Articles de Presse 2014 - 06 /08

Bagneux-la-Fosse (France): Des bâtisses de l’époque gallo-romaine découvertes

Caistor St Edmund (G-B): he town of Venta Icenorum 

Chebrolu (Inde): Remains of Buddhist Stupa at Bhimeswara Temple

Why was Stonehenge built? 'Groundbreaking' discovery of 15 new monuments

Yesil (Kazakhstan): Ancient settlement found

Qantara (Egypte): the famous Horus Road

Corinthe (Grèce): 2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Tomb

Terekty (Kazakhstan): ancient Scythian 'Princess' discovered

Ephese (Turquie): Experts get down to ‘puzzling’ task at Yamaç Houses

Kretou Marottou-Ais Yiorkis (Chypre): ‘Significant’ human burial site found

Silchester (G-B):  archaeological dig ends after 18 years

Pamir (Chine): Excavation ‘very likely’ to redefine the Zoroastrianism’s origin

- Amphipolis (Grèce): Revealing the Secrets of Ancient Amphipolis

Tel Tsaf (Israël): Mideast's most ancient metal object found

Asuka (Japon): 6th-century tumulus built like step pyramid

Sagalassos (Turquie): Red plates and fish bones

- Lagunita (Mexique); Ancient Maya Cities Found in Jungle

Marsal (France): Mystery of the ancient Gauls found dumped in a pit

Odanak (Canada): Archeological dig reveals Abenaki fortress

- Amphipolis (Grèce): Two Scenarios for the Great Tomb

Elbert (USA): 1,300-Year-Old Pottery Found in Colorado Contains Ancient ‘Natural Aspirin’

Chesapeake Bay (USA): Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans

- Chan Chan (Pérou): archaeological site photographed by drones

Chandayan (Inde): Human skeleton wearing crown discovered near Harappan site

Taputapuatea stream (N-Z) : 14th century Polynesian settlement discovered

- Najran (Arabie Saoudite): Nabatean-Arabic missing link: ‘Oldest’ inscription found

Abu Ghosh (Israël): Trove of Jewish Revolt coins discovered

Barrow Clump (G-B): Anglo-Saxon sword discovery "

Kouklia (Chypre): Citadel wall discovered

Nazca (Pérou): New Lines geoglyphs uncovered by gales and sandstorms

Jiangsu (Chine): 2,100-Year-Old King's Mausoleum Discovered

- Huqoq (Israël): Stunning mosaic found at ancient synagogue

- Dandaleith (G-B): Rare Pictish stone discovered

Asuka (Japon): remains of raised performance stage in pond at ancient palace

- Shikmona (Israël): 'Naked runner' sheds light on a little-known art of ancient Rome

Block Island (USA): Sandy unveils early inhabitants

Basing House (G-B): Civil War siege house excavated

Ajnala (Inde): A matter of martyrs

Clydebank (G-B) : 5000-year-old Cochno Stone carving may be revealed

Chingford (G-B): remains of a relatively unknown medieval manor house dating back to the 14th century

- Maryport (G-B): Altars dedicated to Roman god Jupiter, classical temples intrigue archaeologists

Marlborough (N-Z): Rich legacy of first settlement

Kultobe (Kazakhstan): Historical burial site containing child and noble woman remains discovered

New York (USA): Tree Rings Solve Mystery of World Trade Center Ship

Barrow Clump -G-B): Anglo-Saxon arthritis sufferer, graves and swords found

Dublin (Irlande): Viking warrior burials

Cahokia Mounds (USA); Recent excavation may reveal inhabitants' beliefs

- Kavousi (Grèce): In ancient land, UNC-led teams unearth history

- Arles (France) : nouvelle découverte archéologique majeure

Binh Chau (Viet Nam): Shipwreck dredges up forgotten trade secrets

Mysteries of medieval graffiti in England's churches

Nukuleka (Tonga): Excavation uncovers ancient Lapita

Cluny Fortified Village (Canada): Dig reveals 300 years of history on Siksika First Nation

Iwade Meadows (G-B): Stonehenge-type monument excavated

Ningbo (Chine): Archaeological excavations of Yuan Dynasty's sunken ship completed 

Gramalote (Pérou): Archaeologists Find Temple Used by Ancient Shark Hunters 

Binchester (G-B): "Pompeii of the north" found

Burnt City (Iran): Archaeologists find bizarre burials

Ostia Antica (Italie):  une nécropole découverte

Northampton (G-B):  town centre dig reveals rare medieval linen

Walterdale Bridge (Canada): Archaeology dig at old campsite paints picture of the good life

- Who Were the Ancient Bog Mummies?

Rechnitz (Autriche): Burgenland's 'Stonehenge' discovery

Chengdu (Chine): Carbonized wood group found at prince's mansion ruins

Tripolis (Turquie): to promote Buldan’s textile

Dillard (USA): 1,500-Year-Old Village, A Sign of ‘Revolution’ in the Southwest, excavated

- Mystery of the macabre rings made of baby skulls solved? Bronze Age circles may have been offerings to 'lake gods' to prevent flooding

- Gizeh (Egypte): 4,300-Year-Old Painting Found in a Tomb Close to the Great Pyramid

- Brest (France): Les trésors enfouis de Spernot-Messioual

Easton (USA): Dig seeks proof of America's first free black community

- Exeter (G-B): Oldest potholes known to man found in Devon

Huaca de la Luna (Pérou): 1,500-Year-Old Claws Intrigue Archaeologists

Nevaket ( Kirghizistan) : Central Asia's biggest Buddha statue found

- Hong Kong (Chine): Divers uncover historical treasure trove in waters off Sai Kung

Colchester (G-B): Is this one of Queen Boudicca's victims? 'Extremely rare' jawbone found among burnt debris

Yozgat (Turquie): Underground history unearthed

Lapland (Finlande): Forestry officials unearth stone spearheads

Dovedale (G-B):Iron Age coins found in a cave

Musasir (Iraq): Long-Lost Iron Age Temple, Dedicated to Urartian God,Unearthed

Montreal (Philippines): Muddied stones reveal ancient scripts

- Tambo (Pérou): Mummies of Ancient Unknown Civilisation Discovered in Atacama Desert

Evrecy (France): Une nécropole mérovingienne datant du Ve au VIIe siècle mise au jour

- Agra (Inde): Shah Jahan’s summer palace found near Taj

Rome (Italie): Colosseum was bustling medieval bazaar in Dark Ages

Holme Beach (G-B): second timber circle dates back to the time of Seahenge

North Shields (G-B): Three year dig uncovers medieval hospital

- Liyangan (Indonesie): Tang Dynasty ceramic unearthed

- Hudson Bay (Canada): Ancient Inuit hunting camp to be uncovered in Manitoba

Lagodekhi (Georgie): 4,000-Year-Old Burial with Chariots Discovered

- Tel Abel Beth-Maacah (Israël): The Last (Biblical) Frontier

- Chillicothe (USA): Hopewell excavation seeks evidence of a ‘woodhenge’

Manden (Mali): prospection et  fouilles archéologiques

Hillsborough(USA): Amateur archaeologist finds history

- Yukon (Canada): Melting ices reveals 5,000-year-old archaeological treasures

Easter Ross (G-B): dig up Scotland's ancient Pictish kingdom

Louxor (Egypte): Cyprian Plague victims unearthed

Ecosse (G-B): Iron Age hillforts to 18th century graves: Archaeologists reveal discoveries

Osawatomie (USA): John Brown, Bleeding Kansas and the search for buried history

Sector E-11 (Pakistan): Ancient Buddhist mound discovered

- Zhaohua(Chine):  Han Dynasty tombs found

Ingapu (Burma): Religious site could hail from ancient Pyu kingdom

Sai Kung rock (Chine): Song-dynasty relics unlock one Hong Kong family’s past

- Ortygia (Italie): discovery of Europe's oldest mikvah

Sinaw (Oman): Harappan style burial found

Naples (Italie): ‘Dracula’s tomb’ discovered ?

- Catterick (G-B):10,000-year-old route reveals how Mesolithic people travelled across the UK

- Jerulalem Est : Temple Mount archaeological project yields treasure, unearths conflict

Shahr-e-Sookhteh (Iran):  Archaeologists plan to reconstruct ancient society of Burnt City

Nixtun-Ch'ich' (Guatemala):  a council house dating back about 700 years

Llanllyr (G-B): 'Incredibly important' medieval find