Articles de Presse 2014 - 11/12

Top 10 Discoveries of 2014

Yenikapi (Turquie): Byzantine Shipwrecks Shed Light on Shipbuilding History

Cumwhitton (G-B): Axeheads, burials, knives and more from the Viking cemetery

Baghpat (Inde): 4,000-year-old house found offers rare clue to Harappan habitation

Suoi Bang (Viet Nam): Coffin caves archaeological treasure

Mount Carmel (Israel): Trash in a prehistoric house tells a story

Gaza:(Palestine):  A crossroads of civilisations

Sanxingdui (Chine): Mystery of Ancient Civilization's Disappearance Explained

- Bosnie Herzegovine:  Ottoman artwork and buildings unearthed

Khirbet Majdouliya (Israël):Roman-era structure thought to be synagogue found in Golan Heights

Malte : 50 newly discovered archaeological sites scheduled

- Mount Carmel (Israël): Ancient glass bracelet with menorah motif

Beauvais (France): Les archéologues sur la piste d'un temple antique

Sizhou (Chine): The site of ancient city rediscovered

- Magdala (Israël): Synagogue where Jesus likely preached uncovered

Druridge Bay (G-B): Archaeological dig uncovers 10,000 years of Northumberland history

Ukok (Russie):Mausoleum plans unveiled for homecoming of Siberian ice maiden

Ein Zippori (Israël): 8,000-year old olive oil found

- Chichester (G-B): Racton Man 'was warrior chief killed in battle'

Rosh Ha'Ayin (Israël): 2,800-year old farm house uncovered

- Umbria (Italie): underground opens up subterranean treasures

Ravelrig Hill (G-B):  Palisaded settlement and Iron Age roundhouse reveal story of prehistoric Scottish communities

Louxor (Egypte: Karomama tomb discovered in the Ramesseum temple

Mosfell (Islande): Beer and Beef: Why the Vikings' Elaborate Feasts Died Out

Nara (Japon): Discovery suggests building linked to imperial family 13 centuries ago

Wenxian (Chine): Excavating spot of ancient relics of the Han Dynasty

Calawah River (USA): Petroglyph depicting Quileute legend found

Baffin (Canada): Evidence of early Norse metalwork

Zippori (Israël): Ancient Jewish inscription found in wall of 19th century Muslim tomb

Actun Tunichil Muknal (Belize): Archaeologist's cave research

2,400-Year-Old Coffin's 'Odd' Art Hints at Ancient Egypt's Brain Drain

Changping (Chine): 500-Year-Old Clothing Found In Ming Dynasty Tomb

Grasse  (France): Des milliers de céramiques enfouies

- Uxmal (Mexique): Découverte d'une structure sous le Palais du Gouverneur

Searching for the World's First Zero

Roubion (France): Un trésor gaulois vieux de 2.300 ans découvert

- Guangdong Chine): Archeologists explore ancient ship of Song Dynasty

Bagan (Myanmar): Pentagonal temples

- Jewellery of the Indus Valley Civilisation unveils stories of the past

Rajagala (Sri Lanka): Digging deep into a monastery on the mountain

Jersey(G-B): solid gold torc hidden in Celtic coin hoard

Old Sarum  (G-B): Medieval city uncovered by archaeologists

Charleston (USA): Dig uncovers remnants of wharf where 100,000 slaves arrived (VIDEO)

- The God factor and the pistachio tree

Listen to the terrifying sound of the Aztec DEATH WHISTLE

Rome (Italie): Archivist rediscovers forgotten 16th century ghetto

- Erlitou (Chine):  celadon pottery production site

Timna Valley (Israël): Workers at Biblical Copper Mines Ate Quite Well

Amphipolis (Grèce): Ancient coins found in mystery tomb

Ermant (Egypte):  Amenhotep III head unearthed

Cemceli   (Turquie): 3,000-year-old settlement reveals Armenian traces

 Antikythera (Grèce): Solving the Riddles of an Early Astronomical Calculator

Bathonea (Turquie): excavations shed light on Istanbul’s history

Kucha (Chine): 1,700-Year-Old Silk Road Cemetery Contains Mythical Carvings

Louxor (Egypte): Gold jewellery found in Tuthmosis III temple tomb

Salisbury (G-B): x-rays reveal intricacies of Anglo-Saxon sword, shield, spear and grave goods

How Kuwaitis lived more than 8,000 years ago

- Xi'an (Chine): Chinese ink paintings line the walls of ancient tomb  VIDEO

Paphos (Chypre):  digs unearth pottery and coins

Pompéi (Italie): Vases Reveal Panic Before Eruption

Jersey (G-B):  experts find gold necklace in 'largest Celtic hoard'

- Binh Chau (Viet Nam): Shipwrecks reveal ancient trade routes

Town Creek (USA): Rubbish dig casts new light on pre-Columbian village

Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered

Novosibirsk (Russie): Could rare sword  belonged to Ivan the Terrible?

Karkemish (Turquie): Archaeologists dig at ancient site on the Turkish-Syrian border

Amphipolis (Grèce): The ‘Resident’ of the Tomb

Pompéi, Herculaneum (Italie) : Latrines, sewers show varied ancient Roman diet

Vengerovo (Russie): Is this what Siberian men used to shave in 2,000BC?

Xi'an (Chine): Ears of  Terra-Cotta Warriors Offer Clues to Their Creation

Nara (Japon): Glass dish unearthed came from Roman Empire

Dumfries (G-B) - A peek inside a Viking piggybank: CT scans of treasure chest reveal hidden brooches, gold ingots and ivory beads

Por-Bajin (Russie): Who built this Siberian summer palace… and why?