Rapports Archeo 2016/2

Chaco Canyon (USA):  inhabitants likely relied on imported food

Agdenes Farm (Norvège): Dressed up with bling stolen in Viking raids

Avenches (Suisse): Graffiti antiques, l’écriture au quotidien

Bellegarde (France): Le site de Piechegut , de la Préhistoire au Moyen Age

Tucson (USA): Earliest Known Clay Figurines May Be Fertility Symbols

Wye House (USA): how African Americans were converted to Christianity

Montezuma Castle (USA): New Evidence Reveals Violent Final Days

Analysis of Iron Age ceramics suggests complex pattern of Eastern Mediterranean trade

Sutton Hoo (G-B):Scientists discover new material from ship burial

Glassmaking may have begun in Egypt, not Mesopotamia

Lagny sur Marne (France) : des installations artisanales liées au travail du cuir

Viborg (Danemark): Burnt down Iron Age house discovered

Rice farming in India much older than thought, used as 'summer crop' by Indus civilisation

Oaxaca (Mexique): evidence of turkey domestication 1,500 years ago

Trondheim  (Norvège): Altar of Miracle-Making Viking King Discovered

Southern Europe: Early evidence of dairying discovered

Jisakairumoko (Pérou): Potato domestication in the Andes

La Villeneuve-au-Châtelot (France): une ferme médiévale en vallée de la Seine

Africa's oldest domestic chicken bones are relics of ancient Red Sea trade route

Sonoran Desert  (USA): Ancient burials suggestive of blood feuds

Khirbat al-Minya (Israel):new findings on the history of the early-Islamic caliphate palace

Sasiny (Pologne): Archaeologists have studied megalithic... Christian tombs

Agriculture development and environmental records during Neolithic Age in north China

Xi'an (Chine): Discoveries May Rewrite History of Terra-Cotta Warriors

Lifting the veil on Queen of Sheba's perfume

Tel Megiddo (Israel): Rapid Fire: Ancient Blaze Leveled City in 3 Hours

Qumran (Israel):25 New 'Dead Sea Scrolls' Revealed

Vitry sur Seine (France) : Archéologie autour du Grand Paris Express

Tempe (USA) : Grave of Disabled Young Woman

Nara (Japon): Ancient Japan 'more cosmopolitan' than thought

Turpan (Chine) : 2,500-year-old grave was covered in a shroud of 13 Cannabis plants

Pylos (Grèce) :new findings from warrior's tomb

Chaco Canyon (USA) : Salt's secret success

Mer Noire (Bulgarie) : Mediterranean « round » ship discovered

Schüpfen (Suisse) :The 17th-century man who was buried face down

Meaux (France) : une abbaye médiévale édifiée sur un quartier antique

Le Pianelle (Italie) :Ancient Cult Site in Rugged Mountains Revealed with Drones

Antikythera (Grèce): shipwreck yields ancient human bones

Jutland (Danemark) :Burnt cheese casts light on 3,000 year-old family drama

- Teotihuacan (Mexique) : Rethinking ruins

Huaca (Pérou) : Oldest textile dyed indigo blue found

Outeiro do Circo (Portugal) : a Late Bronze Age settlement

- 13th century Maya codex, long shrouded in controversy, proves genuine

Evidence of warning signs before Neolithic community collapse

Poggio Colla (Italie) : Religious Text on Ancient Stele Reveals Previously Unknown Etruscan Goddess

Easter Island not destroyed by war, new analysis shows

High-tech imaging reveals precolonial Mexican manuscript hidden from view for 500 years

An ancient Mayan Copernicus

La Loma del Real Tesoro II (Espagne) : First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found

New method reveals the secrets of bog bodies

Kourou (Guyanne) : des traces d'occupations précolombienne et coloniale

Hala Sultan Tekke (Chypre) :Sensational grave find in Bronze Age city

Population boom preceded early farming

Mouroux (France) : Au temps des Gaulois

Egypte / Soudan : the riddle of defensive structures of the Middle Nile

Gebel Ramlah (Egypte) : the first shepherds of Africa

Pueblo Bonito (USA) : Extra Fingers and Toes Were Revered

- Mona Island (Puerto Rico) : Cave discoveries shed new light on Native and European religious encounters in the Americas

Ergué-Gabéric (France) : Découvertes au Parc Al Lann

Ust-Polui (Russie) : 2,000-Year-Old Dog Graveyard Discovered

Le Mans (France) : Artisanat Gallo-Romain à la Visitation

Nanggu (Iles Solomon) : South Pacific Islanders may have used obsidian 3,000 years ago to make tattoos

Montélimar (France) : la villa gallo-romaine de Maubec

Campo Belo do Sul (Brésil) : Ancient Brazilians occupied the same houses for centuries

Neolithic tombs were telescopes to view the stars

Tangatatau (Cook Islands) : Voyaging in prehistoric Polynesia

Nanjing(Chine) : Ancient Shrine That May Hold Buddha's Skull Bone Found in Crypt

Nîmes (France) : découverte d'une église paléochrétienne et d'un cimetière

South Uist (G-B) : Did the Gaelics 'tame' the Vikings?

- Tell Edfou (Egypte) : rise of urban planning

Gird Lashkir ( Iraq Kurdistan) : site reveals evolution of the first cities of Mesopotamia

Cape Espenberg (USA) : heavily leaded bronze artifacts found

Álava (Espagne) : Livestock pens approximately 5,000 years old

Achenheim (France) : Fureur meurtrière néolithique

Yale researchers map 6,000 years of urban settlements

Vikingborgen  (Danemark) :Viking fortress stumps archaeologists

Dongola (Soudan) : archaeologists discovered dozens of paintings

San Andrés (El Salvador) : How did Southeastern Mayan people overcome catastrophic eruption of Ilpango?

Guadeloupe (France) : Fouille préventive au parc des Roches Gravées à Trois-Rivières

Ancient crop remains record epic migration to Madagascar

Guipavas (France) : La riche histoire du site Lavallot Nord

Oxyrhynchus (Egypte) : Ancient ‘Mad Libs’ Papyri Contain Evil Spells of Sex and Subjugation

Mystery of Mongol Retreat from Hungary Solved

Fayum (Egypte) : archaeologists discover a medieval hermitage

Chesapeake (USA): How Big Were Oysters in the Before Colonization?

- Assouan (Egypte) : A Burial of a prominent 12th Dynasty Lady uncovered

- Tombos (Soudan): Burial sites show how Nubians, Egyptians integrated communities thousands of years ago in Nile River Valley area

Dainzú-Macuilxóchitl (Mexique): Painted Human Jawbones Used as Ancient Jewelry

Naples (Italie): light on ancient Roman water system

Ayia Irini (Grèce)- Aspects of Minoanization: New Evidence from the Northern Sector

Las Ventanas (USA): 900-Year-Old Village Recorded in Volcanic Badlands

Ancient Irish musical history found in modern India

Tahcabo (Mexique): Digging the Secrets of Ancient Maya Gardeners in the Yucatan

Scientists proclaim a new civilization in the Aegean Bronze Age

Gizeh (Egypte): Youngest Ancient Egyptian human foetus 

- New archaeological method finds children were skilled ceramists during the Bronze Age

Saint Jouan des Guérets (France): Du néolithique à nos jours

Matariya (Egypte):  Possible ancient sanctuary of Nectanebo I and temple of Ramses II discovered

- Pucalá (Pérou): Women in a Temple of Death

- Östergötland (Suède): New interpretation of the Rok runestone inscription changes view of Viking Age

Medieval women better dressed than men

Mound Key (USA): Building on shells, mysteries of Calusa kingdom

Suba Cave (Israël): Return to the Cave of John the Baptist

Dahshur (Egypte): Results from the first measurements campaign in the Bent Pyramid

Naours (France): les souterrains au temps de la Grande Guerre

- First performance in 1,000 years: 'Lost' songs from the Middle Ages are brought back to life

Sacred shrew mummies reveal species distribution in ancient Egypt

Iron age man was as fond of Swiss cheese as we are

Angoulême (France): Vestiges de l'ancien château des Comtes

Two volcanoes trigger crises of the late antiquity

Study Ancient Maya Water Storage

- Elephantine (Egypte):  Barque station of Queen Hatshepsut discovered 

Bédée-Pleumeleuc (France): un domaine rural antique

Babylone (Iraq):  A 3,800-year journey from classroom to classroom