Rapports Archeo 2015

Ephese (Turquie): The Mistress of Animals

Stary Folwark (Pologne): Archaeologists discovered previously unknown fortified settlements

- Turi (Chili):  Atacama Desert farm fields abandoned 500 years ago

- El Pilar (Guatemala / Belize):  Mysterious Ancient Maya Citadel

Beijing, (Chine): Archaeological discoveries within the Forbidden City in 2014: Ming and Qing Dynasty ruins

Tlaxcallan (Mexique): Geopolitics in Aztec-era Mesoamerica

Kemberg (Allemagne): remains of Biskupin-type fortified settlement

Ceibal (Guatemala): Archaeologists Discover Maya 'Melting Pot'

- Shangjing (Chine): Excavation of the city gate in the capital city of Jin Dynasty

Upper Voden Fortress (Bulgarie): Archaeologists find ancient Pithoi, medieval byzantine seals

Sa Cudia Cremada (Espagne): Unearthing an Iron Age Sanctuary in the Mediterranean

Kosrae (Micronesie): Coral Pyramids Date Back to Middle Ages

New perspectives on China's long history of reunifications

Strasbourg (France): un bassin antique serait la première piscine baptismale

- Herodium (Israel): Gem Engraved with Goddess' Image Found

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Ancients Set Stage for Collapse

Trieste (Italie): Researchers discover oldest Roman fort

Hippos-Sussita (Israel): Largest known mask of Pan discovered

Gegharot (Armenie) : Evidence of political divination

Gebelein (Egypte): archaeologists in the forgotten capital

- Liyang / Huiluo (Chine): Excavation of Large State Granary sites of Sui Dynasty

Slime mould builds an ancient road network

Wąbrzeźno (Pologne): New findings of archaeologists on the castle

Legio (Israel): Archaeologists Return to Unearth Base of the Roman Sixth Legion

Saving Chinchorro mummies from climate change

Erhai (Chine): Ancient Mongol Metallurgy an Extreme Polluter

Kowal (Pologne): Studies of the unique ritual structures from before 5 thousand years summarised

Lavau (France): Découverte d’une tombe princière du Ve siècle avant notre ère

Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula hit by tsunami 1,500 years ago

Diros (Grece): Ancient Town and Burial Complex Unearthed

Flers (France): Fouille en laboratoire de deux sépultures en cercueil de plomb des XVIIe/XVIIIe siècles

Advanced modeling software explores whether Augustus Caesar really transformed Rome

Leicester (G-B): Archaeologists lift lid on mystery coffin buried near Richard III

What was a day at school like for Julius Caesar?

Karnak (Egypte): découverte de 38 objets de culte au temple de Ptah - VIDEOS

Honduras: Lost City Discovered in Rain Forest

- Zhangjiadun (Chine): 6500 years ago Settlement found

- Paris (France): Les surprises des sous-sols du boulevard Sébastopol: archéologie du cimetière de la Trinité

- Tel ‘Eton (Israel): Possible Ancient Judean Administrative Center

- Anle Site (Chine): Complete Hill-Type Settlement from 5000 Years Ago

- Humour in the 13th century characterized by ridicule

Viarmes (France) retrouve son château médiéval

- Valence (France): un cimetière médiéval boulevard Félix-Faure

- Stryjów (Pologne): The first barrow from the turn of the third and second millennium BC excavated

- Xultun (Guatemala) : Mural Reveals  a group portrait of advisers to the Maya royalty

- Vikings were pioneers of craft and international trade, not just pillaging

- Brunstadt (Norvege) : Exceptional Stone Age Norvegian excavated

- Nayarit (Mexique): Recherche sur la culture Aztatlán

- NORVEGE : Stone phalluses and ancient fertility cults

- The Hopewell mortuary-ceremonial interaction sphere

Skaun (Norvège): Islamic coins in Viking grave

The Earliest History of Chocolate

Rzepedź (Pologne): Treasure of bronze objects from before 3.5 thousand years discovered

Larger area analysis needed to understand patterns in prehistory

Sømmevågen (Norvège): Mysterious object found in a Stone Age settlement

Diros (Grèce): The eternal embrace: 6,000-year-old couple unearthed

Libye: Archaeologists reveal mysteries of ‘lost’ 3,000-year-old civilisation

Study seeks to understand Amazonia's past to ensure its sustainable future

Vrsysinas (Grèce): Shepherds, farmers and fishermen at the Peak Sanctuary

Halutza (Israël): discovery of 1,500 year-old grape seeds

Paralimni (Chypre): First excavation at Nissia Shipwreck completed

Quelccaya Ice Cap  (Pérou): Earliest evidence of large-scale human-produced air pollution

Historic Indian sword was masterfully crafted

Rapid end of the Green Sahara 8,000 years ago

Ipplepen (G-B): Skeletons uncovered reveals major Roman cemetery

Ashipucoto / Karecoto (Pérou): Uncovering the Secrets of Cosma

Angkor (Cambodge): Archaeologists use airborne lasers to solve mystery of demise

Tel Burna (Israël):  fortified site from ancient Kingdom of Judah

USA : Social networks in late pre-Hispanic Southwest

Xiaohe (Chine): Proteomics reveals bovine origin of 3500-year-old glue

Tell el-Farcha (Egypte) : Virtual 3D model of more than 5 thousand years old homes

Peace Bridge (Canada): Fishy cooking habits of North American hunter-gatherers revealed

Rennes (France): Fouille de la place Saint-Germain

Maui (Hawai): Prehistoric Temples Reveal Origins of Island’s First Kingdom

La Draga (Espagne): Bowhunting may have fostered social cohesion during the Neolithic

Wągrowiec (Pologne): the fifteenth-century monastery

Zita (Tunisie): Archaeologists excavate Roman and Punic city

- Ile de Pâques (Chili): the demise of early Rapa Nui society

Karczyn (Pologne): Huge burial site from before 2 thousand years

- Cantona (Mexique): Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican society's demise was more complex than just weather

Dundrum Bay (G-B): Site of SS Great Britain 'shipwreck' located

- Post-traumatic stress 'evident in 1300BC'

- Vrysinas (Grèce): Peak Sanctuary, Clay human figurines

Warndt (France): Pré-inventaire des mines anciennes du Warndt Lorrain

Pintia (Espagne): Pre-Roman Burials

- Abel Beth Maacah (Israël): Were There Arameans ?

Colorado (USA): Archaeological Heritage of Ute Tribe

Herculanum (Italie): Voir à l'intérieur des rouleaux carbonisés

Sozopol (Bulgarie): Ancient Greek Temenos on Black Sea Island

Bieździadka (Pologne): Unknown earth fortifications discovered

Brunstad (Norvège): top archaeological finding in 2014

Machaerus (Israël): Anastylosis Where John the Baptist was Beheaded

Oppland (Norvège): Items lost in the Stone Age are found in melting glaciers

- Irlande : Antiquity of dairying revealed

Sogndalsdalen (Norvège): A viking blacksmith buried with his tools

- Angkor (Cambodge): Lessons learned from the collapse

Falster (Danemark): Roman drunkard found

- Kissonerga-Skalia (Chypre): 2014 excavation results

Tenochtitlan (Mexique): a offering underneath an statue of the goddess Tlaltecuhtli

Greenland's Iron Age came from space

Vrysinas (Grèce): The systematic excavation at the Peak Sanctuary

Hardknott (G-B): Ancient Roman Fort Designed for Celestial Show

Searching for Genghis Khan's lost tomb from space

Kition (Chypre): Intact Archaic tomb in the Pervolia necropolis

Bethsaida (Israël): Possible Royal Escape Tunnel

Vretsia – Roudias (Chypre): New data about ‘stone feature’

Egypte: Rock art draws scientists to ancient lakes

Karnak (Egypte): 23 statuettes et objets précieux découverts au temple de Ptah

Ancient Greek coins: Twenty-five century-old mystery uncovered

Bibracte (France): 2014, une campagne de fouilles fructueuse

Ile de Pâques (Chili): History of Rapa Nui far more complex than thought

Kimberley (Australie): New dates for prized spear points

Nichoria  (Grèce): Research Dishes the Dirt on the Demise of a Civilization

Trøndelag (Norvège):  Mid-NorwayVikings among the first to sail to British Isles