Articles de Presse 2014 - 04 / 06

Dra Abu Naga (Egypte): 4,000-year-old elite tomb discovered

- Walnut Grove (USA): Slave quarters sought in dig

Jerusalem (Israël): An 800 year old lead seal stamped by the Monastery of St. Sabas found

Lincoln (G-B): Archeological dig reveals stab wound amongst ten buried skeletons!

- El Tajín (Mexique): Une peinture murale composée de 8000 fragments

The Food of Ancient Cretans

- South Atlantic Coast (USA): Satellite imagery shows evidence of massive tsunami

Machu Picchu (Pérou): New section of Inca road discovered

- Seimareh Dam (Iran): 5000-year-old water system discovered

Bazira 'Pakistan): Biggest excavation project in Swat to end this month

Revninge (Danemark): Valkyrie or fertility goddess?

Volcanic Evidence Opens New Maya Mystery

- Aberdeen (G-B): Iron Age occupation and evidence of smithing and domestic life

Mian Khan (Pakistan): Relics dating back to 190 BC unearthed

Vierzon (France):  vestiges de l’abbaye Saint-Pierre

- Boynton Beach (USA): Indian Mounds Reveal 'Belle Glade Culture' History

- Quiberon (France): L'épave du Thésée.: un Pompéï sous-marin au large de la Bretagne

Yanghai (Chine): These Are The World's Oldest Pants

Mound Key (USA): Archaeologists use old and new technology

- Bulgarie : The  2014 archaeology season: new discoveries.

Sakdrisi (Géorgie): gold mine dilemma

Le Chene (France): 2,300-year-old dental implant discovered inside an Iron Age skeleton

Purana Qila (Inde): Ring well discovered

- Pont-Sainte-Maxence (France): Découverte d’un sanctuaire antique monumental

- Jerusalem (Israël): Unique Crusader-era monastery seal found

Tisul (Russie): a rare Bronze Age figurine of a pagan god

- The mummy of the pharaoh Amenhotep II's foster brother found

-  Hampton (USA): Searching for a lost Civil War landmark

Tokyo (Japon): Former  rail yard of 'Shiodome ruins' proved a rich archaeological site

La Arena (Pérou): an important pre-Inca site built by the Tallan culture

Rakhigarhi (Inde): excavation on RGR 4, the fourth of the seven mounds

Tauranga (N-Z): City’s first buildings unearthed

Vilafranca (Espagne): hunting scenes dating from 7,000 years ago

Bunbury (Australie): wrecks yield up their secrets

- Sijilmâsa (Maroc): fouilles des vestiges de la cité médiévale

Rimouski (Canada): Des archéologues étudieront l'épave de l'Empress of Ireland

- Tlachtga (Irlande): plan to get to heart of one of most mysterious sites

Dunragit (G-B): Earliest houses, Bronze Age cremations and tools found

- Southend-on-Sea (G-B): emergency excavation of historic Thames shipwreck

Londres (G-B): the city's near-2,000 year history mapped - VIDEO 

Jerusalem (Israël): Wall paintings recounting Crusader history uncovered in Saint Louis French Hospital

Banaras (Inde): new archaeological excavations are going on to determine the age of Varanasi

Shushi (Arménie): Ancient settlement dating back to the 7th century B.C

Londres (G-B): Pub culture 14th Century unearthed near London Bridge

- Kondapur (Inde): New evidence shows Satavahana kings encouraged tantric worship

Izmir / Bartin (Turquie): Efforts continue to unearth ancient theaters

Dunragit (G-B):  road works unearth an Iron Age village

Hachelbich (Allemagne): Ancient Roman Military Camp Unearthed

Lomets (Bulgarie):  Ancient Roman Roadside Complex Sostra

Cap Haitien (Haiti): Found after 500 years, the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s flagship the Santa Maria

Poverty Point (USA): Archaeologist discovers new mound

- Bourton-on-the-Water (G-B): Skeletons discovered in nature reserve

Doggerland : Tsunami created North Sea ‘Atlantis’ 8,000 years ago

Szigetvar  (Hongrie): New claim on the whereabouts of Süleyman the Magnificent’s heart

- Vindolanda  (G-B): archaeological dig could shed light on body in ditch mystery

Hong Kong (Chine): MTR archaeological dig

Hierakonpolis (Egypte): Archaeologists unearth 5,600-year-old tomb complete with mummy that predates the First Dynasty of pharaohs

Saqqara (Egypte) Tomb dating back to 1100 B.C. found

Kamien Pomorski (Pologne): 5,000-Year-Old Vampire Grave Unearthed in Marketplace

- Vizhinjam (Inde): Shedding light on golden past

Yenikapı (Turquie): Byzantine ancestors of tablet computers found

- Jerusalem (Israël): archaeologist says he has found King David's citadel despite skepticism

Quintana Roo (Mexique): a 16th century church and an ancient Maya cave shrine

- Rakhigarhi (Inde): Ancient granary found 

El Kurru (Soudan): Searching missing pyramids

Amesbury (G-B): Britain's oldest settlement, continually occupied since 8,820BC

From moving a stone to building a pyramid

Bangalore (Inde): Pre-historic sites lost to rapid urbanisation

Les Sables d'Olonne (France): La plage abrite un site âgé de 6 000 ans

Bursa (Turquie): Excavations unearth basilica

16th century woodcut proves Irish were the original hipsters

Cahokia (USA): Missing Link? Mississippi Floods, and a Great City Disappears

- Oxyrhynchus (Egypte): Early Coptic image of Jesus found

York (G-B):  a foetus and its heavily pregnant mother:found in  All Saints church

Shimotsuke (Japon): 1,400-Year-Old Roots of Silk Weaving

- Umm el Kanatir (Israël): A Jewish Pompeii on the Golan Heights

Uppsala (Suède): Scientists pried open the 850-year-old casket of King Erik

Larkspur (USA): Indian artifact treasure trove paved over for Marin County homes

Delikkemer (Turquie): Hydrating Democracy at Patara

- Al-Bahnasa (Egypte):Two Saiti tombs unearthed

Jerusalem (Israël):  2,000-year old chisel used to build the Western Wall

- BLue J (USA): Drones unearth more details about Chaco culture

- El-Fustat (Egypte): Islamic first capital under threat

Purana Qila (Inde):  a Mahabharata connection?

- Mt Scopus (Israël): Ossuaries From the Time of Jesus Discovered

- Rome's foundation pushed back 200 years

- Perthi Duon (G-B): Mysterious copper artefact discovered at Neolithic tomb

Ostie (Italie): Ancient Roman neighbourhood of Ostia was far bigger than previously thought, extending over the River Tiber

Junnar (Inde): ancient brick buildings were granaries

Yanghai (Chine): The Secret Life Of A Gobi Desert Shaman

Nebraska (USA): Dissecting A Sod House To Discover The Past

George Town (Malaisie): In crumbling tombstones, Penang’s link to ancient Chola

Zeleniy Yar (Russie): Mummified by accident in copper masks almost 1,000 years ago: but who were they?

Bear Gulch (USA); Pictographs leave archaeologists speechless

- China's top 10 archaeological discoveries in 2013 revealed

Wadi el-Gharb (Egypte) : Three Kings and a Tomb

Racton (G-B): Bronze Age skeleton of dagger-clutching  Man could have been a King or priest buried

Scroll that mentions Jesus's wife is ancient

Dublin 1014: built on water and commerce

Hallaton (G-B):   a 2,000-year-old Corieltauvi tribe mint

New technology unwraps mummies' ancient mysteries

- Tel Shadud (Israël): Egyptian coffin, gold seal with king’s name found

Lough Corrib (Irlande): Viking artefacts and logboats found

- Howe's (G-B): Lost medieval hamlet is found on edge of Cambridge

- Nunalleq (USA): Ancient Artifacts Reveal Animal Connection

Jerusalem (Israël): Canaanite Fortress Discovered in the City of David

Palm Beach (USA):  rich in archaeological sites

Sannox (G-B): Cremated bones of Bronze Age tumour sufferer found hanging from Scottish cliff

Blue J.(USA): ‘Hidden Architecture’ of 1,000-Year-Old Village Discovered

- Hura (Israël): Byzantine mosaic from 596 AD uncovered in Negev

St Louis (USA): Scientists Discover Remnants Of French Colonial Past