Rapport Archeo 2023

The lost cities of the Nigerien Sahara

Archaeologists discover 4,300-year-old copper ingots in Oman

Unique 'bawdy bard' act discovered, revealing 15th-century roots of British comedy

Bridging archaeology and marine conservation in the South Atlantic Ocean

AI is helping researchers to read ancient Mesopotamian literature

Carmo (Espagne): Proof that part of the Roman Empire smelled of patchouli

Early toilets reveal dysentery in Old Testament Jerusalem

 Lost since 1362: Researchers discover the church of a sunken medieval trading place

Earliest evidence of wine consumption in the Americas found in Caribbean

- Ancient Mayan board game—here's what it can teach modern educators

- Evidence of bird sacrifices to the goddess Isis in ancient Roman Empire

Humanity's earliest recorded kiss occurred in Mesopotamia 4,500 years ago

Surprising diversity of ethnic groups in the US Virgin Islands before Columbus

- Bronze Age long-distance connections: Baltic amber in Aššur

- Hidden chamber discovery in the underground Hellenistic necropolis of Neapolis by muography

Copper artefacts reveal changing connections in prehistoric Europe

- Further dark secrets of Batavia shipwreck laid bare

Recent research advances on historical artifacts and their preservation

- How archaeologists reconstructed a Roman gateway to tell the story of Britain's invasion

- Interactive 3D model recreates Old Man of the Mountain

Buried medical waste found in Renaissance-era landfill on site of ancient Roman forum

- Xiongnu Empire Was Multiethnic With Strong Female Leadership

Une occupation néolithique à Dilligato – Punta Campana (France)

- Machine translation for cuneiform tablets

Roman military camps in desert found

- Oldest human remains from Puerto Rico reveal a complex cultural landscape since 1800BC

New insight into the mystery of ancient Gaza wine

Researchers figure out how lager first developed in Bavaria

- Prolonged droughts likely spelled the end for Indus megacities

Anthropologist pair solve the mystery of Mayan 819-day count

Long distance voyaging among the Pacific Islands

- Secret ingredient in durable Maya plaster discovered

- Insights into sealed ancient Egyptian animal coffins

- Allard Pierson starts international research on twelve mummy portraits

Chicken breeding in Japan dates back to fourth century BCE

USA -St. Croix:  Researchers plan to use coral to unravel the history of the slave trade

Leonardo da Vinci, a new discovery on folio 843 of Codex Atlanticus

Archaeologist explains why we need to look underwater to understand our past

Sea-level rise in southwest Greenland as a contributor to Viking abandonment

- Umm al-Aqarib (Iraq): ancient treasures sand-blasted by climate change

Norse Greenlanders found to have imported timber from North America

More than 100 pre-Hispanic religious sites linked to ancient Andean cults discovered in Bolivia

A newly uncovered ancient Roman winery featured marble tiling, fountains of grape juice and an extreme sense of luxury

Tralleis (Turquie): Early Romans may have been the first to breed flat-faced dogs

- Researcher offers solution to coal conundrum on famous pirate shipwreck

- Archaeological sites at risk from coastal erosion on the Cyrenaican coast, Libya

- Exploring why the bodies of people in a town near Pompeii were not well preserved when Vesuvius blew

Protecting the cultural heritage of ancient bone artifacts is now possible.

Less predictable rainfall may have caused disintegration of early Maya societies

Fragment of a 1,750-year-old New Testament translation discovered

Es Càrritx (Espagne): Evidence of drug use during Bronze Age ceremonies

Benin Bronzes found to be made of German brass

Tell el-Dab‘a (Egypte): Palace pits with severed hands studied

Classicist: 'Modern' view of religion dates to 303 AD

Mummies provide the key to reconstruct the climate of the ancient Mediterranean

How hunter-gatherers fitted into southern Africa’s first city, 800 years ago

Yak milk consumption among Mongol Empire elites

The untold history of the horse in the American Plains

-  The wild psychedelic origins of indigenous mystical rites — as revealed by archaeology

By studying ancient residues, scholar finds clues of humanity’s past

- How a local community helped researchers make incredible prehistoric discoveries

Dance and games offer glimpses of life, and death, in ancient Italy

The “Stonehenge calendar” shown to be a modern construct

- Copper artifacts unearth new cultural connections in southern Africa

Sevrey (France): Sur les traces de l'artisanat potier

Chance cross-cultural unicorn concepts lost in translation

Cyprus’s copper deposits created one of the most important trade hubs in the Bronze Age

Neolithic ceramics reveal dairy processing from milk of multiple species

AlUla (Saudi Arabia): Uncovering the ritual past of an ancient stone monument

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral was historical first in using iron reinforcements in the 12th century

-  Using rock images to study cult of the gods in pre-Egyptian society

Sagalassos (Turquie): Roman era gravesites with unusual funerary rites

- Were there gladiators in Roman Britain?

Pérou: Lasers and chemistry reveal how Wari pottery was made — and how an empire functioned

Magnetic fields could provide the key to studying submerged civilisations

Conjuring Mongolian deer stones: biographical statuary of Bronze Age Central Asia and south Siberia

Mexique: Ancient artifacts reveal the 'roots of Casas Grandes'

- PEROU : The colors on these ancient pots hint at the power of an empire

- Archaeologists dug for evidence of the Rosetta Stone's ancient Egyptian rebellion

Does the artificial watercourse in the Hessian Ried have a Roman past?

Malomirovo (Bulgarie): The world’s first horse riders

Strontium points researchers to the provenance of 400-year-old timber

Runes were just as advanced as Roman alphabet writing

- Minoan Civilisation may have used celestal “Star Path” navigation technique

Sustainability and duration of early central places in prehispanic Mesoamerica

Bronze Age well contents reveal the history of animal resources in Mycenae, Greece

Egypt unveils hidden corridor in Giza pyramid

Female remains in Aztec skull rack are associated with the origin myth of Huitzilopochtli

Steel was already used in Europe 2900 years ago

- Mysterious new behavior seen in whales may be recorded in ancient manuscripts

Piecing together Scotland's religious past with shards of glass

Fanum Martis (France): Les vestiges du quartier occidental

Mayas Utilized Contemporary Market-Based Economics

Chaco Canyon (USA): Were timbers transported to using tumplines?

Le Peu (France): Archaeologists discover homes of Europe's first monument makers

Hidden from the Romans: 200 tons of silver on the shores of the river Lahn

Vindolanda (England): Discarded Roman artifact may have been more than a good luck charm

European summer droughts since 2015 were most severe over centuries – but multi-year droughts also happened in the past

- New Testament's Book of Revelation Was Influenced by Curse Tablets

Wirral (Angleterre): Scientists investigate an ancient boat buried

- Unique discovery offers glimpse of provincial culture in Inka Empire

- 500-year-old horn container discovered in South Africa sheds light on pre-colonial Khoisan medicines

Trove of spices from around the world found on sunken fifteenth-century Norse ship

Une nouvelle méthode pour faire parler les carbonisats

Echoes of ancient curse tablets identified in the Book of Revelation

Severe multi-year drought coincident with Hittite collapse around 1198–1196 BC

AI is deciphering a 2,000-year-old 'lost book' describing life after Alexander the Great

Researcher uses AI to make texts that are thousands of years old readable

Evolution of wheat spikes since the Neolithic revolution

- How to make a mummy: Ancient Egyptian workshop has new clues

Vikings crossing the North Sea to Britain brought their horses, dogs and other animals

Ancient ‘Pagan Masks’ Debunked by Archaeologists in Poland

Cryptic lost Canaanite language decoded on 'Rosetta Stone'-like tablets

Nouvelles découvertes au camp de Sarlier à  Aubagne

Viking brutality failed to wipe out community, dig finds

New research uncovers the "water" mystery of  Great Zimbabwe

- Unearthing the archaeological passing of time at Lagash (Iraq)

- ‘Golden boy’ mummy was protected by 49 precious amulets, CT scans reveal

Roman sexuality was far more complex than simply gay or straight

- Agriculture linked to changes in age-independent mortality in North America

3,600-year-old hoards may contain the earliest silver currency in Israel and Gaza

Violence was widespread in early farming society