Rapports Archeo 2013 - 2

Argilos (Grèce): an early Greek colony in the 7th through 5th centuries B.C.

Leicester (G-B): Mystery deepens in coffin-within-a-coffin

Mount Sandel (Ulster): Replica of 10,000 year old mesolithic dwelling built

Stobi (Macédoine): Archaeological Work to be Resumed

Portbail (France): le quartier de la ville gallo-romaine mis au jour

Politiko-Troullia (Chypre): 2013 excavations completed

Ephèse (Turquie): The burning of the temple of Artemis by Herostratus

Leicester (G-B): mysterious stone coffin at Richard III site

Ancient technology for metal coatings 2,000 years ago can't be matched even today

Vernègues – Cazan (France): Fouille d’un important habitat néolithique

Geronisos Island (Chypre): completion of five weeks of excavation

Thèbes (Grèce): Archaeologists hit the heart of the Theban Mycenaean Palace

- Xiangdun (Chine): Archaeological Investigation and Discoveries

Londres (G-B): University researchers discover "lost" Elizabethan craftsmanship to match 21st century technology

Magalas (France): Pillage d’un site archéologique

Fort San Juan (USA): Oldest European fort in the inland US discovered in Appalachians

Stębark (Pologne): possible burial place of the knights of Grunwald

Marigny Brizay (France): site d’habitat en relation avec des souterrains

Villers-Bretonneux (France): Des occupations gauloises et une chapelle commémorative de la guerre de 1870

- El Perú-Waka (Guatemala): Discovery of stone monument adds new chapter to ancient Maya history

Old Arabic texts describe dirty Vikings

Aphrodisias (Turquie): What Was Life Like for Roman Slaves?

Manure used by Europe's first farmers 8,000 years ago

- Lannion (France): Un site de l’âge du Bronze et une ferme gallo-romaine découverts à Penn an Alé

Elbeuf (France): Un pan de l’histoire du centre dévoilé

Jaltipan (Mexique): 2,000-Year Old Pyramid and Multiple Pre-Columbian Burial Sites Found

New findings on the last poet of antiquity

Heslington East ( G-B): archaeologists unearth well-kept secrets

- Xiazhai (Chine): 600000 square meters with deposits from various periods

Port-en-Bessin-Huppain (France): Une zone stratégique au début de l’Antiquité ?

- Cuges-les-Pins (France): Outre un habitat néolithique, les chercheurs exhument actuellement une sépulture paléolithique.

Jérusalem (Israël): Inscription from time of David & Solomon found near Temple Mount

Abu Rawash (Egypte): Funerary Boats discovered

- Nord-Trøndelag (Norvège): Clues from an ancient Viking trading centre 

Dongola (Soudan): Medieval tower and paintings discovered

Hala Sultan Tekke (Chypre): Unknown city quarters of 14th-12th c. BC came to light

Chogha Golan (Iran): No single origin for agriculture in the Fertile Crescent

How Maya court -- and its occasionally exotic members -- tried to save society

Binchester (G-B): Archaeologists unearth carved head of Roman god in ancient rubbish dump

Yantai (Chine): White Liquor from Han Dynasty Discovered

Viarmes (France): Sur les traces du château médiéval

Tel Kabri (Israël): The 2013 Excavations

Ussel (France): La fouille archéologique du Theil

- Vaucelles (France): Plus de 5000 ans d’histoire mis au jour

Faliron (Grèce): Violent death and injuries

- Chactun (Mexique): new data about the ancient city

Huqoq (Israël): New mosaics discovered in synagogue excavations

Wenfengta (Chine): Excavation Results from cemetery

Tikal (Guatemala) :Newly revealed Maya farming hotspots hold key to ancient culture

- Tuscaloosa (USA): Archaeologists unearth early history

Beit Hanina (Israël): A Section of an 1,800 Year Old Road was Exposed in Jerusalem

- Al Zubarah (Qatar) : excavations in named World Heritage Site

- Magalas (France): un sanctuaire public, daté du Ier siècle , au sein d’une esplanade

Mahendraparvata (Cambodge) : LiDAR and Lost Cities

High-tech inspired insights into ancient 'Kofun' burial mounds

How climate changed in Egypt thousands of years ago

Chactún (Mexique): Extensive Maya city discovered

Cumberland Plateau  (USA): prehistoric rock art connected , a cosmological puzzle 

Holy Cross Mountains (Pologne): 7 thousand years old chocolate flint mines discovered

Jerash (Jordanie):Byzantine church mosaic unearthed

Kissonerga-Skalia (Chypre): Completion of the latest season of excavation

Milan (Chine): Excavation

Colima (Mexique) : Fouilles de la tombe à puits

Bornholm (Danemark):Unique gold figurine of naked woman found

Marseille (France): L’ancien cimetière des Petites-Crottes

Tenochtitlan (Mexique): 400 Animal Species Were Offered to Gods

Ranheim (Norvège): Oldest Charlemagne coin

Sea of Galilee (Israël): Mysterious monument found

When did cities begin to thrive in Poland?

Moissac (France): Découverte d’une chapelle du XIIe siècle aux abords de l’abbatiale Saint-Pierre

Zakynthos (Grèce): Impressive sunken building discovered

Roman seawater concrete holds the secret to cutting carbon emissions

Drakaina Cave (Grèce): Reading social changes

Cambridgeshire (G-B): 8 Bronze Age wood boats from a quarry

Paris (France): l'Inrap ouvre une fenêtre sur l'histoire de la ville

Mazongshan (Chine): jade mine site of Han dynasty

Lattara / Lattès (France): the beginnings of viniculture in France

Kanai Higashiura (Japon): buildings, burial mound, and pottery found

Gerzeh (Egypte): Ancient Egyptians accessorized with meteorites

Tula (Mexique): Des vestiges toltèques et mexicas retrouvés

Sikyon (Grèce): green light for the excavations

Atacama desert (Chili): Real, or Desert Mirage?

Gokstad Ship (Norvège): Dealing with the doldrums on a Viking voyage

Le Bono (France): Une nécropole de l’âge du Bronze ancien

- Laogulou (Chine): The Local government court ruins

Piedra Labrada (Mexique): Villagers discover ancient ball game statue

Mambrui /Malindi  (Kenya): The achievements of Sino-Kenyan Cooperative Archeological project

Did Japanese fishermen discover America 5000 years ago ?

Ancient Ivory: Metal traces on Phoenician artifacts show long-gone paint and gold

Vouliagmeni (Grèce): Declaration of archaeological site

- Amérique du Nord : Research helps paint finer picture of massive 1700 earthquake

Xincun (Chine): New discovery of ancient diet shatters conventional ideas of how agriculture emerged

- Jérusalem (Israël): An Enormous Quarry Dating to the Second Temple Period

Basse Californie (Mexique): Une centaine de petits sites archéologiques découverts

Looking for past Honduran, Mexican civilizations

Bet Qama (Israël): A colorful mosaic dating to the Byzantine period (4th–6th centuries CE)

Southern Subtropical China : Sago-Type Palms Were an Important Plant Food Prior to Rice

Liujiazhai (Cgine): 2012 Archaeological Discoveries

- Nieszawa (Pologne): a city dating back more than 500 years

Colima (Mexique): Une tombe à puits découverte

Demonizing the Gods

Vendenheim (France): Des occupations néolithiques, protohistoriques et un « camp de marche » romain

Carmona (Espagne): The Elephant's Tomb in Carmona may have been a temple to the god Mithras

Dunwich (G-B): Secret streets of Britain's Atlantis are revealed

Xiaxiangpu (Chine): Aristocratic cemetery of Er State Excavated

La Croix-Saint-Ouen (France): des occupations humaines de l’âge du Bronze à l’époque romaine

- Tel Jezreel (Israël)): New Light on Ahab and Jezebel’s City

Maojiaping (Chine): New Discoveries

Carnuntum (Autriche): Monotheistic Jewish Amulet Discovered

Cerro de Sombrerete (Mexique): Découverte d'une série de gravures rupestres

- Uunartoq (Groenland): Errors on Viking sun compass hint at alternative purpose

Kerma (Soudan): Riddle of ancient Nile kingdom’s longevity solved

- Egadi (Italie): Rare bronze rams excavated from site of the final battle of the First Punic War

Ceibal (Guatemala): how Maya civilization began

Karleby (Suède): New excavations indicate use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago

Shenyang (Chine): New Discovery at the Site of Khan’s Palace