Articles de Presse 2012/03-05

Horse Tail Sands (G-B): Archaeologists identify mystery shipwreck

Black Magic Revealed in Two Ancient Roman Curse Tablets

Canna (G-B): 'Cursing stone' found

Zalavruga (Russie) / Nämforsen (Suède): Bronze Age 'Facebook' discovered

Mères préhispaniques

Deir el Bahari (Egypte): A mummy switcheroo

Barnenez (France): Des traces de peintures polychromes du Ve millénaire avant notre ère découvertes dans le grand cairn

Göbeklitepe (Turquie): Excavation to restart in ancient Neolithic site

Toulouse (France): les fouilles du cimetière Saint-Michel

- Tambora (Indonésie): a Lost Kingdom Buried Beneath Volcanic Ash

- Jerusalem (Israel): Possible site of Sixth Century church building miracle

New Interactive Map Calculates Travel Times in Ancient Rome

Malqui Machay (Equateur): Inca emperor's tomb ?

Carthage (Tunisie): Sur les traces des bébés de didon

How stone age man invented the art of raving

Xultun (Guatemala): The earliest known Mayan calendar  found in an ancient house

Savage Neck (USA): Pottery mystery unfolds on Chesapeake Bay

Kamo (Nouvelle Zélande): dig uncovers 800-year-old signs of living

L’archéologie coloniale, une discipline en plein essor

Aiguèze (France): la maladrerie des Templiers

Fanore Beach (Irlande): 6,000-year-old settlement poses tsunami mystery

Givrette (France): vestiges de l'église de Saint-Pardoux et de son cimetière.

Colombus may not have been first to America

LA REUNION : Esclavage : la vallée des hommes libres

Did Ancient Germans Steal the Pharaoh's Chair Design?

Damago Oasis (Chine): Ancient Buddhist temple found in Taklimakan Desert

Karnak / Assouan (Egypte): Temples dedicated to three different ancient Egyptian female deities in Luxor and Aswan are undergoing restoration

How Roman women got around the Banking system

- Bonn (Allemagne): Students find rare Roman temple on practice dig

Fuyang (Chine): Oldest Astronomical Instrument Discovered

North Carolina (USA): new clue to Lost Colony

Merangin Geopark (Indonesie): Old Village, Burial Site Discovered In Jambi

- Cantona (Mexique) : ancient blood on stone knives

Jamal Garhi (Pakistan): Excavation unearths new discoveries

Karattampatti (Inde): Ancient hero stone with inscriptions unearthed

Marausa Lido (Italie): Smuggled Cargo Found on Ancient Roman Ship

Sangalwala Tibia (Pakistan): Beneath a mound: Historical settlement, relics uncovered in Kamalia

Yishui (Chine): Precious artefacts uncovered at ancient tomb

Moulins (France): sous-sols oubliés des caves Bertine

Cleopatra and Antony’s children rediscovered

Nahavand (Iran) : Archaeologists resume search for Laodicea Temple

Bankhead of Kinloch (G-B): an ancient barrow cemetery

Kassandra (Grèce): Ancient ‘Wave of Poseidon’ was real tsunami

Handan (Chine): 3,000 Ancient Buddhas Unearthed

- Furness abbey (G-B): Medieval abbot’s grave discovered , (2) 

- Rare Ancient Statue Depicts Topless Female Gladiator

Stonehenge (G-B): Researchers recreate what ancient site would have sounded like for Neolithic man

- Chotuna-Chornancap (Pérou): Remains of Priestess of the 13th Century Lambayeque Culture Found

Abbasahib-Cheena (Pakistan): Buddhist complex: The fallen, forgotten kingdom

Khirsara (Inde): A prominent mature Harappan site

Alexandrie (Egypte): Greek and Byzantine-era tomb discoveries

St Albans (G-B): Ancient burial urns uncovered at King Harry Park site

Saxony-Anhalt (Allemagne): the oldest engravings of letters

Palenque (Mexique): An Unknown Son of Pakal II Identified

- Twins Cave (Israel): site of pagan ritual that lighted the way to Hades' realm.

Naples (USA): Excavation of ancient canal offers insight

Shengavit (Arménie): research into 4th–2nd millennium B.C. history and culture

Rone (Suède) : Viking-era 'piggy bank' yields silver treasure

Guxian (Chine): 50 brick tombs from the Eastern Han, Tang and Song dynasties

Kodiak Island (USA): The last kayak: 1860 Alutiiq boat

Saqqara (Egypte): the intact sarcophagus of Queen Behenu

Kotada-Bhadli (Inde): Rural Harappan site excavated

- Poitiers (France): Une nécropole antique, une autre du Moyen Age mises au jour

Shri Jaladurga Temple (Inde): Buddhist relics dating back to 7th and 2nd centuries

Campana Hill (Pérou): Un autel consacré aux sacrifices humains / 1,500-Year-Old Altar

Moghalmari (Inde) : Dantan site may be the missing link of Hiuen Tsang's memoirs

York (G-B): Minster tantalises archaeologists with hints of Saxon church

Was the Last Supper a Passover Seder?

Mentawai Islands (Indonésie): Shipwrecks Mean Riches and Headaches

Lod (Israel): the 180-square-meter mosaic

- Port-la Nouvelle (France): Les vestiges d'un grand port romain à l'étude

- Pilbara (Australie): Ancient Aboriginal rock art to be catalogued

Trundholm (Danemark): Calendar puzzles deciphered in ancient sun chariot

Clermont Ferrand (France): Mise au jour des vestiges d’un théâtre gaulois

Oinoanda (Turquie): A mixed martial art champion to recruit for the Roman army

- Perry Mesa (USA): A lost civilization may shed light on coping with climate change

- Jerusalem (Israel): In a stone box, the only trace of crucifixion

Tel Ara (Syrie): Burial Chamber Dating Back to Byzantine and Ayyubid Eras Uncovered in Cavern

High Pasture Cave (G-B): 'Europe's oldest stringed instrument' discovered on Scots island

- Grand (France) : Quatre tablettes de 1800 ans passent à la 3D

Louxor (Egypte) : Searching for the Venice of the Nile

Did Central American volcanoes cause demise of Hopewell sites?

Mystery solved? Turin Shroud linked to Resurrection of Christ

Gizeh (Egypte) : Six Old Kingdom tombs to be opened

- Shenze (Chine) : Massive carved jade mountain found

Did Belief in Gods Lead to Mayan Demise?

Tel-Haror (Israel): Archaeologists discover earliest known metal bit

Caracol (Belize): NASA-funded study shines light into deforested forests

Shebster (G-B): Neolithic horned cairns scanned

Yecheng (Chine): Thousands of Ancient Buddha Statues Unearthed

Ranheim (Norvège): Unique pagan temple unearthed

Cois tSiúire (Irlande): 9000 years of human settlement in the Lower Suir Valley

Swat Valley (Pakistan) : ancient rock paintings

Trumpington (G-B): Evidence of first Christian burial in England

Göbekli Tepe (Turquie): 'Temple' May Have Been Cosmopolitan Center

Borth beach (G-B) : Ancient footprints found in peat

- Irlande : Burial place of King Heremon in the Valley of Death

U.S. archaeologists unearth Iraq's ruins

Tonina (Mexique) : Restauration de Frise des Quatre époques ou Quatre soleils

Vergina, l'antique Aigai (Grèce): le Grand Alexandre gardait un secret

- Kazakhstan : Ancient Nomads

Gessel (Allemagne): Un sac d'objets en or, vieux de 34 siècles.

Matsue (Japon): Oldest human-shaped 'haniwa'  found in the Ishiya burial mound

Florence (Italie): Une fresque de Léonard de Vinci peut-être retrouvée

Alésia (France): Existence d’un important site religieux gaulois

Panther Cave (USA): A nomadic people painted fantastic scenes

Canton (USA): Trove of artifacts in tell story of Cherokees

Egypte : Alexander and his Macedonian heirs

Allaippiddi (Sri Lanka): African Art found in Kayts Island off Jaffna

- Pineland (USA): The once powerful Calusa civilization

The first artificial sweetener poisoned lots of Romans

Secret Renaissance Letter Reveals Plan to Save England

Haifa (Israel) : 2,600-year-old bronze Greek warrior helmet found

- Karer (Pakistan): Remains of a Buddhist monastery discovered

- Fragments of Mark's Gospel May Date to 1st Century

- Lagny-sur-Marne (France) : Le cimetière mérovingien abritait 275 sépultures

Suqian (Chine) : A bronze chime dating back to the Warring States Period