Articles de Presse 2011

Kamo (Nouvelle Zélande): dig uncovers 800-year-old signs of living

Al-Sabiya (Kowait) : Findings are key to solving mysterious puzzles of the early civilizations

Douhet (France) : Le baptistère oublié pourrait remonter au IIIe ou IVe siècle

Ancient Egyptian chariot trappings rediscovered 

Peterborough (G-B) : Bronze age man's lunch: a spoonful of nettle stew

Caution Bay (Papouasie/ Nouvelle Guinée) : Lapita find opens new chapter of Pacific history

Knowth (Irlande) : 'New' ancient monuments come to light

Tell Fara (Irak) : One of the earliest known examples of math homework

Colored pottery found in ancient tomb of Liaoning  

Modena (Italie) : Mutiny in Mutina? Decapitated Slaves in Roman Modena

Munich (Allemagne) : Discovering Munich’s past in a mediaeval loo

Venise (Italie) : Acoustical Archeology Reveals Sounds of Renaissance

Alderney (G-B) : Alderney ruin found to be Roman fort

Babazanly (Azerbaidjan) : Excavations confirm Azerbaijanis’ identity with ancient Turks

Stonehenge (G-B) : Ancient site may have been place of worship 500 years before the first stone was erected

Dongdazhangzi (Chine) : Un tombeau ancien et des reliques découverts

Tisaxon (Irlande) : Skeleton found of man killed by arrowhead 1,000 years ago

Rome (Italie) : Romulus and Remus symbol of Rome could be medieval replica

Lochview (G-B) : Two bedrooms with sea views – and a 5,000-year-old Neolithic garden

- Suse (Iran) : Quelle musique écoutait-on sous Alexandre le Grand ?

- Hungate (G-B) : Last days of the big dig

Quram (Israël) : Mystery of Dead Sea Scroll Authors Possibly Solved

Moreton Bay (Australie) : Queensland shipwrecks expose their secrets

Kabah (Mexique) : La cuisine du Palais Royal

Monkey-Shaped Skull Was Sports Gear for Mayan Afterlife, Expert Says

Vallimalai (Inde) : Tamil, Kannada inscriptions found

Vikings navigated with translucid crystals ?

Jérusalem Est (Israël) : Israelis mapping Mount of Olives necropolis

Ararat (Turquie) : New Support for Alleged Noah’s Ark Discovery

Sri Ksetra (Myanmar) : Pyu burial site discovered

- Jaffa (Israël) : Experts decode only Arabic Crusader inscription ever found

Rome (Italie) : the birthplace of Rome's first emperor Augustus

Luxé (France) : Sous les maïs, les Romains

Wadi Debay (Qatar) : Archaeological dig reveals fascinating material

Brunn am Gebirge (Autriche) : Medieval Graves Disturbed For Surprising Reasons?

Libye : Castles in the Desert: Satellites Reveal Lost Cities

Mexico (Mexique) : Scientist Uncovers Numerical Pattern

Banganarti (Soudan) : Long Pilgrimages Revealed in Ancient Sudan Art

Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka) : Surgery in an ancient kingdom

Linn Duchaill (Irlande) : Ireland's unlikely Viking capital

Katalymmata ton Plakoton (Chypre) : Proto-Byzantine Monument at Akrotiri Peninsula

Arles (France) : Rhône : découverte d'un réseau romain d'eau potable

Ceren (Salvador) : an ancient roadway that may solve the mystery of how the villagers survived a sudden volcanic disaster. 

Modene (Italie) : Couple Held Hands for 1,500 Years

Ardnamurchan (G-B) : Ardnamurchan Viking boat burial discovery 'a first'

Ringlemere (G-B) : Prehistoric Teen Girl's Grave Found Near Henge

Mexico (Mexique) : Researchers Find Aztec Temple Platform

Magdalenenberg (Allemagne) : An early Celtic "Stonehenge" discovered in the Black Forest

Cestres (France) : Une demeure marchande du Moyen Âge mise au jour 

Camelon (G-B) : 120 Roman Shoes Found

Nakum (Guatemala) : Maya Royal Burial 

Smyrne (Turquie) : Ancient luxury residence of rich family found

Motooka (Japon) : Sword unearthed bearing Chinese sign for year 570

Pompéi (Italie) : 'Pompeiian red' was created when gases from Vesuvius reacted with yellow paint

Lough Key (Irlande) : Zombies and vampire: Researchers at Sligo college unearth 1300-year-old mystery

- Nîmes (France) : Le Forum des Carmes

Idaho Falls (USA) : Researchers dig for clues of early life

Tall el Hammam (Jordanie) : Archaeologists Unearthing Major City-State

Motala (Suède) : Dig reveals human skulls mounted on stakes

Nam Dinh (Viet Nam) :Tiny 300-year-old tomb found

Luxé (France) : Une nécropole du Moyen Age exhumée

Tarmac’s Borras Quarry (G-B) : Pottery and flint artefacts dating back to the Neolithic period discovered

Visible Only From Above, Mystifying 'Nazca Lines' Discovered in Mideast  

Kedah (Malaisie) : Kedah, not Malacca, the oldest kingdom

Yavneh-Yam (Israël) : Seaside Fortress Was a Final Stronghold of Early Islamic Power

San Stefano (France) : Une sépulture du mésolithique découverte en Corse

Black Isle (G-B) : Pictish beast intrigues Highland archaeologists

Ancient Mosaics Reveal Changing Fish Size

Londres (G-B) : Remains of Roman bath house found on Borough High Street

Londres (G-B) : Archaeology

Sozopol / Apollonia (Bulgarie) : Remains of ancient Greek settlement

Copenhague (Danemark) : Ancient loo reveals 18th-century Copenhagener’s eating habits

Lough Key (Irlande) : An unique deviant burial

Gohar-Tappeh (Iran) : Artifact confirmed as musical instrument

Roman Dodecahedron May Remain Mystery Forever

Marquion (France) : une tombe « aristocratique » gauloise

Nevern Castle (G-B) : Intriguing Finds Unearthed

Serabit al-Khadem (Egypte) : The ancient turquoise mines of South Sinai

Fortingall (G-B) : Experts hail Pictish royal monastery find

Chilacachapa (Mexique) : Découverte d'une chambre

Narbonne (France) : Le Capitole antique englouti se révèle sous les eaux de la Nautique

Catalhoyuk (Turquie) : excavating a 9,000-year-old Neolithic village.

Florence (Italie) : Search Is on for Lost Da Vinci Masterpiece

- Ixcun (Guatemala) : découverte d'un enterrement multiple

Aulnay (France) : Les vestiges d'un temple se révèlent

Yesilova Hoyugu (Turquie) : 8,500-year-old remains unearthed

Carnuntum (Autriche) : Unique Roman gladiator ruins unveiled  

Chifeng (Chine) : Upper Capital of Liao dynasty

Marensin (France) : Des fours à goudron végétal opérationnels dès le IVe siècle

Dorchester / Durnovaria  (G-B) : Roman Remains Found at Charles Street

Colombo (Sri Lanka) : The ancient Colombo Kandy route

Trois Rivieres (Canada) : Des fouilles archéologiques fructueuses

Barcadares (Belize) - Caribbean Pirate Life: Tobacco, Ale … and Fine Pottery

 - Archeologists digs into Jackson Hole’s prehistoric past. 

  - New finds at ancient burial mound near Bulgarian village

 - Where did the Mississippians go? And why?

Portsmouth (USA) : Burying ground report uncovers 'moment in time'