Articles de Presse 2016-2

Kilkenny (Irlande): Roman shrines on Freestone Hill

Paphos (Chypre): Skeleton in well and ancient surgery among archaeological finds

Slack (G-B): the location of King Arthur's Camelot found ?

Anning river (Chine): Pre-Qin period settlement sites discovered

Aoyayokogi  (Japon): Ancient painting found connects East Asia cultures

Vangchhia (Inde): Archaeologists May Have Just Uncovered A Lost Civilisation

Bairen (Chine): excavation of mysterious 2,600-year-old city that was wiped out by floods

Ihumatao (N-Z): Rock walls prove 'historic Maori farming' practices

Fengxiang (Chine): Ancient State-level sacrificial site discovered

How the ancient Maya brought sharks to the jungle

Hebrew may be world's oldest alphabet

Barovo (Macédonia):Archeological Research  Explore First Antique Temple

Pylos (Grèce): Lord of the Rings, new findings from warrior’s tomb

Mexico (Mexique): Archaeologists uncover 650-year-old circular temple to god of wind

Wadi el-Jarf (Egypte):Divers uncover world's oldest harbor in Red Sea

Hunan (Chine): Cliff carvings bear evidence of long-lost ethnic Chinese language

Abydos (Egypte): Ancient residential city, cemetery discovered

Windmill Hill (G-B):Vast 5,600-year-old religious centre discovered near Stonehenge

Jinyang (Chine): Palace of Sui Dynasty found

Chichen Itza l (Mexique): Kukulkan’s Inner Structure Detected

- Louxor (Egypte):2,500-year-old mummy found in 'very good' condition

Great Ryburgh (G-B): Anglo-Saxon secrets emerge out of the mud

Mehrgarh (Pakistan): Secrets of ancient amulet's creation revealed after 6,000 years

Hotmul (Guatemala) : Découverte d’une frise maya et de deux tombes

Abydos (Egypte): A 3,800-Year-Old Boat-Tomb Unearthed

Bejukal (Guatemala):Ancient Maya king had a luxury pleasure palace outside the city he ruled

Gozo (Malte): A Phoenician wreck that just keeps giving

St Denis (France): Le dernier tour du Cygne

Ebino (Japon): 6th-century tomb reveals longest sword from ancient Japan

Jaffa (Israel): Previously unknown Canaanite revolt against Egypt revealed

Bornholm (Danemark): 5,000-year-old map unearthed

Skara Brae (G-B): Stone Age people 'roasted rodents for food'

How the First Farmers Changed History

Okinawa (Japon): Roman coins ID'd in ruins, but their origin baffles

Secrets of Greek artists revealed: X-rays show hidden layers of paint on a stunning 2,500-year-old vase

Rathcroghan (Irlande): Researching the Tara of the west

Luxembourg - Place Guillaume II dig gives insights into 13th century convent

Vindolanda (G-B): Roman Fort Yields Hundreds of Shoes

Giresun (Turquie): Excavations reveal religious history of Island

Blick Mead (G-B) :Dog's tooth leads to discovery of earliest known journey in UK history

Pompéi (Italie) :3D scanning project lets you walk around a large house before the volcano

Teos (Turquie) :Ancient tablet shows the most extensive lease contract

Jerusalem (Israel) : Structure Was Dining Room of Ancient City Council

Matariya (Egypte) : Archaeologists discover new temple for Ramses II

Old Beltir (Russie) :Macabre mystery

Tisul (Russie) :Pagan God Confirmed as Being up to 4,200 Years-old

Rendlesham (G-B) : Anglo-Saxon 'palace' found near Sutton Hoo site

Jordanie : 6,000-year-old Fortresses Show Surprisingly Advanced Early Society

Munster (France) : Des fouilles d’intérêt régional

Dolomites (Italie) :World's oldest snowshoe found on a glacier

Ambrussum (France) : les chercheurs relancent les fouilles

Chotuna-Chornancap (Pérou) :Evidence of child sacrifice found at centuries-old burial site

Bodmin Moor  (G-B) :Archaeologists to return to The Hurlers in quest to find potential 'new' stone circle

Kaharol (Bangladesh) : 800-year old temple with distinct Kalinga architecture

Xunantunich (Belize) : NAU Archaeologist Jaime Awe Describes ‘Unbelievable’ Find

Tel Beit She’an (Israel) :  7,000-year-old pits found suggest sophisticated irrigation

Gizeh (Egypte) :Ancient Egyptians used metal in wooden ships

El Soto (Bolivie) : Archeologists Unearth 1,100-Year-Old Bones

China finds ‘great flood’ evidence supporting myth of first emperors

Viminacium (Serbie) :Roman 'curse tablets' summoning up demons discovered in tomb

Rome (Italie): secrets of Roman prison that held both Christian saints and Jewish rebels

Tintagel (G-B) : Royal palace discovered in area believed to be birthplace of King Arthur

Xunantunich (Belize): le tombeau d'un souverain maya retrouvé

Falyron Delta (Grèce) : Mysterious shackled skeletons found in mass grave

Skagafjörður  (Islande) : 1000 Years Skeletons and a Silver Coin

Aci Trezza (Italie) : Trove of Ancient Jars Found Off Sicily

Nara (Japon) : Ancient wooden strips from Horyuji temple

Hårup (Danemark) : Archaeologists just uncovered one of the biggest Viking axes ever

Palenque (Mexique) : water tunnels under Pakal tomb

Yinxu (Chine) : Remains of canal found in oracle site

Empúries (Espagne) :Ancient Roman treasure trove unearthed

Didnauri (Géorgie) :Ancient relics, human remains found at historic settlement

Shimauchi  (Japon) : Ancient inlaid tools point to strong ties with Korea Peninsula

Wadi al-Jarf (Egypte) :  Ancient Logbook Documenting Great Pyramid's Construction Unveiled

Prehistoric Pot Dealers Date Back to 5,000 Years Ago

Bethsaida (Israel):Mighty Fortifications Found

Lake Baikal (Russie) : 5,000-year-old skeleton couple holding hands

Asuka (Japon) :  Part of flashy 7th-century padlock fished out

Żejtun (Malte) : Uncovering Punic remains

Rome (Italie) : workers unearth ancient baths and tombs

Ashkelon (Israel) : First-ever Philistine cemetery found

Polynésie : Stone tools tell story of intrepid mariners

Bazira (Pakistan): a treasure trove of antiquity

Pattarai Perambudhur (Inde) :  ancient trade link with Rome unearthed

- Huqoq (Israel) :Bible Scenes Uncovered in Ruins of Ancient Synagogue 

Rhapta (Tanzanie) : Has the 2,000-year-old lost city been found?

Carthage (Tunisie) : smart cooling system for chariot racers

- Whitesands Bay (G-B) : St David link to 6th Century Pembrokeshire burial site 

Kalkriese (Allemagne) : Eight gold coins discovered mark the site of an ancient Roman massacre

Bazira (Pakistan) :Archaeologists Discover Ancient Indo-Greek City

Lac Baikal (Russie) :Medieval weapon-making foundry discovered

Pompéi (Italie) :Skeletons, coins found in dig of ancient shop

Jerusalem (Israel): Ancient Romans, Jews Invented Trash Collection

Aradetis Orgora (Géorgie) :Traces of 5,000 year old grapes from world's first vineyard discovered

Tellapur (Inde) :Engravings dating back to 15th century found

Byblos (Liban) : New Battle in One of the World’s Oldest Cities

Gath (Israel) :Canaanites Sacrificed Animals From Egypt 5,000 Years Ago

Gorbitsa (Russie) : Bronze Age wall paintings

Petra (Jordanie) :Archaeologists use satellites to discover enormous monument

Athènes (Grèce) : Archaeologists Find First Ancient Oracle to Apollo

Acanceh (Mexique) : Mayan observatory was used to track sun and Venus

Stagira (Grèce) : Has Aristotle's Tomb Been Found? Archaeologists Doubt Claims

Londres (G-B) : Ancient Roman texts shed light on earliest Londoners

Keeladi (Inde) :  Harappa-like site surfaces in Tamil Nadu

Stagira (Grèce) : Aristotle’s 2,400-Year-Old Tomb Found

Trogir (Croatie) : a 1st Century Roman Necropolis found

Hotpot, barbecue can be traced back to China’s Han Dynasty

Namibie : Ancient shipwreck Bom Jesus found laden with gold and buried in sands of Namib Desert

Mijiaya (Chine) : Oldest beer making tools found are 5,000-years-old

Tel el Ajjul (Palestine) :Opulent 3,600-year-old Trading Hub Found

Tell Timai (Egypte): Ancient Device for Determining Taxes Discovered

Guipavas (France) - Lavallot Nord : 5 000 ans d'Histoire sous nos pieds

- Kiev (Ukraine): Palace of Prince Volodymyr the Great unearthed

- Pleubian (France): L'énigme des squelettes de Roc'h Louët

Low Hauxley (G-B): Ancient forest lost beneath the North Sea uncovered

- İzmir’s Yeşilova (Turquie): DNA from 5,000 year old bone to shed light on Anatolian history