Articles de Presse 2013/11-12

- G-B : HS2 – what to expect: The biggest dig for ancient treasures and prehistoric beasts in UK history

Jerusalem’s oldest Hebrew engraving refers to lousy wine

Co Mayo island (Irlande):Large pilgrimage route found

Centuries Before China's 'Great Wall,' There Was Another

Huaca Maucallacta (Pérou): in danger of being destroyed

Xinzhou (Chine): les fresques de tombes datant des Dynasties du Nord de Jiuyuangang

Dongola (Soudan): 900-Year-Old Tomb with 7 Mummies and Mysterious Inscriptions Found

Jerusalem (Israël): First-ever Hasmonean structure found

Phu My (Viet Nam): Ancient tomb excavated

Samanco (Pérou): Chimu-Incan Treasure Trove Found Contains Sacrificed Women

- Zoar (Jordanie): Chasing 5th-Century Clues From a Woman’s Tombstone

Warwick (G-B): Lid lifted on 1600 year-old coffin

Ramla (Israel): Magnificent 10th century fountain uncovered

Stonehenge (G-B): Extraordinary Sonic Properties of Bluestones

San Antonio de Valero (USA): Archaeologist May Have Discovered Earliest Spanish Mission, Alamo’s Original Location

- The Onion's Role in Ancient Egypt

Ottoman rulers - sultan, khan, padişah and caliph

Durham (G-B): Archaeologists unearth a medieval mass grave next to Durham Cathedral

Kültepe (Turquie): Excavations in end with new findings

Arizona (USA): Discoveries May Be ‘Game-Changers’ in Mystery of Ancient Culture’s Collapse

Sango (Japon): Researchers confirm work by Kamakura Period sculptor Kaikei; could be oldest

Barema (Papouasie- Nouvelle Guinée):A flaked obsidian tools cache

Eshtaol (Israël): 10,000-Year-Old Home Found

- Milverton (G-B): Henry VIII: Devil in Disguise

Yangzhou (Chine): Valuables unearthed from imperial tombs

- Ilisu (Turquie): Archaeological excavations in dam end as dam’s opening nears

Hillah (Iraq): The 'real site' of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Smederevska Palanka (Serbie): Could this be the world's oldest pocket calendar?

Andong (Corée du Sud): 500 Year-Old Love Letter Found Buried with Mummy

- Lyminge (G-B): Gambling of high-living Anglo-Saxons revealed

Lac de la Raviège (France): Une statue-menhir datant du néolitique découverte

Catacombs of Priscilla (Vatican): ancient frescoes reignite debate over women priests

Hierapolis(Turquie): 'Gate to Hell' Guardians Recovered

- Huacas de Moche(Pérou): New Clues About Human Sacrifices

Chassahowitzka (USA): a spring cleanup yields cornucopia of history

Västra Vång (Suède): Viking-age 'gold men' unearthed

Chalo (Iran): Archaeologists discover traces of Bactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex

Luxor/WestBank (Egypte): New findings at Tuthmosis III Mortuary Temple

La Blanca (Guatemala): première peinture à  fresque connue de l'époque maya découverte