Articles de Presse 2013/09 - 11

Lima (Pérou): Archaeologists make significant progress at the Huaca Monterrey

Sailing the sea in search of conquest

Le procès de Jésus était parfaitement légal

Hyvikkälä (Finlande): Thousand-year old swordsman rises from the earth

- Portus (Italie): why opulent Roman empire port was dismantled in 6th century

Hermonthis (Egypte): Statues dating back 3,500 years discovered

Peterborough (G-B): prehistoric and Roman-British settlement pottery

Elymais (Iran): Archaeologists discover ruins of temple

Persepolis (Iran): Parsa was renamed after the Achaemenid period

Jiahu (Chine): Bone flutes suggest 9,000-year-old music tradition

Wyoming Mountains (USA): 13 Ancient Villages Discovered  May Redraw Map of Tribal Migrations

Bhallatakipura (Inde): Behind the evergreen forests

Chartres (France): mis au jour de l’enceinte ouest du lieu de culte antique

Prastio – Mesorotsos (Chypre) : archaeological dig reveals gradual architectural sophistication

Cahokia (USA): Did a Mega-Flood Doom Ancient American City

Jaffna (Sri Lanka): More evidences surface on antiquity of fort site

Congona (Pérou) : Archaeologists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Religious Center

Bahrain: development chips away at world's largest, oldest burial site

- Londres (G-B): Roman eagle found by archaeologists

-- Bathonea (Turquie): Unearthed Hittite artifacts in Istanbul break new ground

- Hi-tech aqueduct explorers map Rome's 'final frontier'

Were Ötzi the iceman's tattoos an early form of 'acupuncture'?

Syston (G-B): Roman-era knife handle

Hyderabad (Inde): What lies under the Qutb Shahi tombs?

Bax Farm (G-B): The Octagonal Roman Bath House

Gezer (Israël): A pre-Solomonic city beneath the ruins

Palakkad (Inde): Taking apart a precious past, cist by cist

Cardiff (G-B): Rare historical artefacts found in Bute Park unveiled

The Sound of Music Greek Style

Lima (Pérou): Two mummies found in a pre-Incan cemetery

Jerusalem (Israël): 1,700-year-old curse tablet from a Roman mansion in the City of David

Tal Dabket Breikeh (Syrie): Archeological findings from the Aramaic period

Ramjanipur (Inde) : Fresh excavation call

Dingwall (G-B): Viking parliament found under car park

Archaeological Gender Switch: Etruscan Warrior Prince Was Really a Princess

Ancient Chinese wrote with brushes

Pollen Study Points to Culprit in Bronze Era Mystery

Rügen (Allemagne): Reconstruction of ancient Slavic boat

Alcoutim (Portugal): Roman ruins discovered

Herodium (Israël): King Herod's Tomb a Mystery Yet Again

Spiro Mounds (USA): Archaeological Dig Underway

Gamla Uppsala (Suède): Archaeologists discover massive 1,500-year-old monument

Alexandria Troas (Turquie): Constantinople’s city rival during the ancient era

Yolo (USA): Mass Grave of ‘Prodigal Sons’ Poses Prehistoric Mystery

Pilot Bay (Nouvelle Zélande): Prehistoric Mount remains confirmed

Frog Legs May Have Been On The Menu In Britain Before France

Kuntasi (Inde): Excavations throw new light on Harappan period

Potgate Quarry (G-B): Iron Age camp unearthed

Gayathripuzha valley (Inde): Neolithic settlements

Danemark: Reading the Runestones

- Choga Mish (Iran): Clues to Lost Prehistoric Code Found

Oymaağaç / Nerik (Turquie): Holy Hittite city being unearthed

Sri Lanka : Taking count of ancient coins

Couvin (France): Découverte archéologique exceptionnelle

Gwalior (Inde): Nirvana by Numbers

Salinas de los Nueve Cerros (Guatemala): Industrial Salt Processing Plant in Ancient Mayan City

Lake Roopkund (Inde): Mystery Solved

Bahrain’s tomb raiders

Öland (Suède): Hundreds died in 'brutal massacre' at island fort 1,500 years ago

Terre Neuve / Labrador (Canada) : Province's archaeological sites threatened

Tarquinia (Italie):How a Prince Became a Princess

Tromelin (Maurice) : Premiers résultats après la quatrième mission archéologique "Esclaves oubliés"

Hilton of Cadboll (G-B): Gamers take aim at ancient Pictish stone puzzle

Karaganda (Kazakhstan): archaeologists discover Saka-era granite sculpture

The Ottoman love for cats large and small

Klockaråkern (Suède): Shock Bronze Age find 'changes history'

- New Forest (G-B):  hidden secrets discovered thanks to lasers

Arles (France): le vaisseau fantôme se dévoile  VIDEOS

This is the most exciting time in history to be an archaeologist

York (G-B): Long-lost church discovered by archaeologists

Amazing archaeological discoveries in Georgia and South Carolina

Peloncillo Mountains (USA): Long-Hidden Sites Discovered in the Southwest May Change Views of Ancient Migrations

Aircraft Lidar illuminate Scotland’s past

- Idu (Iraq): Ancient Kingdom Discovered Beneath Mound

Palawan (Phillipines): Ancient human remains reveal ritual burial, possible cannibalism

- Aoste (Italie): la première pierre d’Augusta-Praetoria découverte

Svestari (Bulgarie): Mystery of the 2,500-year-old horse remains found that suggest the creatures were buried standing up

Monmouth (G-B): Bronze Age 'boat building' discovery

Negev (Israël): 5000-Year-Old Leopard Trap Discovered

Champlain Valley (USA): Archaeologist Suggests Abenaki Had Company in Pre-European Vermont

Beyrouth (Liban): Activists fight to preserve Roman heritage

Interamna Lirenas (Italie): Roman Theater Unearthed

Szigetvar (Hongrie): Remains of ancient Ottoman town found

- Pet Care Advice from the Middle Ages

Gezer (Israël): Evidence of Two Major Destructions

Pielinen island (Finlande): Massive Neolithic structure discovered

Tarquinia (Italie): Ancient Etruscan Prince Emerges From Tomb

Pampa Grande (Pérou): Archaeologists explore the last capital of the Mochica

Amazonie (Brésil): archaeologist digs up ancient civilization  VIDEO

Flakstad (Norvège):  Viking slaves buried with their masters

Jerusalem (Israël): The couple that found 2000-year-old archaeological treasures under their house

- Rio de Janeiro (Brésil): Archeologists find imperial objects

Dalmanutha (Israël): Archaeologists May Have Found Biblical Town

James Bay (Canada): Artifacts could be 7,000 years old

Nevern (G-B): Ancient nit comb found at castle dig

Londonderry (G-B): Child skeleton uncovered in Bishop Street car park may date back to Siege of Derry

Archaeologists discover: God's wife?

Cahokia (USA): Epic Fire Marked ‘Beginning of the End’ for Ancient Culture of Cahokia

Ginosar valley (Israël): Biblical-Era Town Discovered Along Sea of Galilee

Magnesia (Turquie): Ancient sportsmen took doping too, findings show

- Xianyang (Chine): ancient tomb of 'female prime minister' found + VIDEO

Jerusalem (Israël): Ancient Animal Sacrifice

Lakeshore (Canada): Archeology dig finds artifacts from 4,000 years ago

Chau Srei Vibol (Cambodge): Off the beaten path at Angkor

Harzhorn (Allemagne): Excavation Of Ancient Battlefield Turns Up Roman Soldier’s Chain Mail

Jefferson City (USA): 1,200 year old village site

Boyne Valley (Irlande): First passage-tomb discovered for two centuries using new archaeological techniques

Stonehenge G-B) was built on a solstice axis but only because of an Ice Age fluke

- Puy (Equateur): Archaeologist Uncover Oldest Home in Amazon Nearly 3,000 Years-Old

Mexico (Mexique): seven pink spatula birds found at the Templo Mayor

Mahendraparvata: Cambodia’s Archaeological Rebirth

Chu Dau (Viet Nam): La production céramique

Must Farm (G-B): Flag Fen Bronze Age boats older than was first thought

Istanbul (Turquie): The blue-white ceramics of China and İznik