Rapports Archeo 2014 - 1

Ensisheim-Reguisheimerfeld (France) :  Tranche 2

- Rodemack (France): Archéologie du château, la place-forte aux trois frontières

Clippers and coiners in 16th-century England

- Chaco Canyon (USA): Turquoise Trade Network of Ancient Pueblos Revealed

Sacsayhuamán (Pérou): Ancient Inca Monumental Complex Exhibits Astronomical Values ?

New research unwraps the study of ancient Egypt

- Did the pharaohs know hieroglyphics?

Îles Aléoutiennes (USA): Ancient Aleuts and large-scale environmental events in the global north

Zakynthos (Grèce): The Sacred Slippers (emvades) of St. Dionysius

- Researcher dives into archaeology's next frontier

Siem Reap (Cambodge): dozens of archaeological sites discovered

- Earliest Domestic Grains Along Silk Road Spread By Ancient Nomads

Louxor (Egypte): World's oldest weather report could revise Bronze Age chronology

Where Are All the Babies in Archaeological Sites?

Palaiseau (France): ferme gauloise et établissement médiéval

Järrestad in Skåne (Suede): Hard to walk in ancestral moccasins

Vikings used crystals with sun compass to steer at night

- Guarding Grapes and Other Tales from Papyri

- Isla Colón (Panama): "unnatural selection" in popular seafood

 Perthi Duon (G-B): Excavation of Neolithic chambered tomb begins

Xno'ha  (Belize): Archaeological Team Uncovers Elite Residential Complex

Pacific Northwest (Canada): Ancient clam gardens nurtured food security

- Lunteren (Pays-Bas): Seven centuries of ploughing in Ede: Dutch Celtic fields used continuously for centuries

Cayenne (Guyane): Fouille archéologique dans l’ancien hôpital Jean-Martial

Tebtunis (Egypte): 1,800-year-old letter from Egyptian soldier

- Vergina (Grece): Tombs of Alexander the Great’s Ancestors Found?

Maxcanu (Mexique): Ancient ball game court found

Kakcus-Turjan (Hongrie): a 4000 years old settlement

Espagne : Laser and radar unveil the secrets of Roman bridges

Emotional expressions in ancient funerary art served as therapy for the bereaved

- Mongol Empire rode wave of mild climate

- Sulfur and iron accumulation in three marine-archaeological shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea: The Ghost, the Crown and the Sword

Xochimilco (Mexique): Découverte d'un quartier préhispanique

Prunay-Belleville (France): Pillage d’une nécropole antique

How celestial events influenced orientation of the great constructions of the Nabataeans

Tel Erani (Israël): Researchers track 5 thousand years old trade routes

Villa de Alvárez (Mexique): Découverte d'une tombe à puits

Saint-Paul (La Réunion): La sucrerie de Grand Fond

How ancient Greek plays allow us to reconstruct Europe's climate

- Metsamor (Arménie): the urban area adjacent to the citadel

- Nazca (Pérou): Intriguing anomaly in 1600-year-old textile

- Vikings in Russia

Coudray-Salbart (France): fouille archéologique préventive au Château

- Ibiza (Espagne): Candelabra found offers clues about medieval navigation routes

Fort Caroline (USA): Location of Fort Caroline may be in Georgia

- Nieszawa (Pologne): second season of research

- Decline of Bronze Age 'megacities' linked to climate change

- Le Mans (France): Vestiges médiévaux sous la place du Jet d’eau

- Karanis (Egypte):  Ancient Egyptian papyri discovered at Luther College

Majuelos (Pérou): Peru's largest petroglyph panel yet discovered

- Marseille (France): Fouille de la chapelle de la Capelette

Mali: Social Complexity and Funerary Practices

- Saintes (France): Une fouille archéologique préventive au coeur de la ville antique

New York (USA): Mystery Artifact Unearthed at City Hall Is 19th-Century Feminine Device

- Preseli Hills (G-B): Source of Stonehenge's rocks pinpointed

- Pacific Northwest (USA) :Ancient herring catch nets fisheries weakness

Mitzpe Harel (Israël): 2300-year-old village discovered near ‘Burma Road’

- West Torbreck (G-B): Bronze Age woman suffered from tooth decay

Nowy Łowicz (Pologne): Dozens of prehistoric burials discovered

Mexico City (Mexique): Archaeologists find ancient dog burial site

- Dunterton (G-B): Ancient ring a clue to church past?

Har Karkom (Israël): Archaeological Discoveries on a Holy Mountain in the Desert of Exodus

Tell Abu al-Kharaz (Jordanie): Roving Sea Peoples may have settled Transjordan

Oxfordshire (G-B): Ancient graves hint at cultural shift to Anglo-Saxon Britain

Gilpin Point (Bahamas): What ecosystem greeted the first human settlers in the northern Caribbean?

Ancient settlements and modern cities follow same rules of development

- From surf to turf: archaeologists and chemists trace ancient British diets

Bar-sur-Aube (France): Des chevaux dans la guerre

- Amheida-Trimithis (Egypte): Homer and Drugs in a Grecoroman School

- Ötzi's flint: a one-sided relationship

- Is an earthquake behind carbon dating of Shroud of Turin image?

Verdun (France): Fouilles de l’abbaye Saint-Vanne (Verdun) : résultats préliminaires de la campagne 2013

Cerro de Coamiles (Mexique): Aztatlan Astronomical Observatory linked to sun worship

Camel Domestication History Challenges Biblical Narrative

Assasif (Egypte): New Evidence on the Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV Co-Regency

- Cracking mystery Viking runic codes

- Botanists suggest Voynich illustrations similar to plants in Mexico

Vryocastro (Grèce): A Hellenistic Monumental Building

Kouphonisia (Grèce): Investigations in the Early Bronze Age

Archaeologists pinpoint the date when domesticated camels arrived in Israel

- Deir el-Bahari (Egypte):Statue of Female Pharaoh’s Favourite Identified

- Kissamos (Grèce): “Cenae maiores” in Greco-Roman period

Olmec Civilization More Expansive than Previously Thought

Las Ventanas (Mexique): site archéologique caxcana

Kydonia (Grèce): Did the Minoans Sacrifice Humans ?

The Arabic Papyrology Database (APD)

Reims (France): une collection exceptionnelle d’objets archéologiques

Tell Abu al-Kharaz (Jordanie): Cultural connections with Europe found

- Moshav Aluma (Israël): Discovery of a major church with a splendid mosaic from the Byzantine period

Koutroulou Magoula (Grèce): Bringing the Neolithic Figurines Back to Life

Evidence for Nordic "grog" discovered in ancient Scandinavia

Koukonisi (Grèce): Marine animal remains from the settlement

Tenochtitlan (Mexique): Bones from Human sacrifice

- Proto-Aeolic Capital Associated with Judah’s Longest Spring Tunnel

- Saint-François (Guadeloupe): Fouille préventive sur la plage des Raisins clairs

Lachish (Israël): Archaeologists Return to the Ancient City

Rome (Italie): Ara Pacis Illuminated

Minateda (Espagne): First farmers and stockbreeders painted with the same pigments that their hunters ancestors

Çatalhöyük (Turquie): Last grain stores found

Argos (Grèce): The Heraion : astronomical orientation and dating

Tulix Mul (Belize): Archaeologists Discover Rare Ancient Maya Mural

Gebel Ramlah (Egypte): Unique Neolithic child cemetery found

- Kato Paphos (Chypre): Excavations 2013 of the University of Warsaw

Sinaloa (Mexique): archaeologists pinpoint origin of Aztatlan ceramics

- Quinhagak (USA): 700-year-old Yup'ik "melting village" in Alaska

Mahendraparvata (Cambodge): Ancient city's intensive land use led to extensive environmental impacts

- Lower Pecos River (USA): Ancient Rock Art Yields ‘Surprising’ New Finds

- Vikings and superheroes: How interconnected characters may reveal the reality behind the stories

Early Amazonian population centers

Ancient times table hidden in Chinese bamboo strips

- Mexico City (Mexique): Premier bilan des fouilles sur la ligne 12 du métro