Rapports Archeo 2012 - 4

Oldest known circumpolar umiak discovered

Shunshanji (Chine): A moated settlement dating to 8000BP discovered

Rouen (France): Un heurt, vaste dépotoir du XVIe siècle, livre un riche mobilier archéologique

How December 25 Became Christmas

Moorehead Circle (USA): a ceremonial machine

Atzompan (Mexique): Les découvertes se poursuivent

Chambord (France): diagnostic archéologique

Luding (Chine): New Achievement of Excavation to the Sangangping Stone Burials

- Alampra-Mouttes (Chypre): Archaeological excavations 2012

Onavas (Mexique): Découverte d'un cimetière préhispanique

Tremper Mound (USA) Hopewell pipestone artifacts

Buchères (France): Pratiques funéraires entre 5000 et 3000 ans avant notre ère

Urkesh /Tell Mozan (Syrie): Research finds crisis in Syria has Mesopotamian precedent

Allemagne : Early Neolithic Water Wells Reveal the World’s Oldest Wood Architecture

Sosteli farmsted (Norvège): Norwegian Vikings grew hemp

Yunatsite (Bulgarie): vestiges of one of the first urban settlements in Europe.

Chiseldon (G-B): Remnants of an Iron-Age feast, including cattle skulls and 13 cauldrons,unearthed

- Kuyavia (Pologne): Chemical analysis reveals first cheese making in Northern Europe in the 6th millennium BC

Kanai Higashiura (Japon): Remains found of Kofun-Period man wearing armor

Nikopolis (Grèce): On the traces of Nero

- Researchers find clues to the Baltic Crusades in animal bones, horses and the extinct aurochs

Cenote San Manuel / Huachabi cave / Aktun aam Cave (Mexique): Maya ceramics and mural paintings

Nazca (Pérou): New light on the Nazca Lines

Liaojiaping (Chine): two tombs could be dated back to Han Dynasties.

Sede di Ostia (Italie): Le premier port antique de Rome enfin retrouvé

Ciudad Perdida /Teyuna (Colombie): Many more potential ruins recently identified near the site

Cetamura del Chianti (Italie): archaeological clues about ancient Roman vineyards

- IRAK : 1,200 potential archaeological sites identified

Aigai (Grèce): Alexander's palace

Bassing (France): Un site aristocratique entre Gaule indépendante et conquête romaine

Acre (Israël): remains of a fleet of early-19th century ships and ancient harbor structures from the Hellenistic period (third to first century B.C.)

Vordingborg (Danemark):only medieval rowboat dated

- Jiwanggu (Chine): Large-scale Burial Dating to Spring and Autumn Period Discovered

Nea Paphos (Chypre): New finds at the ancient theatre

Tall el-Hammam (Jordanie): Archaeologists Excavate Massive Ancient Gateway

Chronographia of Ioannes Malalas

- Aghia Petra / Plotinopolis: Monstrous ichtyocentaurs and Nereids

Chasné-sur-Illet (France): la naissance d’un bourg au Moyen Âge

Dzibanché (Mexique): Nouvelles données sur le déclin maya

Puisserguier / Capestang (France) : Les plafonds polissons du Moyen Âge

Mexican silver made it into English coins

How Vikings killed time

Igaliku Fjord (Groënland): viking settlers gorged on seals

- San Miguelito (Mexique): Etudes bioanthropologiques

El Palacio (Belize): Elite Maya residencies occupied by both living and dead

Avaldsnes (Norvège): Pre-Viking hotspot on the Coast

Changle (Chine): New Excavation to the Cemetery of Han Dynasty

Carleon (G-B): A complex of monumental buildings has been located outside the Roman fortress

Nukuleka (Tonga): dating of early human settlement

Leicester (G-B): The science of the search for Richard III