Articles de Presse 2014 - 08/11

Deverill Valley (G-B): Detectorist couple's Roman busts, medieval tags, brooches and bowls to be revealed

North Uist (G-B): Ancient basket ravaged by tides as specialists head to Uist to excavate it

Datong City (Chine): 1,000-Year-Old Tomb Reveals Murals, Stars & Poetry

Aşıklı Höyük (Turquie):  11,000-year-old settlement thrills experts

Exmoor (G-B): Aerial survey uncovers 2,000 archaeological sites

Cusco (Pérou): plans to map buried Inca capital

Marlow (G-B) : "Amazing" Bronze Age burial contained skeletons of two children

Rice county (USA): Ancient Quivira settlements to be explored

Hisarlik (Turquie): Archaeologists Claim They Have Found the Trojan Horse

Knole (G-B): Witch marks fit for a king beguile archaeologists

Jordanie / Syrie  mystérieux cercles de pierres

Gordion (Turquie): Archaeologists Uncover Massive Fortifications in Ancient City of King Midas

- Zyuratkul (Russie): Children'helped build' geoglyph some 6,000 years ago

Jublains (France): Redécouvrir l'histoire de ses peuples

Zeugma (Turquie): New mosaics unearthed

Soacha (Colombie) :Archaeologists uncover remains of pre-Columbian town

Saldyar (Russie): extraordinary alfresco gallery of prehistoric art

Ras Al Hadd (Oman): Mega wave hit coast 4,500 years ago

Lechaion  (Grèce): Submerged ancient port revealed

Hanoi (Viet Nam): 1,000-year esplanade revealed

- Posoria (Inde): Moidams believed to be of Alaboi martyrs discovered

Hunterston Sands (G-B):Medieval oak timbers and hexagonal harbour discovered

Henan (Chine): Large amounts of cultural relics discovered

Qikiqtaarjuit (Canada): Ancient Thule site still used by Kivalliq Inuit

Halai (Grèce): Ancient Wine Cup May Show Constellations

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Filled with artifacts, ancient tunnel may lead to royal tombs

Alikyrnas (Grèce): Ancient city found

Xinzheng (Chine): 2200-year-old Tombs Unearthed

Jamestown (USA): Archaeologists Look for Clues About Pit Outside Fort Walls

Yangtze River Valley (Chine): The Evolution of the Peach

Panarea (Italie) : Ancient shipwreck discovered

Stortford (G-B): Archaeological finds in South Street reveal smelly past

Kibyra (Turquie):Medusa to gaze once more from mosaic

Ukek (Russie): Ancient City Ruled by Genghis Khan's Heirs Revealed

Sveshtari (Bulgarie): Treasure haul uncovered at Thracian tomb

Oslo (Norvège): Middle Ages tagging found

Jerusalem (Israël): 2,000-year-old inscription dedicated to Roman emperor unveiled

Nebelivka (Ukraine): 6,000-Year-Old Temple with Possible Sacrificial Altars Discovered

Ravelrig (G-B):Bog material reveals 11,500 years of Scottish history at prehistoric hillforts

Kibyra (Turquie): Bust of Heracles emerges from ancient city

Saran (France): Des souterrains sous un village médiéval

Lyushun (Chine): New oracle bone characters discovered

Veliky Novgorod (Russie) : History Grew on Trees

Loudi (Chine): Bright-colored murals found in Hunan tomb

Selinonte (Italie): Excavation Reveals Biggest Ancient Greek Pottery Workshop Ever Discovered

Tel Burna (Israël): Storm God Worship: Ancient Cult Complex Discovered

Amphipolis (Grèce): Mosaic Depicts Pluto’s Abduction of Persephone

Sicile (Italie): Ancient Sailors Made Sacrifices on Ships

Prastio-Mesorotsos (Chypre): Possible prehistoric barbeque pit discovered

Nara (Japon):Roof tiles found related to 8th-century Buddhist priest from China

Hatun Xauxa (Pérou): Important Inca Remains of Ceremonial Site Discovered

Alaska Volcano Blanketed Europe with Ash 1,200 Years Ago

Bhamala (Pakistan): Buddhist Archaeological Complex

Waltham Abbey  (G-B): After Richard III,  the hunt is on for King Harold

Perperion (Bulgarie): Archaeologists have unearthed a vampire burial site

Palos de la Frontera (Espagne):Columbus’ Departure Point Finally Confirmed

Dholavira (Inde):5,000-year-old Harappan stepwell found

Arbeia Roman Fort  (G-B) :Face of a Roman goddess unearthed for the first time in 1,800 years

Issos (Turquie): diggings yield attractive findings

Timna (Israël): 12th century Chariot gets a 21st century virtual clone

Scilly Isles(G-B): 'Significant' Neolithic pottery found 

San Calocero (Italie): Skeleton of Possible 'Witch Girl' Found

Amphipolis (Grèce) -Harvard Study:Tomb Belongs to Laomedon

Takashima (Japon): Wreck thought to be from Mongol invasion attempt found

Çatalhöyük (Turquie): excavations reveal gender equality in ancient settled life

Bulgarie : Archaeological roundup

Skomer Island (G-B): excavation dates settlement to Iron Age

Cástulo (Espagne): Spain's earliest ever image of Jesus

Tel Megiddo ( Israël): 5,000-year old temple yields evidence of industrial animal sacrifice

Unusual climate gave Polynesian explorers a boost

- Hippos (Israël): Archaeological findings shed light on massive 363 CE earthquake in Galilee

Puliyanur (Inde): Hero Stones Belonging to Pallava Era Found

Arizona (USA): Twin 1,300-Year-Old Villages Discovered in Sand Dunes

Seaton (G-B): The 22,000-coin  Hoard found

Kurunegala (Sri Lanka): Archaeologists uncover ancient city wall

Kazakhstan: More Than 50 Geoglyphs Discovered

Haida Gwaii (Canada): underwater expedition may have revealed earliest site of human habitation in Canada

- Amazon Warriors' Names Revealed Amid "Gibberish" on Ancient Greek Vases

- Amarna (Egypte): 3,000-year-old remains of woman unearthed with 70 hair extensions tied in intricate layers

Urville-Nacqueville (France): Iron Age Precursor to Channel Tunnel and First Gallic Boomerang Discovered

- Rossan (Irlande): New bog body found

Northampton (G-B): Archaeologists find beer and pizza ovens from brewery 800 years ago

Ayacucho (Pérou): New archaeological finds uncovered at Wari complex

Antikythera (Grèce): Divers sure of new finds from 'ancient computer' shipwreck

Bet Yerah (Irraël): Enormous ancient moon-shaped monument discovered

Bulgarie -  Archaeology: 2014 finds

Xi'an (Chine): Ancient Tomb of First Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Grandmother Discovered

1,500-Year-Old ‘Last Supper’ Papyrus Casts New Light on Early Christianity

Stonehenge (G-B):  complex uncovered

Kelham (G-B): "Lost house" destroyed by 17th century Civil War Royalists

Gesher Haziv (Israël): Ancient Israelites imported lead coffins from Tyre

Milan (Italie):Studying The Silk Tunics And Relics Of St. Ambrose

Colchester (G-B) : Ancient Roman Jewelry Found Under Shop

Omsk (Russie): Warrior's 3,900 year old suit of bone armour unearthed

- Amphipolis (Grèce): Excavation reveals section of marble mosaic floor

Exploits River (Canada): Beothuk homes, fireplace unearthed

Durres (Albanie): Wax Tablets Reveal Secrets of Ancient Illyria

Kintore (G-B): "special" longhouse could reveal life during Scottish Middle Ages

Gozo ( Malte): 2,700-Year-Old Phoenician Shipwreck Found

Cow Roast (G-B): Pottery excavations

Stonehenge (G-B):  'complete circle' evidence found

Göbeklitepe (Turquie): : The world’s oldest sculpture workshop

Cork (Irlande): Vikings were experts in recycling and reclamation

Bapska (Croatie): 6,500-year-old oven that provided cooked food, heating and hot water

- Vindolanda (G-B): 2,000-year-old wooden Toilet Seat discovered

Tuktoyaktuk (Canada): Archeologists unearth first complete Inuvialuit driftwood house

Societal changes in Bronze Age Arabia

Muromtsevsky (Russie): Mighty Siberian hero warrior reveals his secrets from almost 1,000 years ago

Plovdiv (Bulgarie): latest ‘vampire’ skeleton found