Rapport Archéo 2024

Did Eurasia's dominant East-West axis 'turn the fortunes of history'?

Some Pre-Roman humans were buried with dogs, horses and other animals

Callacpuma (Perou): UW anthropologists’ research unveils early stone plaza

Neolithic groups from the south of the Iberian Peninsula first settled permanently in San Fernando (Cadiz) 6,200 years ago

Painkiller or pleasure? First conclusive evidence found for intentional use of black henbane in the Roman world

Cape Ray (Canada): Archaeologists probe mysterious shipwreck

-- Prehistoric mobility among Tibetan farmers, herders shaped highland settlement patterns, cultural interaction

 Tiarp (Suede): Excavated dolmen one of the oldest in Scandinavia

The Grave's Embrace: New research sheds light on Bronze Age family relationships

Chine : Deciphering the patterns of human settlements on the Ordos Plateau

- Oldenburg (Allemagne): A peek into the cooking pot: Burnt food remains document 5,000-year-old food preparation

World's largest database of weeds lets scientists peer into the past, and future, of global agriculture

China's medieval Tang dynasty had a surprising level of social mobility, new study finds

- Athenes (Grece): Despite intensive scientific analyses, this head remains a mystery

Castle Rock reveals an ancient Native American calendar

- A princess's psalter recovered? Pieces of a 1,000-year-old manuscript found

Ancient cities provide key datasets for urban planning, policy and predictions in the Anthropocene

Researchers study unusual late-Roman metalware hoard discovered in the British Isles

Archeologists map lost cities in Ecuadorian Amazon, settlements that lasted 1,000 years

Discovery of immense fortifications dating back 4,000 years in northwestern Arabia

Ancient Roman wine production may hold clues for battling climate change

Tell es-Safi/Gath  (Israel) : Researchers rely on the earth's magnetic field to verify an event mentioned in the Old Testament

- Rise of archery in Andes Mountains dated to 5,000 years ago — earlier than previous research