Rapports Archeo 2014-3

Sandby borg (Suède): Macabre skeletal finds shed new light on the massacre

Larnaka (Chypre): Finds of extraordinary historical value

Derventio (G-B) : Beyond the Fort

Cournonterral (France): Une nécropole du premier âge du Fer,  la découverte de tombes-bûchers au profil inédit en Languedoc-Roussillon

Team shed light on ancient Egyptian obelisk

- Nubie (Soudan): Domestic cereals in evidence 7,000 years ago

Drawsko (Pologne): Post-medieval buried as potential 'vampires' were likely local

Fish, shellfish and fishermen in Prehistoric Aegean

Grudna (Pologne): archaeologists studied a monumental mound

Delos (Grèce): Sunken parts of the Stadion District found in the waters

Promotory Cave (USA) : Children’s Moccasins Sheds Light on Little-Known Ancient Culture

- Vallø (Danemark): Harald Bluetooth built Viking fortress

Kerameikos (Grèce): Attic funerary stele found

Climate change was not to blame for the collapse of the Bronze Age

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Electron Beam Points to Origins of  Stone Faces

- Tibet :  Prehistoric farming on the 'roof of the world'

Erica river valley (Espagne): Laser from a plane discovers Roman goldmines

Fehmarn Belt (Danemark): archaeologists find 5,000-year-old human footprints

Nea Paphos (Chypre): 2014 Archaeological Excavations

Pattadakal (Inde): Art historian cracks the code of an ancient temple

Polynesia: A thousand years of environmental change

Tell Timai (Egypte):Archaeologists unearth ancient coins and dietary options

Amphipolis (Grèce): Long-awaited skeleton found

Dolice (Turquie): Unique Roman Relief Discovered

Teliţa-Celic Dere  (Roumanie): archaeologists study Thracian burial ground

New Zealand's moa were exterminated by an extremely low-density human population

Flers (France): Fouille de l’ancienne église Saint-Germain et de son cimetière

Oxyrhynchos (Egypte): 2,000-year-old youth organization

Population boom, droughts contributed to collapse of ancient Assyrian Empire

Prophet’s ancient seal provides insights from antiquity

Idalion (Chypre): Excavations focused on the “City Sanctuary”

Huanchaquito (Pérou): dig reveals sacrificial mystery

Reims (France): vie quotidienne pendant la Grande Guerre : un camp allemand

Lagunita and Tamchén (Mexique):Two Maya Cities Found in Jungle

Saint-Martin (Antilles): Fouille archéologique sur le site de Grand-Case Nord

Erimi (Chypre): Ancient textile and dyeing workshops excavated

Pirée (Grèce): Wooden sculpture unearthed

- Amphipolis (Grèce):Finding the Sphinx’s head only makes the riddle more complex

Hallucinogenic Plants May Be Key to Decoding Ancient Southwestern Paintings

Gournia (Grèce): a prehistoric Greek pottery workshop.

Lödöse (Suède):glass artefacts shed new light on glass history

Burrough Hill (G-B): Archaeologists discover bronze remains of Iron Age chariot

Browina (Pologne):Archaeologists studied 6 thousand years old settlement

Amphipolis (Grèce): Impressive mosaic floor revealed

Vergina (Grèce): Remains of Alexander the Great's Father Confirmed Found

Greek Bronze Age ended 100 years earlier than thought

La Almoloya (Espagne): Bronze age palace and grave goods discovered

El Castillon (Espagne): New findings contribute to the understanding of the settlement’s inhabitation

Ancient Nordic male warriors showed signs of vanity

- Malte : Le plus ancien navire de commerce phénicien de la Méditerranée occidentale

Tafilah (Jordanie): New Polish archaeological project

Supraśl (Pologne): Unique archaeological discovery

Hammershus (Danemark): Researchers are trying to solve a castle mystery

Vantaa (Finlande): Hyperspectral imaging shines light on the early Finns' life in the Stone Age

Bolków (Pologne): Mesolithic sanctuary reveals constellation riddle

Chavagne (France): De la Préhistoire au Moyen Âge

Leicestershire (G-B): skeletons have been holding hands for 700 years

Port-en-Bessin (France): De la fin de l’indépendance à la romanisation : les fouilles du Mont Castel

El Zotz (Guatemala): Capturing ancient Maya sites from both a rat's and a 'bat's eye view'

Meroe (Soudan): Kingdom of Kush Iron Industry Works Discovered

- Lipnica Dolna (Pologne): Village from the Roman period discovered

Teotihuacan (Mexique): an alcoholic beverage named pulque as early as 200 to 550 A.D

San Francisco (USA): Researchers exploring 'graveyard of ships'

Jethro Cairn (Israel): 5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Discovered

Amphipolis (Grèce): Third chamber at tomb deemed unstable

Gernsheim (Allemagne): Long lost Roman fort discovered

Saimaa (Finlande): The creation of the Vuoksi River preceded a significant cultural shift

Biblical archaeology sees golden age in Israel, dark age in rest of Middle East

- Suchań (Pologne): Archaeologists study the village of Scandinavian settlers

- Amphipolis (Grèce): The Caryatids in all their grandeur and beauty

Fleury-sur-Orne (France): Une nécropole du Néolithique moyen

Ecological collapse over 6,000 years of Egyptian history

Amphipolis (Grèce) : Female Sculptures Guard Mysterious Tomb

Azután (Espagne) : Copper Age settlement discovered

Køge (Danemark) :Sensational Viking Fortress discovered

Arnhem (Australie) : Analysing Jawoyn Rock-Art

Tombarelle (Italie): A Glance into the Lives of the Roman Peasantry

Guerrero (Mexique): Figurines provide clue to Olmec trading links

Barczewo (Pologne): "Warmia Pompeii" - fourteenth century settlement

Tel Kabri (Israël): Bronze Age wine cellar found

Slaves' Hill (Israël): Ancient Edomite metalworkers weren't slaves, they were foodies

Amphipolis (Grèce): Pebbled and decorated with black and white square patterns

Amphipolis (Grèce):  tomb interior is blocked by another wall

Utah (USA):  Rock Art May Be Thousands of Years Younger Than Was Thought

Amphipolis (Grèce):  tomb entrance keeps getting revealed

Nojol Nah (Belize): Archaeologists Excavate Endangered Maya Site

Strumiany (Pologne): Archaeologists discovered more than 100 burial mounds

Tel Gezer (Israël):Discoveries made in King Solomon's city , SWBTS reports

- Judean Pillar Figurines

Qajaa (Groenland / Danemark): Rising temperatures could destroy Greenland's archaeological treasures

Montpellier (France): Ligne 4 de tramway : sur les traces de l’histoire

- Nubia (Soudan) before Napta

USA : Violence in the Ancient Southwest Offers Insights Into Peace

Berenike (Egypte):  an ancient port on the Red Sea coast

Bibracte (France): archaeologists study Celtic oppidum

Professor works to help solve mystery surrounding portrait of a mummy

Kourion (Chypre): More evidence of earthquake

Climate change and drought in ancient times

Mummies in Egypt began long before Age of Pharoahs

- Tepetipac (Mexique): Fouilles et restaurations

Gonio (Géorgie): archaeologists discovered Roman baths

Cetamura del Chianti (Italie): Excavation of ancient well yields insight into Etruscan, Roman and medieval times

Landsjö (Suède): The Crowning of the Lion

Computer model simulates Neolithic transition from egalitarianism to leadership and despotism

Piszczewo (Pologne): Medieval church discovered in Podlasie

Egyptologist sheds light on Tulane mummies

USA - Researchers see violent era in ancient Southwest

- Xi'an (Chine): Scientists solve 2000-year-old mystery of the binding media in polychrome Terracotta Army

- Lyngsmose (Danemark): Iron Age village

Grunwald (Pologne): Archaeologists will look for knights' weapons in the lakes around Grunwald

Bethsaida (Israël):Judaea Capta Coin Uncovered in Excavations