Prehistoire 6

Gesher Bnot Yaakov (Israel): archaeologists reveal prehistoric man's plant-based diet

- Ice Age hunters destroyed forests throughout Europe

Autism and human evolutionary success

Lapa do Santo (Brésil): Gruesome Rituals Revealed in 9,500-Year-Old Graves

Huge reduction in African dust plume impacted climate 11,000 years ago

Lekeitio (Espagne): a rare, ‘spectacular’ trove of 14,500-year-old art

Haväng (Suède): Researchers Find Submerged Mesolithic Settlement

Porc-Epic Cave (Ethiopie): Middle Stone Age ochre processing tools reveal cultural and behavioral complexity

Warratyi rock shelter (Australie): Humans touched the base of Australia around 49, 000 years back

La Garma (Espagne): Upper Paleolithic humans may have hunted cave lions for their pelts

Klipdrift Shelter (Af. Du Sud): Middle Stone Age Humans Used Innovative Heating Techniques to Make Tools

Kharaneh IV (Jordanie):Our ancestors chose reeds over grain when quitting nomadic life

Armintxe cave (Espagne): 14,000-year-old rock paintings found

Wurdi Youang  (Australie): Could Be The World's Oldest Observatory

Engare Sero (Tanzanie):Ancient Human Footprints Found Near Volcano

Arroyo Seco 2 (Argentine) :Humans may have occupied Southern Cone of South America 14,000 years ago

Water sources and human colonization of Australia

Rosemary Island(Australie) : Evidence of 9,000-year-old stone houses found

Earth Wobbles May Have Driven Ancient Humans Out of Africa

Kimberley (Australie) :Painting claimed to be among Australia’s oldest known rock art

Okinawa (Japon) :Ancient fish hooks found suggest earlier maritime migration than thought

How Humans Spread Onto Tibetan Plateau

- Climate change was less important for technological innovation among Stone Age humans than previously assumed

El Eulma (Algérie) : Nouvelles découvertes préhistoriques

Jerimalai cave  (East Timor): Oldest jewellery in East Asia is crafted 37,000-year-old shell

Azraq (Jordanie) : residual remains of butchered animals on stone tools used 250,000 years ago

Tracking down the first chefs

How Parka jackets saved early humans from the chilly fate of the Neanderthals

Hohle Fels Cave (Allemagne) : Researchers discover how rope was made 40,000 years ago

Campfires May Have Triggered Emergence of Tuberculosis

Hilazon Tachtit Cave (Israel) : Reconstruction of 12,000 year old funeral feast brings ancient burial rituals to life

Grotte de Foissac (France):  Exceptionnelle découverte

Unguja (Tanzanie) :  Poison-Tipped Arrows at least 13,000 Years Ago

Fredericton  (Canada) :  Campsite dating back 12,000 years unearthed

Santa Cruz Island (USA) : Ancient Seafarers’ Tool Sites, Up to 12,000 Years Old, Discovered

- Cueva Negra del Estrecho del Río Quípar (Espagne) : the earliest fire of Stone Age Europe

Atxurra cave (Espagne) :  Cave art trove found 1,000 feet underground

Abri Faravel (France): Prehistoric paintings revealed

Axturra cave (Espagne) : 70 Hidden Cave Paintings From 14,500 Years Ago found

Hilazon Tachtit  Cave (Israel) : secrets of the funeral feast

Ancient Australia: world’s first nation of innovators

Page-Ladson (USA): New evidence that humans settled in southeastern US far earlier than previously believed

Mäanderhöhle cave (Allemagne): markings are not fertility symbols carved by humans

Carpenter’s Gap (Australie): Stone shard found revealed to be world’s oldest known axe

- Humans in Southern Arabia 10,000 years earlier than first thought 

Tigery (France): le plateau Briard durant la préhistoire

Hominins may have been food for carnivores 500,000 years ago

Gamnes (Norvège): Stone Age artists used rock art as a billboard

Shamans packed skulls with clay and burnt brains inside them in prehistoric Europe

An Khe (Viet Nam): Traces of Paleolithic age discovered 

Sungir (Russie): Vladimir is thrilled by the Sungarian man

Chauvet (France): Radiocarbon dating of cave artworks reveals new chronology of human occupation

- Olduvai Gorge (Tanzanie): the Prehistoric secrets

Kaizer Hilltop (Israel): Ancient quarry proves human impact on landscape

Humans, 'unicorns' may have walked Earth at same time

Grotte Chauvet (France): Reinterpreting the cave paintings

Abyisky (Russie):12,000 year old mother's milk, frozen in permafrost

Japon : use of early hunter–gatherer pottery

Ireland Inhabited 2,500 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

Water Canyon (USA): Uncovering the mystery of very early humans in New Mexico

- Saber-toothed cats hunted on the South American plains

Cantalouette (France): Un oiseau dans l'art des origines

Australie: Study shows early human impacts on biodiversity

Arrival of the first Indian

Early human habitat recreated for first time

What these ancient statuettes of obese people say about Paleo diets

Ma'anshan Cave (Chine): Paleolithic bone tools found

Researcher explores close prehistoric relationship between humans and dogs

Star Carr  (G-B): Archeologists Find 11,000-Year-Old Engraved Pendant

Who killed off Australia's big birds?

Olduvai Gorge (Tanzanie): Plant biomarkers hint at early human habitat

Sanak (USA): How hunter-gatherers preserved their food sources

Multiple Cosmic Impacts 790,000 Years Ago

Kimberley (Australie): rock art may be among the oldest in the world

Abiquiu (USA): Clovis people kill site found

Flaked stone points raise questions about Brazilian prehistory

Japon: early migration to the archipelago

Fossil record disappears at different rates

Yale puts prehistoric mystery meat to the test (spoiler alert: it’s not woolly mammoth OR giant ground sloth)

Schöningen (Allemagne): Homo heidelbergensis Wielded Sophisticated Tools, Weapons

Qesem Cave (Israel): Men Roasted Tortoises 400,000 Years Ago

Nevada (USA): Nearly 20 Stone-Tool Sites, Dating Back Up To 12,000 Years, Discovered

Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans

Sopochnaya Karga (Russie): Evidence Indicates Humans Occupied Arctic by 45,000 Years Ago

- Sulawesi (Indonesie):Stone Tools Point to Mysterious Neighbor of Flores ‘Hobbit’

Sulawesi (Indonesie): Earliest Human occupation pushed back

Fumane Cave (Italie):New findings on prehistoric stone tool industry

Chauvet (France): A volcanic eruption from 36,000 years ago – as captured by prehistoric man

Xiaodong Rockshelter (Chine): Oldest Hoabinhian site discovered

Hawraman (Iran): Remains of Stone Age Hunters Found

Early human dispersal into Spain through Strait of Gibraltar

Millet: the missing piece in the puzzle of prehistoric humans’ transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers

Gesher Benot Ya‘aqov (Israel): The Acheulian site

Schöningen (Allemagne): Early human hunters more advanced than previously thought

Molí del Salt (Espagne): Engraved schist slab may depict paleolithic campsites

Boodie Cave (Australie): New findings move Aboriginal occupation of Australia to 50,000 years ago

Kunming (Chine): first fossil peaches discovered

Betrayals of Trust Caused Rapid Spread of Human Species Worldwide

Fuyan Cave (Chine): Earliest modern humans recast history of early human migration

Marathousa 1 (Grèce): Stone Age elephant butchering site

Biologists trace how human innovation impacts tool evolution

Ishango (Congo): Is the 20,000-Year-Old Bone the Earliest Evidence of Logical Reasoning?

Monte Verde (Chili)! New clues about the earliest known Americans

Monte Verde (Chili): Oldest stone tools in the Americas claimed

Fossils shed new light on North American mammoths

East Timor : The largest to have existed - giant rat fossils

Schöningen  (Allemagne): Paleolithic humans dealt with saber-toothed cats

Kimberley (Australie): Aboriginal artwork could be among oldest in the world

Les Varines (G-B): Engraved stones revealed at ice age pioneer basecamp

Ice-age lesson: Large mammals need room to roam

Mojave Desert (USA): Nearly 9,000 Artifacts Uncovered, Spanning 11,500 Years of History