Rapports Archeo 2015/2

Recent research pinpoints North China as centre of millet domestication, could shed light on millet dispersal route to Jomon Japan

Kythira (Grece): Mentor shipwreck underwater excavation continues

Apsaros fortress / Georgie): Archaeologists have unearthed a 2 thousand years old mosaic

Cosma (Perou): What is it?

- Tarim Basin (Chine): 'Carbon sink' detected underneath world's deserts

Wadi el-Hudi (Egypte): Three newly discovered stelae

- New research on the causes of the Viking Age

El Achiotal (Guatemala): Maya Shrine Reveals Arrival of ‘New World Order’

Bérénice (Egypte): New Archaeological Discoveries at the Red Sea coast

- Pozzuoli (Italie): Volcanic rocks resembling Roman concrete explain record uplift in Italian caldera

- Sexaginta Prista (Bulgarie): Unknown fortress wall found

Sais (Egypte): storerooms of the late Ramesside period

Ein Gedi (Israel): Research Team Reveals Biblical Text From Damaged Scroll

Classic ancient Maya “collapse” not caused by overpopulation and deforestation

- Volcanoes linked to cultural upheaval since early Roman times

Chongpingyuan  (Chine): Zhou period chariot & horse pit found

Langeid (Norvege): The last Viking and his magical sword?

Sheikh Abd el-Qurna (Egypte): Tomb shaft yields unexpected finds

Norwegian iron helped build Iron-Age Europe

"Duropolis" (G-B): Dig Unearths Prehistoric Town

Huqoq (Israel): New mosaics discovered in synagogue excavations

Arles (France): Des fresques romaines uniques en France découvertes

- Tamarindo / Grey Fox (Belize): Endangered ancient Maya sites saved

Gebel Ramlah (Egypte): a unique 6.5 thousand years old burial

Hatch (G-B):  the Deserted Medieval Village

Rio Grande Valley (USA):  how Spanish colonists changed life

See where the Vikings travelled

Kamenovo (Bulgarie): 7000-year-old chalcolithic workshop for flint tools

Saqqara (Egypte): New survey at dog catacomb near the temple of Anubis

- Scarlet Macaw Skeletons Point to Early Emergence of Pueblo Hierarchy

- Jaslo (Pologne): 3.5 - 2 thousand years old gold objects found

Bourgbarré (France): Le chantier de fouille archéologique dévoile des vestiges gaulois et gallo-romains

- Hippos-Sussita (Israel): I Stood Here for Rome

- Llanmaes (G-B): “Globally unparalleled” evidence of prehistoric Welsh feasting practices unearthed by archaeologists

- Lavau (France): Le prince au torque d’or

Stonehenge (G-B): Exploring ancient life in the Vale of Pewsey

Kamarina (Italie): Walking dead among the ancient Greeks?

Hidden secrets of 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging

Falaise (France) : au cœur des bombardements de 1944

- Mesoamerica: Answering the mystery of turquoise provenance

- Zhoujiazhai (Chine): Massive Bamboo slips of Han Dynasty found at cemetery

Port Royal (Jamaique): Robots of the Caribbean

Cape Town (Afrique du Sud): a sunken slave ship

Pays-Bas: Floods as war weapons

Mapela (Zimbabwe):A new African site on the World Heritage List?

Khirbat al-Minya (Israel):Archaeologists restore early Islamic caliph's palace on the shores of the Sea of Galilee

Boest (Danemark): Five massive Bronze Age axes unearthed

Le jade dans les civilisations meso-americaines

Rennes (France): L’exceptionnelle sépulture de Louise de Quengo, dame du XVIIe siècle

North Europeans resisted farming

- Saint-Dizier (France): Archéologie d’un pont et activités fluviales

- Xanadu (Chine): Dragons Discovered in Legendary City

- Plassi / Marathon (Grece): New finds

Trets (France): Découvertes archéologiques du Néolithique au Moyen Âge

Did The Scottish Settle Iceland A Century Before The Norse?

- Henry Smith Site  (USA): Fire Reveals Human Stone Effigy

Caucase (Russie): Gold Artifacts Tell Tale of Drug-Fueled Rituals and "Bastard Wars"

Mogou (Chine): Sacrificed Humans Discovered Among Prehistoric Tombs

'Eternal flames' of ancient times could spark interest of modern geologists

Almaden de la Plata (Espagne): Iron Age hoard in a megalithic funerary complex

Chagres River (Panama): Rare Spanish Shipwreck From 17th Century Uncovered

 Large scanning project reveals animal mummy “scandal”

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Des couronnes et autres implants dentaires

Scandinavian trade 'triggered' the Viking Age

X'noha (Belize): Maya elite life at a mid-sized Maya center

Fashionable Vikings loved colours, fur, and silk

Cahokia (USA): emergence and decline linked to Mississippi River flooding

Hosn Niha (Liban): Heritage destruction in conflict zones provides archaeological opportunities

Geological foundations for smart cities: Comparing early Rome and Naples

Nazca (Perou): Mysterious Line geoglyphs formed ancient pilgrimage route

La Rioja (Espagne): Neolithic societies were egalitarian

Odense (Danemark): 800-year-old rune stick unearthed during excavation

Hangzhou (Chine): The earliest sea-wall site found of Five dynasties period

Nixtun-Ch'ich' (Guatemala):  Ancient Mayan City Built on Grid

Tibet : Closing the Case on an Ancient Archeological Mystery

Resilience in Pre-Columbian Caribbean House-Building

Puuc (Mexique): l'ancien sacbe de Kabah à Nohpat

- Ribe (Danemark): How and where the Viking age began

- Tikal  (Guatemala): Myth, Ritual and Human Sacrifice in Early Classic

Dhaskalio (Grèce): The Kastri group evidence

Gdańsk  (Pologne): Another ship in the "Bay of Virtual Shipwreck Park"

Boufféré  (France): Une occupation gauloise

Pacific Northwest (Canada): ancient clam beaches not so natural

Lavegaard (Danemark): A rare bronze brooch excavated

Calculating how the Pacific was settled

Les royaumes du Moyen Âge survivent dans les patronymes espagnols

- Signs of climate change and adaptation in the ancient Maya lowlands

Quesna (Egypte): A rare Third Dynasty find

- Marckolsheim (France): Un village protohistorique de type inédit

Yaroslavl (Russie):  archaeologists find oldest crucible steel weapon in East Europe

- Skaun (Norvège): The mystery of a deeply gouged Viking shield

Mursalevo (Bulgarie):  Thracian child sacrifice found

- Upward Sun River (USA): How humans survived the last Ice Age

Understanding popular Latin of Roman Hispania through graffiti on pottery

- Jinshan (Chine): Complete dragon kilns of different periods discovered at Yueyao kilns sites

Cape Espenberg (USA): Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found

Valognes (France): Une ferme gauloise aux portes de la ville romaine

- Researcher casts doubt on sea peoples theory

Corent  (France): L’impact environnemental d’une ancienne cité gauloise a été décrypté - VIDEO

Zaoyang (Chine): High-rank Tombs Discovered in Guojiamiao Cemetery

The viking women who disappeared

Climate change is destroying Greenland’s earliest history

Slievemore (Irlande): Excavating the Cromlech Tumulus

- Ksagounaki (Grèce): Archaeologists Uncover Ancient ‘Spooning’ Couple

Don't farm on me: Northern Europeans to Neolithic interlopers

Witaszkowo (Pologne): Archaeologists found where the famous Scythian treasure had been hidden

Greenland Vikings outlived climate change for centuries

Tell Khaiber (Iraq): Archaeologists defy Isis militants by finding new antiquities

Canimar Abajo (Cuba): Beans in the Caribbean?

- Tulln (Autriche): Archaeologists Unearth Ottoman War Camel

Bretteville-sur-Odon (France): Un ensemble de fermes gauloises révélées par une fouille préventive

- Ljubljana (Slovenie): Undisturbed Roman graves

- Aduun Chuluu (chine): “Rows of Family Tombs” Found

- Ashdod-Yam (Israel): Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Fortifications at Coastal Site