000 years ago, silver mining on the shores of the Aegean Sea

New 'Little Ice Age' coincides with fall of Eastern Roman Empire and growth of Arab Empire

G-B: Lasers reveal 'lost' Roman roads

Spanish missions triggered Native American population collapse, indirect impact on climate

Ełk Lakeland (Pologne): Laser reveals secrets of early medieval Prussians

- Abousir (Egypte): A unique boat from the Pyramid Age discovered

Did the Vikings use crystal ‘sunstones’ to discover America?

Climate change may have had a huge impact on ancient South American civilisations

Zippori (Israel): Tombs of Ancient Rabbis Possibly Discovered

Baturyn  (Ukraine): excavations in 2014-2015

Petko Karavelovo (Bulgarie): Wooden Wall, ‘Four-Leaf Clover’ Amulet in Prehistoric Settlement

Wadi Ameyra (Egypte): Early Egyptian Queen Revealed in Hieroglyphs

Yok Bolum (Belize): Stalagmite unlocks ancient secrets

Uncovering the Culture of Bronze Age Logboats

Mounting evidence suggests early agriculture staved off global cooling

Ahtopol (Bulgarie): North Gate of ancient Agathopolis found

Paphos (Chypre): Archaeologists know more about the ancient capital

Pereslavl-Zalessky (Russie): List of Murderers Revealed on Cathedral Wall

La Mosquitia (Honduras): Excavation of Ancient Lost City Yields New Finds

Vrysinas  (Grece): The Peak Sanctuary , a form of early amphictyony?

Must Farm (G-B): Bronze Age stilt houses unearthed in East Anglian Fens

Ancient bereavement practices from the the Central Apulian region

How Roman toilets (and fish sauce) may have helped spread parasites across Europe

Lac Lednickie (Pologne): Fish trap from the Middle Ages discovered

El Zotz (Guatemala): archaeologist discovers Maya royal burial site

Las Perlas (Panama): Were islanders dolphin hunters?

Did famine worsen the Black Death?

Knossos (Grece): Surprising revelations about Europe's oldest city

Philippes (Grece): Investigations archéologiques

Forensic secrets of Britain's historic wax seals

Alaska (USA): Remains of lost 1800s whaling fleet discovered off Arctic coast

Pella (Grece):New Macedonian tomb found

Pompei (Italie): ancient Roman graffiti

Haua Fteah cave (Libye): How ancient communities resisted new farming practices

Tel Al-Dafna (Egypte): Tephra from Thera eruption found

Rosh Ha-‘Ayin (Israel-; Ancient farmstead and monastery exposed 

Zvenigorod (Russie): Archaeologists unearth military arsenal from the era of Ivan the Terrible