Evolution 2023 - 2024

Underworld discovery challenges our understanding of human evolution

How Ancient Humans Escaped Climate Extinction 900,000 Years Ago

- Ranis (Alemagne): Neanderthals and humans lived side by side in Northern Europe 45,000 years ago

Top 13 Discoveries in Human Evolution, 2023 Edition

- Study suggests climate played a crucial role in human migration from Africa

- Dishing the dirt on human evolution: Why scientific techniques matter in archaeology

Monkeys may have made stone artefacts thought to be humans’ earliest tools !!

- DNA reveals a lost age when ‘a different kind of human’ walked the earth

Scientists compare humans and chimpanzees to uncover evolution of language-relevant brain areas

- Human shoulders and elbows first evolved as brakes for climbing apes

Arcy sur Cure : Le premier humain anatomiquement moderne identifié dans la France du Châtelperronien

- Hualongdong (Chine):  Des ossements de 300 000 ans sans espèce fixe…

- Çorakyerler (Turquie): New ancient ape challenges the story of human origins

Researchers determine climate drivers of early human interbreeding

Fossil marks suggest hominids butchered one another around 1.45 million years ago

- When did humans learn how to walk upright?

Oldest ever Homo sapiens footprint is found, pushing the record back by 30,000 years

- Small-brained ancient human cousins may have buried their dead

- Curly hair allowed early humans to ‘stay cool and actually conserve water’

Homo naledi may have dug cave graves and carved marks into cave walls

Human Evolution Study Suggests Multiple Early Lineages in Africa

-  Les jeunes paranthropes, une enfance accélérée !

- A new understanding of human origins in Africa

 South Africa's desert-like interior may have been more inviting to our human ancestors

Nyayanga (Kenya): Des hippopotames des outils et des paranthropes

Moroto II (Ouganda): A plant-based diet full of leaves may have helped apes stand upright

Why don't humans have fur?

Surprising similarities in stone tools of early humans and monkeys

Could meiotic drive explain why Neandertal ancestry is so sparse on the X chromosome?

Neanderthals, Denisovans, And Modern Humans Might Have Intermingled In Iran

- Human height remained unchanged for 2,000 years in Milan

Back to the time of the first Homo Sapiens with a futuristic clock, the new Radiocarbon 3.0

- 2.9-million-year-old butchery site reopens case of who made first stone tools

- Anthropologists outline techniques for identifying food eaten by early hominins

Did Humanity Really Arise in One Place?

- New insight on what ancient noses smelled

Fossil teeth reveal how brains developed in utero over millions of years of human evolution

Mais à qui appartiennent ces empreintes vieilles de 300.000 ans ?

Early humans: Tooth enamel reveals life histories