Rapports Archeo 2014 - 4

Tel Bet Yerah (((Israël): Archaeologists Investigate Early Urban Center

Phanagoria (Russie): Discovery of the ancient bronze naval ram

Malte : The death of the temple people

Galicie (Espagne): Digging up the 'Spanish Vikings'

Blick Mead (G-B): 6,000-year-old encampment found in dig

Mazury (Pologne): Mystery of the grave by the lake solved

Herodion (Israël): Unique entry complex discovered at Hilltop Palace

Images in Roman mosaics meant to dispel the envious

Le fer, allié de la pierre dès la conception des cathédrales gothiques

- Earliest known piece of polyphonic music discovered

- Platamonas (Grèce): Cemetery and settlement with apsidal buildings

Tikal (Guatemala): Drought and Ancient Maya Practices Spelled Collapse

Khirbet Summeily (Israël):  Major Archaeological Find

Key to longevity of imperial Roman monuments

Beit Ras (Jordanie): Archaeologists in the ancient city of Jupiter Capitolinus

New insights into the origins of agriculture

Huarmey  (Pérou): Archaeologists discovered an intact pre-Inca tomb

Venzolasca (France): Du nouveau sur l’agglomération antique d’I Palazzi

Water’s role in the rise and fall of the Roman Empire

Japon: Depositional evidence for the Kamikaze typhoons

Katalymata ton Plakoton (Chypre) : Excavations at the site - 8th season

Bladelets, Flint Ridge Flint, and the Hopewell interaction sphere

Lessay  (France): Des occupations humaines gauloise et gallo-romaine

Kfar Samir (Israël): Underwater excavation reveals lost Levantine village

Metsamor (Arménie): evidence of destruction and capture of the ancient city

Ølby (Danemark):  Bronze Age glass beads traced to Egypt

- Aska (Suède): Viking feasting hall identified by ground penetrating radar

- Hawaii  : Mysterious 'Ghost' Ship Rediscovered

Rome (Italie): Ancient farm and tools found at subway works site

Japon: Ritual tooth ablation: Why did prehistoric peoples pull out perfectly good teeth?

Dirt provides new insight into Roman burials

Colorado (USA): Localized climate change contributed to ancient southwest depopulation

Hrísbrú (Islande): Findings at Viking Archaeological Site Show Power Trumping Practicality

Saintes (France): Une nécropole antique dans le quartier périphérique occidental de la ville : plusieurs individus entravés, dont un enfant

Amphipolis(Grèce):  frieze features bull and human forms

Masked drama-dance traditions of Central Asia reached Japan during the Asuka period (592-710)

The Archaeological Quest for the Earliest Christians Part.1

- Tissø (Danemark): This is what living in the Viking age looked like

Svaneti (Géorgie): The source of the “Golden Fleece” myth was indeed gold

Radoszki  (Pologne): Archaeologists discovered prehistoric burial mound