Rapports Archeo 2015/3

Tsarevo (Bulgarie):  Altars for Chthonic Deity rituals

Akçay (Turquie): Son of Hercules vs. Hydra: Altar Showing Mythical Battle Discovered

Choquequirao (Perou): Field Report 2015

Gebel El-Silsile (EGYPTE): Six New Kingdom Statues Found

- Lechaion (Grece): Archaeologists excavate the ancient harbour

Phanagoria (Russie): traces of violent coup in ancient Kingdom of Bosporus

- Oaxaca (Mexique): Religion and politics led to social tension and conflict

Phaistos (Grece):  Disk: Goddess of Love key figure for deciphering it

Itkul (Russie): Evil-Thwarting 'Rattles' Found in Prehistoric Infant's Grave

Ancient Egyptians described Algol's eclipses

Drawsko (Pologne): Sickle-Wearing Skeletons Reveal Ancient Fear of Demons

Kessel (Pays Bas): location of historic battle fought by Caesar in Dutch riverarea

Thélus (France): Fouille du « Moulin rouge» haut lieu de fraternisation franco-allemande en 1915

Dromolaxia-Vizakia (Chypre): New parts of the ancient city came to light

Mangerok (Russie): Archaeologists are studying the cradle of the Scythians

Skull Creek Dunes  (USA): 800-Year-Old Camp Found Poses Migration Mystery

Angkor Wat (Cambodge):  New discoveries redefine history

- Bergheim (France): 6,000-year-old skeletons in pit came from victims of violence

Picardie (France): Les fouilles archéologiques sur le tracé du projet de gazoduc

Greenland : Vikings May Not Have Colonized in Nice Weather

- Città della Pieve (Italie): Intact, Packed Etruscan Tomb Found

Chevelon Pueblo (USA): study ancient peoples through their kitchens

Preseli hills (G-B): Stonehenge ‘bluestone’ quarries confirmed in Wales

Tenochtitlan (Mexique):  Passageway May Lead to Aztec Ruler

Jerusalem (Israel): First seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king

Saint-André-sur-Orne (France):  Il y a 4 500 ans de grands bâtiments ...

Asasif (Egypte): A 22nd Dynasty Coffin Discovered

Tibet: Revering Ancient Gods on the Roof of the World

Early Native Americans Raised Turkeys, But Not to Eat

New York (USA): What two tea parties from the past can tell us about 19th-century domesticity

What toilets and sewers tell us about ancient Roman sanitation

Chilean Chinchorro Or Alpine Ötzi? Archaeologists Settle Debate Over World's Oldest Tattoos

Tlaxcala (Mexique):  Evidence of pulque god found

Al Zubarah (Qatar): Archaeologists excavate 300-year-old tax haven

Methoni (Grèce): Significant Underwater Antiquities Uncovered

Yavneh (Israel): Find sheds light on ancient religious cult in Palestine

Saintes (France): Plongées archéologiques dans la Charente

Respublikaniec (Ukraine): traces of the ancient Greeks, deep in the barbarian steppe

Qingzhou  (Chine): Ancient Board Game Found

The first human uses of beeswax have been established in Anatolia in 7000 BCE

Jerusalem (Israel): Wailing at the wrong wall?

Europe hit by devastating tsunamis 8,200 years ago

Stone Age Farmers Were First Beekeepers

Montafon (Autriche): mining research in the Bronze Age

Analyzing the parameters that made societies likely to adopt agriculture

New Drought Atlas Maps 2,000 Years of Climate in Europe

Belize : students dig into history and conserve archaeological sites

Haft Tappeh (Iran): Archaeologists uncover human tragedy at ancient Elamite site

Santiago Island (Cap Vert): Earliest church in the tropics unearthed in former heart of Atlantic slave trade

Nea Pafos (Chypre): Positioning the theatre within its ancient urban context

Montélimar (France): Un site archéologique exceptionnel de l’âge du Bronze

Piashan (Chine): Early proto-porcelain likely made from local materials

Maroc : Research on ancient snails shows clear evidence for climate-induced early human agricultural production

Archaeologist will investigate strangers in ancient Egypt

Pyla-Kokkinokremos (Chypre):  The Late Bronze Age site -  Results of the 2015 excavation season

Ceren (El Salvador): Ancient village buried by ash freezes daily life in time

Doliche (Turquie): Invaluable ancient Syrian mosaic discovered

Revealing the mysteries of the Maya script

Tell es-Safi (Israël): The Gates of Gath

Beyond the temples, ancient bones reveal the lives of the Mayan working class

- Amazonian Natives Had Little Impact on Land

Gebelein (Egypte): archaeologists discovered a temple of Hatshepsut

Pylos (Grèce): 3,500-Year-Old Warrior’s Grave unearthed

Aboriginal female hunters aided by dingoes

- Louxor (Egypte): The earliest known abecedary

Snake unlikely to have killed Cleopatra

Antiochia ad Cragum  (Turquie): Dig Reveals Medusa Statue

Zacpetén  (Guatemala): Human Blood Found on Ancient Maya Arrowheads, Bloodletting Rituals to Feed Life Force to the Gods

Amarna (Egypte): Recent work at the Great Aten Temple, the Northern Cemetery and Kom el Nana

Lyon (France): fouille du cimetière paléochrétien de Saint-Just et Saint-Irénée

Idalion (Chypre): criticism of works unwarranted

- Rise and fall of agrarian states influenced by climate volatility

- Soloi (Chypre): 2,400-Year-Old Aristocrat Family Tomb Uncovered

Durrington Walls  (G-B): Culinary habits of the builders

Tulix Mul (Belize): Mysterious Ancient Maya Mural Keeps Its Secrets

Svennum Offermose (Danemark):  Archaeologists unearth 2000-year-old Iron Age sacrifices - VIDEO

The World's Oldest Papyrus and What It Can Tell Us About the Great Pyramids

Nezabylice (Rép. Tchèque): archaeologists discovered a unique Germanic burial

Thame (G-B): A Neolithic causewayed enclosure

Rouen (France): Rue du Donjon : du XIIIe siècle à nos jours

Capraia e Limite  (Italie): Ancient Roman Mosaic Found

Plovdiv (Bulgarie):  Early Christian mosaics from the 5th century AD Byzantine Great Basilica

Centrafrique : Archaeology and conservation in the tropical forests

- Iraq - Lost 'Epic of Gilgamesh' Verse Depicts Cacophonous Abode of Gods

Amphipolis (Grèce): the burial monument was erected in honour of Hephaestion

Sissi (Grèce): New archaeological work examines Minoan complex

Tatarevo (Bulgarie): 1stcentury AD inscription discovered printed on a balsamarium

Methoni (Grèce): Two shiprecks located off the coast

Graveson (France): Découvertes archéologiques: la voie romaine d’Agrippa et ses abords

Tall el-Hammam (Jordanie): Possible site of ancient Sodom yields more finds

The origin and spread of 'Emperor's rice'

Pontarlier (France): Préhistoire et Moyen Âge

Antikythera  (Grece): Marine archaeologists excavate shipwreck

- Dunino (Pologne): a large burial ground from the Bronze Age

- Why the Vikings migrated to Greenland ?

- Pistiros (Bulgarie): A mask of a satyr discovered

Kostkowice (Pologne): Archaeologists in the Hanged Man Cave

Cahokia (USA): Largest Earthwork, Monks Mound, May Have Been Built in Only 20 Years

Gernsheim (Allemagne): Frankfurt archaeologists discover 'Roman Village'

Gematon (Soudan): 16 Pyramids Discovered in Ancient Cemetery

Durankulak Lake (Bulgarie): possibly Prehistoric Europe’s largest stone building

Kouklia-Palaepaphos (Chypre):2015 Excavations

Sissi (Grece): A Late Bronze Age court-centered building

Góra Zyndrama (Pologne): Archaeologists discover earliest known stone wall in Poland

Zominthos (Grece): Excavations yield impressive results at mountain-top Minoan settlement

Castelnau-le-Lez (France): Sur la colline de Substantion, découverte de l’église médiévale et de son cimetière

Akaki (Chypre): 4th centuryMosaic floor with hippodrome scene revealed

USA: People in Southwest valued caffeine even in 750 A.D.

Ambracia (Grece): An unknown settlement in the surrounding area

Tebtunis (Egypte): Rare Use of Blue Pigment Found in Ancient Mummy Portraits

- Durrington Walls (G-B):  traces of standing stones beneath super-henge

Nowa Żelazna (Pologne): Unusual rituals at 2 thousand years old cemetery

Clues from ancient Maya reveal lasting impact on environment

Via handwriting analysis, scholar discovers unknown Magna Carta scribe

- Ancient Egyptians bred and force-fed kestrels as religious offerings to the gods

Durham Castle (G-B): 365-year-old mass burial mystery

Philistines introduced sycamore, cumin and opium poppy into Israel during the Iron Age

Papouasie/Nouvelle Guinee: Ancient pot makers surprising innovation

Assassif (Egypte): The tomb of the 26th dynasty ruler of Upper Egypt uncovered

Pompei (Italie): New discoveries at the necropolis of Porta Nola

- Sandomierz (Pologne): Thousand years old elite grave discovered

Black Dragon Canyon (USA):'Winged Monster' Rock Art Finally Deciphered

First Scandinavian farmers were far more advanced than we thought

Schöneck-Kilianstädten (Allemagne): evidence of prehistoric massacre

Kom el Ahmar (Egypte): New Kiln areas discovered

Khilada Bay (Grece): Sunken settlement found in the Argolic Gulf

Dayu Cave (Chine): ‘graffiti’ tells a 500-year story of climate change and impact on society

- Duoshi (Chine): Brick-Chambered Tombs from Tang Dynasty Found

Escrennes (France): Mise au jour d’un établissement agro-pastoral (IIIe-Ve siècles)

Sandanski (Bulgarie): Last fragment of early Christian Christogram in Bishop's basilica

Roanoke Island (USA): How America's Lost Colony Vanished

Bucklow Hill (G-B): Funerary Landscape

Varbitsa (Bulgarie): "Dancing Priestess" figurine found in Neolithic settlement

Antelope Cave (USA): 1,200-Year-Old Pouches Found Contain Prehistoric ‘Chewing Tobacco’

Horvat Kur (Israel): Ancient Synagogue Mosaic Floor Showing Menorah Found

Pantelleria Vecchia (Italie): Huge monument discovered off coast of Sicily

Vallee des Rois (Egypte): Was Tutankhamun’ s tomb actually made for Nefertiti?

Edfou (Egypte): An Old Kingdom Discovery 

First measurements taken of South Africa's Iron Age magnetic field history

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Proyecto Arqueológico Tlajinga Teotihuacan