Articles de Presse 2023

- Japan's hand-forged knives a slice of samurai metallurgy

- How Did Bronze Age Greeks Know About Asian Monkeys?

Mystery of ‘missing’ Indus Valley ruling class

Grevena (Grèce): Ancient Town Unearthed

Ayahuasca in hair and psychotropic trade routes: How drugs were used in pre-Incan civilization

- Moluccan boats depicted in Arnhem Land rock art, solving mystery

-  Ancient Canaanites at Megiddo Raised a Glass to the Dead

Top 5 Civilizations Conquered by the Inca Empire

Mauritania's precious Chinguetti manuscripts

Danemark: découverte d'une grande halle viking de l'époque du roi Harald à la dent bleue

Les mystères de la Vénus de Condate, découverte au fond d'une carrière antique de Rennes

Oldest reference to Norse god Odin found in Danish treasure

Why bread and wine have been consumed together since the Stone Age

Medieval babycare

Kiev : des grottes avec des "hiéroglyphes et des symboles varègues"

- Iraq dig uncovers 5,000 year old pub restaurant

Egypte : de nouveaux indices sur le tombeau d'Alexandre le Grand

Never-Before-Seen Minoan Artifacts Exhibited in Oxford Museum

Tenea (Grece): Unearthing the Secrets of a Lost Ancient City

Ruins of 1,600-year-old iron working site — filled with tools — uncovered in China

Is there any evidence that Iceland had human habitation prior to the arrival of Europeans?

The food of the Vikings

- Decoding Linear A, the Writing System of the Ancient Minoans

- Egypt unveils ancient 'secret keeper' tomb, golden mummy

Diaoyu  (Chine): 800-year-old fortified city — with imperial palace — unearthed

Mayan cities, towns and villages are found hiding beneath rainforest

Les secrets de la longévité du béton romain