Archeo-Genetic 2023

- Scientists have developed a new tool that enables them to identify prehistoric and historic individuals’ relatives up to the sixth-degree

Shaggy dog yarn: Study unravels history and demise of long-haired canine

Bangga (Tibet) : Earliest evidence for domestic yak found using both archaeology, ancient DNA

Viminacium (Serbie) :  Ancient Balkan genomes trace the rise and fall of Roman Empire's frontier, reveal Slavic migrations

- New research sheds light on Bantu-speaking populations' expansion in Africa

Bad Dürrenberg (Allemagne) : Genetic research into a 9,000-year-old shaman burial

- - 5,200 years of migrations from Mexico to California may be the origin of a mystery language

- Our ancestors interbred with Denisovans and left us with extra mental health problems

Buran Kaya III (Ukraine) : skull fragments reveal early modern humans came from the East

- Indo-European Languages: New Study Reconciles Two Dominant Hypotheses About Their Origin

Buran Kaya III  (Crimée) : Who were the first modern humans to settle in Europe?

Our human ancestors may have lost 98.7 percent of their population around 900,000 to 800,000 years ago, according to genetic research.

DNA Study Shows When Ancient Greeks Colonized Italy

Early ancestral bottleneck could’ve spelled the end for modern humans

Nepluyevsky (Oural): Bronze Age family systems deciphered

Fresh look at DNA from Oetzi the Iceman traces his roots to present day Turkey

Researchers extract DNA from a 2,900-year-old clay brick, revealing a time capsule of plant life

Sequencing genes of Iron and Bronze Age peoples to understand early Mediterranean migration patterns

- Research links early Europeans' cultural and genetic development over several thousand years

DNA reveals an early African origin of Cattle in the Americas

- DNA study of remains at Delaware site find kinship among European settlers, African slaves

DNA study reveals shift in Bronze Age population in East-Central Europe

Luzio, who lived in São Paulo 10,000 years ago, was Amerindian like Indigenous people now

Machu Picchu (Pérou): DNA reveals diverse community in 'Lost City of the Incas'

Gurgy (France): Family trees from the European Neolithic

Earliest evidence of the last massive human migration to Western Europe

Oldest genetic data from a human relative found in 2-million-year-old teeth

Ancient DNA Proves Griffin Warrior Was Greek

Genomics and archaeology rewrite the Neolithic Revolution in the Maghreb

Microscopic evidence of malaria in the Medici era

Ancient genomes suggest farming in north west Africa was ignited by oversea-migrants from Iberia 7,400 years ago

- Tracing Chile's Indigenous roots through genetics and linguistics

- 4,000-year-old plague DNA found – the oldest cases to date in Britain

- Genetics of Individuals Buried at 17th Century Delaware Site Sheds Light on Colonial Demographics

Genetic analysis of Indigenous Taiwanese peoples sheds light on Austronesian expansion

- Migration patterns of ancient Mexican civilizations much more complex

- Prehistoric migration from China to Americas

Climate Change May Not Have Caused Population Migration in Ancient Mexico, Genomic Study Finds

Une nouvelle méthode pour trouver de l’ADN humain sur un objet manipulé au Paléolithique…

Denisova (Russie); DNA from 20,000-year-old deer-tooth pendant reveals woman who wore it

- Ancient Sequences Provide Window Into Pict Population History

- New stable isotope map of Angola helps archaeologists trace individual life histories across the African Diaspora

Searching for ancient bears in an Alaskan cave led to an important human discovery

Ancient DNA reveals commercial viticulture in Byzantine and Early Islamic settlements

- DNA study opens a window into African civilisations that left a lasting legacy

Ancient DNA reveals the multiethnic structure of Mongolia's first nomadic empire

- La sépulture collective de Mentesh Tepe informe sur le rôle des mouvements de population dans la néolithisation.

- Une Europe issue d’un véritable melting-pot

- One of Vasa’s crewmen was a woman

Ancient DNA reveals Asian ancestry of east African people

First ancient DNA from Swahili civilization

- Gene variations for immune and metabolic conditions have persisted in humans for more than 700,000 years

- Ancient genomes reveal immunity adaptation in early farmers

Genomic study of ancient humans sheds light on human evolution on the Tibetan Plateau

- Indigenous Ashaninka DNA helps geneticists write new chapters of pre-colonial history in South America

Largest Ever Family Tree Has 27 Million Ancestors Revealing the Origins of Humanity

- Ice Age Survivors

- Oldest human genome from southern Spain

Studying  ancient human DNA has unlocked our origins – but the ethics are hazy

Researchers cover thousands of years in a quest to understand the elusive origins of the Black Death

- Using isotope and ancient DNA analysis to learn more about the mobility of Anatolian and Levantine populations

-  Marriage in Minoan Crete

Using paleogenomics to elucidate 10,000 years of immune system evolution

Average age at conception for men versus women over past 250,000 years

-Ce que la génétique nous dit de l’état de santé des hommes préhistoriques

Ancient Siberian genomes reveal genetic backflow from North America across the Bering Sea

DNA from archaeological remains shows that immigration to Scandinavia was exceptional during the Viking period