Rapports archéo 2012 - 3

Evreux (France): Des Gallo-Romains très à cheval sur les rituels

Tikal (Guatemala): Researchers unlock ancient Maya secrets with modern soil science

Murcie (Espagne): At least six major earthquakes on the Alhama fault in the last 300,000 years

Tel Beth-Shemesh (Israël): 11th-century BCE sacred compound

Koutroulou Magoula (Grèce):  Stone houses came to light

Horsens Fjord (Danemark): Paddles dating back to the Ertebølle culture

- Amara West (Egypte): the life-story of a pot

Toro Muerto (Pérou): petroglyphs abandoned

Saint-Marcel de Félines / Balbigny: Établissements médiévaux

Wanfunao (Chine): Discovery of Series Bells and a Preliminary Exploration

Yok Balum Cave (Belize): linkages between climate change and political, human impacts among ancient Maya

First wrecked, now pillaged: Vietnam’s underwater treasure

Coral files reveal time of first Polynesian settlements

Should we keep the Vikings’ stolen goods?

- Toluquilla (Mexique): Restauration du terrain de jeu de balle  n°1

Castle Harbour (Bermudes) : Revisiting the Earl of Warwick’s ship

Qumran (Cisjordanie): Ancient Scribe Links Qumran Scrolls to Masada

Belica (Serbie): 8000 year old collection of jewelry and figurines

Kopperåa River (Norvège): Medieval copper smelter found

- Iglesia Vieja (Mexique): Avancées des fouilles

Jerusalem (Israël): excavations of an ancient Byzantine tower

Xiaoyao (Chine) : The archaeological achievements

Anogyra-Vlou (Chypre): Field season 2012 completed

Contournement Nîmes-Montpellier (France): Lancement des fouilles archéologiques

Ayn Gharandal (Jordanie): the site include a Roman fort, bathhouse, and aqueduct system

Andilly (France): une ferme gauloise en bordure du Marais poitevin

El Pañhu (Mexique): burnt stucco floor related to astronomical event 1,350 years ago

- Haminmangha (Chine): The Discovery and Cognition of the Prehistoric Settlement Site

Caesar, the Orchid Chief

- Early Religious Practice in Norse Greenland

Santa Barbara Island (USA): Historic shipwreck discovered

Bourg Charente (France): du Paléolithique au Moyen Âge

Cracking the code: the decipherment of Linear B 60 years on

Xi'an (Chine): Excavation of Han Dynasty Tombs at the Wanda Square in Daminggong Palace Are

Nayarit (Mexique) Découverte de sépultures préhispaniques inhabituelles

Northeastern Canada :  Dorset people, 1,000-year-old rituals

Bethsaida (Israël): Road from Time of Earliest Christian Apostles Uncovered

Maillé (France): mis au jour des vestiges datant de la Préhistoire jusqu’au Moyen Âge.

Leicester (G-B) : One foot from the grave!

- Kuntillet ‘Ajrud (Israël): Puzzling Finds

Bocana del Rio Copalita (Mexique): Un ensemble funéraire découvert

Rome (Italie): Researchers Pinpoint Where Julius Caesar was Stabbed

Sublaines (France):Un souterrain-refuge, témoin du Moyen Âge tourangeau ?

How Vikings navigated the world

- Chengtou (Chine): excavation of the East Han tomb complex

- Ban Non Wat (Thailande): early settlements of ithe Khmer civilization.

Methane emissions traced back to Roman times

The archaeological examination of Palatial Crete

- El Perú-Waka' (Guatemala): Tomb of Maya queen K'abel discovered

- Baiae (Italie): The Unsolved Mystery of the Tunnels

Egyptian toe tests show they're likely to be the world's oldest prosthetics

Pompéi (Italie): In the earliest Biblical painting, Greek philosophers admire a king's wisdom

Prastio-Mesorotsos (Chypre): completion of the 2012 archaeological investigations

- Metz (France): Une forge de l’âge du Bronze

- Ancon (Pérou): Excavating the Funerary Bundles

- Jerusalem (Israel): Tombs of the Kings of Judah  ?:

- Lusehøj (Danemark): Ancient stinging nettles reveal Bronze Age trade connections

Discussing medieval sermon studies

Labergement-Foigney (France): Une importante villa gallo-romaine

La Bastida (Espagne): 4,200-year-old fortification, unique in continental Europe

Tibet : Buddhist statue, discovered by Nazi expedition, is made of meteorite

Baodun (Chine): Settlement archaeology made great progress

Daskyleion (Turquie): Linguists decipher Phrygian and Lydian inscriptions

Tell El-Timai / Thmuis (Egypte) : Ancient Nile Delta City Reveals its Secrets

Ein Zippori (Israël): New Stone Age finds

Tingambato (Mexique): Découverte d'une chambre funéraire

Guyang (Chine): New Archaeological Achievements of Han Dynasty site

Antiochia ad Cragum  (Turquie): a massive Roman mosaic found

Chicago Demotic Dictionary refines knowledge of influential language

Danemark: The English inspired Vikings to build cities

- Mesnil-Saint-Nicaise (France): Des ex-voto dédiés à Apollon au fond de puits

- Palenque (Mexique): Experts Explore Tomb of Presumed 5th-Century Mayan Leader

Human impact felt on Black Sea long before industrial era

Hermeskeil (Allemagne): camp presumably built during Julius Caesars' Gallic War in the late 50s B.C

Debt Cancellation in Mesopotamia and Egypt from 3000 to 1000 BC

Rennes (France): Découverte d’un temple antique sous le couvent des Jacobins

Mexico City (Mexique): Cinquante encensoirs découverts au Templo Mayor

Issyk Kul (Kyrgyzstan): Search for a Sunken Palace

- Leicester (G-B): Human remains discovered in search for King Richard III

Houtaomuga (Chine): Prominent discovery of the excavation

Could ancient Egyptians hold the key to 3D printed ceramics

- Jaffa (Israel): Excavations confirm presence of Egyptian settlement on the ancient city site

- Ngari (Tibet):excavation to the Khardong city-site and the Garuda cemetery 

Leicester (G-B): Archaeologists uncover 'lost garden' in quest for Richard III

Interamna Lirenas (Italie): Buried but found: First images of a lost Roman town

Leicester (G-B): team confirms it has found medieval Grey Friars Church – the burial place of Richard III

Udhruh (Jordanie): Ancient water management and field systems

Tell Mozan (Syrie): origin and trading routes of razor-sharp stone tools 4,200 years ago

Strasbourg (France): Des légionnaires romains aux bâtisseurs de la cathédrale : la fouille de la place du Château

Ham Hill (G-B): Iron-age hillfort reveals its secrets

Plan de Ayutla (Mexique): theater, used by elite characters of Mayan society approximately 1,200 years ago, discovered

Maeshowe (G-B): Historic Scotland launches virtual tour

Machaerus (Israel): Where Salome Danced and John the Baptist Was Beheaded

Tancama (Mexique): specialists found 15 Huastec graves

Xinglonggou (Chine): A peculiar pottery figure discovered

Chehrabad Douzlakh (Iran): Ancient salt mining and salt men: the interdisciplinary project

Korekawa-nakai (Japon): The oldest stringed instrument in the world

Saint-Dizier (France): Une occupation dès l’âge du Bronze et des dépôts rituels romains

Multiple factors, including climate change, led to collapse and depopulation of ancient Maya

Forest Razing by Ancient Maya Worsened Droughts

Maryport (G-B): Excavation sheds new light on Roman life in northern England

Chersonesos (Ukraine): Digitizing the Past to Protect and Preserve History

Du vin dès le Vie millénaire avant notre ère

Zhuzhai (Chine): Archaeological Excavation and Discoveries

- Ipplepen (G-B): Archaeological dig unearths Roman influence

Egypte : a huge drought 4,200 years ago associated with the demise of Egypt's Old Kingdom

- Alken Enge (Danemark): Macabre finds in the bog

Yeronisos (Chypre): excavations by the New York University

Neolithic man: The first lumberjack?

Cape Henlopen (USA): Shipwreck mystery solved

El Mirador (Guatemala): earliest use of Mexican turkeys by ancient Maya

Mexico City (Mexique): Five hundred year old Mexica burial and "sacred" tree found

Vesvre (France): recherche sur l'ensemble castral

Marcahuamachuco (Pérou):10 metal figurines and other ornamental objects, believed to be part of an offering

Arsur / Apollonia (Israel): Gold Trove Found At Castle Reveals Crusaders’ Forex Moves

Cahokia (USA): People living 700 to 900 years ago ritually used a caffeinated brew