Articles de Presse 2015 - 4

Rio de Janeiro (Bresil): Excavation of largest slave port sparks debate in Brazil over black heritage

Umm Al Quwain (UAE): 500 tombs dating back 2,000 years found

Pisidia Antiocheia (Turquie): Fourth church revealed

Saqqara (Egypte): King Tut's Wet Nurse May Have Been His Sister

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Archaeologists Find Captive Carnivore Remains

Xi'an (Chine): Ancient tomb of Northern Zhou Dynasty discovered

- Ucí-Cansahcab (Mexique): Walled Mayan community with megalithic stones found in northern Yucatan

Ningxia (Chine): Ancient sphinx in Tang Dynasty tomb

- Nanchang (Chine): Owner of the 2,000-yr-old Chinese tomb to be revealed

Moping (Chine): hundreds of mysterious wooden tombs suspended on rock face

Mexico (Mexique): Un mystérieux tunnel au pied du plus grand temple aztèque

Clan island (G-B): Archaeologists discover earliest British gun flints off coast of Scotland

Mystery of Stonehenge: How the bluestones were moved by glaciers not prehistoric people

Nara (Japon): Rebuilt in Chinese style, 13th-century pagoda reached unparalleled dimensions

Watlington  (G-B): Viking hoard discovery reveals little-known king 'airbrushed from history'

San Francisco (USA): Archaeologists unearth slice of pre-1906 earthquake Chinatown

South Sulawesi (Indonésie): A tale of prehistoric horses

Nara (Japon):  Great Buddha has a bad hair day

Toolesboro (USA): Ancient mounds

Xiangfen (Chine): 1283 Zhou Dynasty tombs found

Bronze Age trade routes between Iran and Mesopotamia

Ashalim Cave (Israel):  Earliest Lead Artifact in World Found

Ulan-Ude (Russie): remains of a medieval Mongolian noblewoman

Nara(Japon): Ruins indicate dignitary's residence in 8th-century capital

Vallée des Rois (Egypte): Néfertiti repose-t-elle vraiment aux côtés de Toutankhamon ?

Middle East:  Huge Geometric Shapes May Be Prehistoric

Altai (Russie): Female 'Amazon' warrior buried 2,500 years ago was... male

Sechin Bajo (Pérou): The New World’s First Monumental Civilization

Huzuk Musa (Israel): Natufians Were Making Proto-bread 3,000 Years Before Humans Farmed Grain

- Cambodia’s monetary history

Nanny (Jamaique): Unearthing The Charm Of Old Town

- Wick (G-B): Roman coins issued by Mark Antony and worth "tens of thousands of pounds" found

Lima (Pérou):  1,000-year-old skeletons from a pre-Incan civilisation buried looking out to sea

Kyoto  (Japon): Poem on 9th-century wood could provide missing link between kanji, hiragana

Spanish sailors celebrated the first Thanksgiving in Florida 50 years before the Pilgrims in 1621

Mont Pindos (Grèce): Ruins of Ancient City Found  at an altitude of 1,200 meters

Nevşehir (Turquie): Ancient underground city in Cappadocia will 'rewrite history'

Secrets of medieval Europe's large-scale publishing industry revealed

- Glastonbury (G-B): myths 'made up by 12th-century monks'

- Ahihud (Israel): diets of Galilee residents 10,000 years ago

Rome (Italie): Secret pagan basilica emerges from the shadows after 2,000 years

Solnitsata (Bulgarie): 24 carat gold jewellery made 6,600 years ago unearthed at prehistoric settlement

Lod (Israel): 1,700-Year-Old Hidden Mosaic Unearthed

Xiangyang (Chine): Precious bricks found in ancient tombs

San Calocero (Italie): Skeleton of Burnt 'Witch Girl' Found

Khirbet el-Eika (Israel): a clue to the rise of Jewish Galilee?

Byzantine 'flat-pack' church to be reconstructed in Oxford after spending 1,000 years on the seabed

Castagniccia (France) : l'incroyable découverte de deux cercueils de l'âge du Bronze

Huaca de la Luna (Pérou): Une frise appartenant à la culture mochica  mise au jour

Selinonte (Italie): an ancient Greek city yields its secrets

Silchester (G-B): Roman sign pieced together after 2,000 years

Rujm el-Hiri (Israel): Stonehenge-like structure 'Wheel of Giants'

Gizeh (Egypte): anomalies thermiques dans la pyramide de Khéops

Kyoto (Japon): Vibrations hold key to unlocking mysteries of Hideyoshi's fabled Jurakudai castle

Tievebaun (Irlande): Tomb thought to be more than 5,000 years old discovered

Nanchang (Chine): Most complete Western Han Dynasty cemetery discovered

Tartas-1 (Russie): Fancy some Neolithic smoked fish?

Biwako (Japon): Rare find of Edo Period ruins

Lenborough (G-B): Hoard of 5,000 Anglo Saxon coins unearthed

Jerusalem (Israël): Archeologists unearth possible Greek Arca remains

Uraca (Pérou): Human and feline trophy heads unearthed

Mont-Prama (Italie) : une tombe nuragique intacte mise au jour

Gamnesbukt (Norvège): Rock art discovered at site for Arctic oil terminal

Kazakhstan: NASA spies 8,000-year-old mystery in desert

Bhamala (Pakistan): The Death Scene of Buddha: Back from the dead

Mandya (Inde): 800-year-old Jain inscription discovered

Blick Mead (G-B): Experts find '6,000 year old eco-home' near Stonehenge

Rostov-on-Don (Russie):  Judean Seal Found in 2,000-year-old Warrior Woman’s Grave

Sharon Plain (Israël): Ancient winery discovered during storm

Corée : The first climate change adaptation

Vilcabamba (Pérou): Inca ruins that may have been site of human sacrifice

Copal de Nicoya (Costa Rica): Cemetery Reveals Secrets of First Millennium Residents

Moscou (Russie): Archaeologists Dig Up Tale of Woe From Middle Ages

Ibbankatuwa (Sri Lanka): Hidden history rises from the ashes

Les pyramides d'Égypte scannées pour révéler leurs secrets

Hamasa (Oman): Is the lost capital of the Arab world Tawam ?

Corinth's Feneos (Grèce): New excavation reveals Ancient healing temple

Van (Turquie): 2,800-year-old pithos tombs unearthed

Why Are Jews Called Jews?

Londres (G-B): Tower of London staff 'used magic to repel the forces of the Devil'

Shestakovo-3 (Russie): death masks from ancient Siberian warrior race

Clumber Park (G-B): Floors and cellars of Duke of Newcastle's 18th century home found

Chan Chan (Pérou): une plateforme funéraire chimu mise au jour

Dundurn Castle (Canada): What archaeologists are finding in the dirt

Gevale Castle (Turquie): Secret tunnel found

Hatay (Turquie): Roman temple to surface during works 

Skødstrup (Danemark): Sacrificial remains from the Iron Age unearthed

Does Celtic art have links with Asia?

- Llanfaethlu (G-B):  dig unearths largest neolithic site in Wales - VIDEO

Vengerovsky (Russie): 7,000 year old Siberian warrior: more advanced than we supposed?

Pig Point (USA): a vast Native American settlement

Buttevant (Irlande): Archaeological finds in walled town date to medieval times

Galilée (Israel): Neolithic People First to Farm Fava Beans, 10,000 Years Ag

Shimao (Chine): 4,000-year-old Relics from China's Largest Ancient City Discovered

Køge (Danemark): Archaeologists to uncover secrets of Viking fortress

Miramas (France): 7.000 objets découverts dans les vestiges du camp américain

- Kakkangkarai / Kizhakkuvadhanavadi (Inde): 13th Century Hero Stones Discovered

Zultepec-Tecoaque (Mexique): new details of sacrifice of Spaniards

Viet Nam: Underwater treasures tell stories about the past

Ephese (Turquie): Lost species of Anatolia unearthed

Carthagene (Espagne):  Archaeologists unearth more of the history of Cartagena

Lichfield   (G-B): 50 graves uncovered at medieval pilgrimage site

Auga dos Cebros (Espagne): contact between Mediterranean and Atlantic cultures before the Romans