Rapports Archeo 2014 - 2

Oegstgeest (Pays-Bas): archaeologists discovered a very rare silver bowl from the first half of the seventh century

- Chaco Canyon (USA): Did Deforestation Really Lead to Societal Collapse ?

Bologne (Italie): Une reconstitution 3D de la ville médiévale

Neolithic dairy farming at the extreme of agriculture in northern Europe

- Alken Enge (Danemark): Violent aftermath for the warriors

Chametla (Mexique): Archaeologists find burial of unusual characteristics

Niedźwiedziny (Pologne): Archaeologists discovered lost medieval town

Shkodër (Albanie): Archaeologists discovered medieval bath

- Titicaca  (Bolivie): Le projet archéologique Huiñaimarca vient de clore sa troisième mission

- Sierra Gorda (Mexique): archaeologists find Pre-Hispanic mortuary bundle

- Brest (France): Une zone d’artisanat médiévale et un dépôt monétaire découverts

Grèce : The Iona Road : From ancient Makyneia to Kalydon

Amarna (Egypte): Archaeologists Uncover Lost Population

- Cerro de los Magueyes (Mexique): mammoth's tusks used during pre-Hispanic times as an offering

Warcq (France): La sépulture aristocratique

Glas (Grèce):  A vast ancient Mycenaean citadel

- Violence and climate change in prehistoric Egypt and Sudan

- Lapaha (Tonga): Tonga's Role as Pacific Trade Hub

Ziyaret Tepe (Turquie): Prehistoric 'bookkeeping' continued long after invention of writing

Marseille (France):Le paysage ancien du centre-ville ressurgit du passé grâce aux coléoptères et aux pollens fossiles

Tell Timai (Egypte) : VIDEO Excavations 2014

Merxheim (France): du Paléolithique au Premier Moyen-Âge

Cacaxtla (Mexique): The remarkable 1300 year old mural The Battle

Bolivie: Researchers uncover evidence of people predating Amazonian rainforest

Native Americans Had a Precolonial Baby Boom

Politiko-Troullia (Chypre): An archaeological window on the farming and mining communities

- Warcq (France): Découverte d’une tombe à char gauloise exceptionnelle

 -Sudbury (G-B): Prehistoric beads were made from British shells

- Tambo (Perou): archaeologists discovered burial site of unknown culture

- Ouangani (Mayotte): 1ère fouille préventive : la sucrerie du Domaine de Coconi

Bolków (Pologne): a meteorite fragment in a 9 thousand years old hut

Zaña (Pérou): The 2014 PAZC (Proyecto Arqueològico Zaña Colonial/Zaña Colonial Archaeology Project) field season

- Archaeo-astronomy steps out from shadows of the past

Rødbyhavn (Danemark): antler axe find reveals Neolithic German trade

Burrough Hill (G-B): Archaeologists search for new portal into bygone era

- Asasif (Egypte): archaeologists discovered unknown structures

Eleusis (Grèce): The inscribed stele and quality control in antiquity

- Mystery Surrounding Lost Army of Persian King Cambyses II May Have Been Solved

- Kani Shaie (Iraq): Investigating Early Bronze Age Kurdistan

- Gebelein (Egypte): archaeologists found tombs dating back four thousand years

- Baikal (Russie): Siberian Bronze Age skull reveals secrets of ancient society

- Humans have been changing Chinese environment for 3,000 years

Tremithos valley (Chypre): completion of the first season of archaeological investigation

- What amino acids in shells can tell us about Bronze Age people

Jaffa 'Israël): Archaeologists Return to Excavate Ancient City

- 'Smoking gun' ancient coins are being looted from excavations

- Scientists will study the climate of Egypt thousands of years ago

- Łężany  (Pologne): Migration period cremations unearthed

Were the Vikings scared of volcanoes?

- Ashkelon (Israël): The 2014 season

Bognor Regis (G-B): North Berstead warrior burial

Angkor Wat (Cambodge): Finding the lost art

Marigny-le-Châtel (France): Une nécropole protohistorique: inhumations et incinérations

Łężany (Pologne): Archaeologists investigating an ancient burial ground

Ohio (USA):Scientists uses fossils to prove historic millstones have French origins

Exeter (G-B): Medieval manholes: plumbers led the way in utility maintenance

Toodyay / York (Australie): Digs uncover reformative work colonies

- Kervouric (France): Un habitat du début du Néolithique à Lannion

Mouttes of Alampra (Chypre): Second season completed

Ivry-sur-Seine (France): Les premiers habitants

Pise (Italie): A medieval treasure in the tomb of Enrico VII

Kimberley (Australie): Distinct artwork reflects contact period in the regions

Auldhame (G-B): Skeleton discovered may be Irish Viking King Olaf Guthfrithsson

Blois (France): Naissance et évolution d’un quartier

Londres (G-B): Cod bones reveal 13th century origin of global fish trade

Guédelon (France): archéologie expérimentale,  réalisation d’un moulin du XIIe siècle

- Tel Tsaf ( Israel):  A Late 6th Millennium CalBC Copper Awl

- The chorus’ leader of the drama “Electra” in two vase paintings

Człuchów (Pologne): Papal bulla discovered

Naachtun (Guatemala): Déchiffrements de deux stèles

- Chiliomodi-Korinth (Grèce) : Excavation at Faneromeni

GIS technology verifies Caesar and Helvetii history

- Megiddo (Israël): Early Bronze Age: Megiddo’s Great Temple and the Birth of Urban Culture in the Levant

- Jian (Chine) Rare Form of Iron Oxide in Ancient Pottery

Chira (Pérou): Spanish Conquest May Have Altered Peru's Shoreline

- Noh Kah (Mexique): Lost Maya city has been mapped

Poznan (Pologne): Nouvelles méthodes de détection de sites archéologiques

- Wadi el Obeiyid (Egypte): Discovering the artists of the Eastern Sahara

Cahokia (USA): Ceremonial ‘Axis’ Road Discovered

- al-Ghazali (Soudan): Discovery of scientists in a medieval monastery

- Egypte: Climate change caused empire's fall, tree rings reveal

Bonnechere (Canada): Discover the hidden archaeological treasures

- For archaeologists, Middle East conflicts create 'perfect sandstorm' of challenges

Blue J (USA):  a 1,000-year-old village

Ras ‘Ushairiq / Ruwayda (Qatar):  Coastal Heritage Revealed

Romsdal (Norvège): Viking raid may have saved British artefact

Mysterious 150-year-old writing in rare copy of Homer's 'Odyssey' identified

Zacatecas (Mexique): archaeologists excavate 1600 year-old shaft tomb

Chincha Valley (Pérou): Rock Art Pointed to Festival Sites in 300 B.C.

Pilbara (Australie): Wet-sieving uncovers additional human relics

Saint-Quentin-La-Motte-Croix-au-Bailly (France): Des occupations gauloise et gallo-romaine aux confins des territoires calète et ambien

Aşıklı Höyük (Turquie): How Sheep Became Livestock

- Minorque (Espagne): Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Punic Vessels in Balearic Islands

Ryczyn (Pologne): Another medieval barrow found

- Madère (Portugal): Man landing on Madeira could be 4 centuries prior to its colonization by the Portuguese (VIDEO)

Aşıklı Höyük,(Turquie): Mound excavation reveals transition from hunting to herding in Neolithic settlement

Vallée des Rois (Egypte): Egyptologists identify tomb of royal children

Californie centrale (USA):  From Stone Darts to Dismembered Bodies, 5,000 Years of Violence

Angamuco (Mexique):  a pre-Hispanic city associated with the Purépecha culture

Rigged Wrestling: The Ancient Fix Is In

Cold War reconnaissance photos triple the number of known archaeology sites across the Middle East

Akrai (Italie): monuments from I-V century AD discovered

The Ancient Maya and virtual worlds: Different perspectives on material meanings

Medieval bishop's theory resembles modern concept of multiple universes

Vergèze (France): Du Néolithique au Moyen Âge :  5 000 ans d’occupation de la plaine du Vistre

Medieval slave trade routes in Eastern Europe extended from Finland and the Baltic Countries to Central Asia

Rome (Italie): Lead in 'tap-water' in ancient Rome up to 100 times more than local spring waters

Central Java (Indonésie): New Evidence of a Śailendra Presence Found

- Roman Crucifixion Methods

Plovdiv (Bulgarie): Ancient Roman Forum of Philippopolis