Articles de Presse 2012/01-02

Uamh An Ard Achadh (G-B) : Oldest instrument is dug up

Ramakkalmedu (Inde) : Copper beads spring a surprise in Megalithic excavation

Salcombe (G-B) : 3,000-year-old shipwreck shows European trade was thriving in Bronze Age

Dzibilnocac (Mexique) : Un jeu de patolli découvert

Alepotrypa Cave (Grèce): Ancient cave speaks of Hades myth

Turquie : A 1,500-year-old Bible

Gunung Padang (Indonésie) : the largest Megalithic site in Southeast Asia

- Sizhou (Chine) :Discovering Jiangsu province's Atlantis

Xcoch (Mexique) : Water Management and Climate Change in Ancient Maya City

- Qubbet el-Hawa (Egypte) : Wooden sarcophagus is unearthed

Jérusalem (Israël) : Excavations of the Roman city Aelia Capitolina

Stonehenge (G-B) : an auditory illusion inspired the creation ?

Solent (G-B) : Stone Age village 'had modern high street links'

Sardaigne (Italie) : An elite force of  prehistoric warriors

- Samarlakota (Inde) : 2300 yr-old sandstone carving of 'Mother Goddess' found

Neolithic settlers colonized Spain from N. Africa

Irlande : So what have the Romans ever done for us?

Tenochtitlan/Mexico (Mexique) : 23 stone plaques illustrating Aztec myths discovered

Hitachinaka (Japon) : Dagger and accessories uncovered from mid-eighth century grave site

Abydos (Egypte) : the "Terrace of the Great God."

- Gheralta (Ethiopie) : the Queen of Sheba's mines

- Kinik Hoyuk (Turquie) : Acropolis of forgotten kingdom uncovered

Godin Tepe (Iran) : Beer & Bullets to Go: Ancient 'Takeout' Window Discovered

Amecameca (Mexique) : ancient home ruins

- Edakal cave (Inde) : one more Tamil-Brahmi inscription

Restitution des objets archéologiques

Cholistan (Inde) : project “Sui-Vihar Excavations and Archaeological Reconnaissance of southern Punjab”.

Ancient Greek Pills Found in Greek Shipwreck

Kama Sutra : recueil indien écrit entre les IVe et VIIe siècles, attribué à Vâtsyâyana

- Teotihuacan (Mexique) : Jade mask found inside Pyramid of the Sun

- Ashdod (Israël) : First Temple Period Archaeological Discovery on the Hill of Jonah

Famars (France) : Les fouilles reprendront ce mois-ci

Thessalonique (Grèce) : Countless Treasures Found in the Excavations for the Subway

Rennes (France) : Deux mille ans d’histoire au couvent des Jacobins

Ramat Rachel (Israël) : Pollen reveals ancient palace grew the citrus in its garden.

- Mykolaiv (Ukraine) : Olbia is back in the spotlight

Santorin (Grèce) : 'Atlantis' volcano gives tips for mega-eruptions

Climate Change Has Helped Bring Down Cultures

- Emirau Island (Nouvelle Guinée) : Origin of Ancient Jade Tool Baffles Scientists

Thanh Hoa (Viet Nam) : A stone road dating back to the 14th century

Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf (France) : Au bord de la Seine, Uggade livre ses secrets

Ness of Brodgar (G-B) : Stonehenge Precursor Found?

Tinian (Micronésie) : 3,500-year-old pottery and artifacts

Libye : explore Garamantes ancient civilisation

- Italy's Best Ancient Toilets : An intimate look at ancient Rome

Tinkinswood (G-B) : Digging deep to uncover Stone Age Vale

Wad bon Naqa (Soudan) : archaeologists discover long-lost temple

- Sex, Beer & Politics: Riddles Reveal Life of Ancient Mesopotamians

- Aegean Sea - Underwater archaeology: Hunt for the ancient mariner

Bathonea (Turquie) : a substantial harbor town dating from the second century B.C

South Uist (G-B) : Human history “time capsule” revealed

Visoko (Bosnie) : Are there lost pyramids in Bosnia? Probably not.

Norfolk (G-B) : Mysterious 'Winged' Roman Structure

Shriver Circle (USA) : Technology offers peek into past

Pleurtuit (France) : deux exploitations agricoles datant de l'époque gauloise

Atzompa (Mexique) : Un four zapotèque retrouvé

Greece,the 10 most important discoveries of 2011

Nakovana Cave (Croatie) : Oldest-Known Astrologer's Board Discovered

Kushe (Nigeria) : A Nok terracotta head, at around 2000 years old

Rio Branco (Brésil) : Carvings in Land Attest to Amazon’s Lost World

Nibal Peak (Syrie) : New Archaeological Discoveries

- Sellur (Inde) : Stunning indicators of Nagapattinam's Buddhist legacy

Vallée des Rois (Egypte) : Almost 3,000-year-old tomb of female singer found

Kerala (Inde) : Project to explore Megalithic sites started

- Peterborough (G-B) : Roman villa 'rare and important for Durobrivae '

Tel Zayit (Israël) : a block inscribed with the Hebrew equivalent of someone's ABCs

Sharjah (UAE) : Archaeology

Hebrides (G-B) : Coastal archaeology on the Western Isles

Dundee Beach (Australie) : Did the Portuguese discover Australia?

INDE : Rediscovering Ashoka

- Sharjah (UAE) : 3,000-year-old clue to the first domesticated camels

- Irlande : Mystery of the fulacht fiadh

Horbat Uza (Israel) : Ancient Menorah Stamp Marked Kosher Bread

- Tak'alik Ab'aj (Guatemala) :Unique discovery of jade necklace from ancient Mayan ruler

Hallaton (G-B) : Roman helmet shines new light on the conquest of Britain

Ashkelon (Israel) : Using spectroscopy and a petrographic microscope

Corinthe (Grèce) : Some More Corinthian Bodies

Armies in history that have 'disappeared'

- Toulouse (France) : 150 tombes antiques découvertes à l'Arsenal

Bulgarie - 2011 Review: Archaeology

Jérusalem (Israël) : new explanation for rare Temple artifact

Oldest representation of the Tower of Babel

Turin (Italie) : The Shroud could be the authentic burial robe of Christ.

Londres (G-B) : Roman brothel token discovered in Thames

Blairsville (USA) : Squabble over presence of ancient residents

Xi'an (Chine) : Tomb reveals life of nobles

- Jérusalem (Israël) : Ancient seal found linked to ritual

Xin'gang (Chine) : Archaeologists starts to unearth ancient tomb

Angkor (Cambodge) : Drought Led to Demise of Ancient City

- Gizeh (Egypte) : The Great Pyramid's Secret Doors

Top ten archaeological finds in Ireland

- Top 10 - 2011

Mhebrak cave (Népal) : Study leads to peculiar discovery

Mount Ararat (Turquie) : Mount Ararat Discovery is a Prehistoric Site

Huaca Las Ventanas (Pérou) : Mysterious Mass Sacrifice

Tas-Silg (Malte) : Archaeologists find an agate with cuneiform script

Beal / Stillingfleet (G-B) : Two medieval brooches discovered

Stonehenge (G-B) : Stonehenge rocks Pembrokeshire link confirmed

Bodzia (Pologne) : Treasure-Laden Viking Cemetery Discovered

Ohio (USA) : Earthworks created for more than farming

Silverdale (G-B) : Evidence for unknown Viking king Airdeconut found

Londres (G-B) : Built with the blood of British slaves

Sohar (Oman) : 5,000-year-old burial sites discovered

Xi'an (Chine) : 700-year-old Ming tomb discovered

Pike, Marion County (USA) : Archaeologists evaluating finds

Upper Mustang (Népal) : 3,000-year-old human remains uncovered

Puebla (Mexique) : Fouilles sous la Casa del Mendrugo

- Qalhat (Oman) : Mosque built during 1300 AD

Whittlesey (G-B) : six logboats some 3,000 years old

Jérusalem (Israël) : Three 'V' shapes carved into ancient bedrock

Rusheen Bay (Irlande) : Weir complex and medieval quay

- North Uist (G-B) : New study of Western Isles' sand dune-buried artefacts

Le « Y » ardennais (France) : Tumulus de l'époque gallo-romaine.

Unwrapping the ancient Egyptian animal mummy industry

Merida (Mexique) : Fouilles dans le centre-ville

Board Games Originated as Elite Pastime

Piercebridge (G-B) : Roman offerings to the gods

Hawaii : Decline and recovery of coral reefs linked to 700 years of human and environmental activity