Prehistoire 2024

-  Cultural and linguistic networks of central African hunter–gatherers have ancient origin

Drouseia Skloinikia :  Early arrival and expansion of palaeolithic people on Cyprus

Researchers reconstruct landscapes that greeted the first humans in Australia

Atbai Desert, (Soudan) :New rock art discoveries tell a tale of ancient cattle, the ‘green Sahara’ and climate catastrophe

Clovis people may have also used Clovis points to butcher animals

First languages of North America traced back to two very different language groups from Siberia

Schöningen (Allemagne) ; Finds show wood was crucial raw material 300,000 years ago

Stingray sand 'sculpture' in South Africa may be oldest example of humans creating an image of another creature

- Shinfa-Metema 1(Ethiopie) ;  supereruption unveils new insights into early human migration

Scandinavie : Bacterial diseases a lethal threat during the Stone Age

Nihewan (Chine): New timeline for East Asian hominins' tool-making revealed

Scientists try out stone age tools to understand how they were used

Birds have been adapting to human activity for millennia

Cave art in Patagonia (Argentine) found to be oldest pigment-based cave art in South America

Innovation in stone tool technology involved multiple stages at the time of modern human dispersals

Wilamaya Patjxa / Soro Mik'aya Patjxa  (Pérou) : early humans as  “gatherer-hunter,”

- - Huseby Klev (Suede): Analysis of chewed birch tar reveals poor Mesolithic oral health

Shiyu (Chine): discovery reveals East Asia's advanced material culture dating to 45,000 years ago

-  Woolly mammoth movements tied to earliest Alaska hunting camps

White Sands (USA) :-The Pleistocene footprints are younger than we thought

- New analysis unlocks the hidden meaning of 15,000-year-old rock art in Arnhem Land