Rapports archéo 2012 - 1

Talpiot (Israel): Hebrew inscription appears to confirm 'sign of Jonah'

Ashkelon (Israel): New Evidence of Philistine Religion

Nea Pafos (Chypre): Completion of the fourth excavation season on the “Fabrika” hill

- Izumo (Japon):  The Grand Shrine was once a colossal skyscraper of ancient Japan

The 'pushy parent' syndrome in ancient Rome

- Horsens Fjord (Danemark): Organic tools found in Stone Age camp

Vashtëmi (Albanie): One of the Earliest Farming Sites in Europe

Trefael Stone (G-B): capstone of a 5,500-year-old tomb

Le Mans (France): archéologie de la virée de Galerne

Victoria's Port Phillip Bay (Australie): Shipwreck to give up its history

- Rennes - Le Mans (France): 15 fouilles sur le tracé de la LGV Bretagne-Pays-de-la-Loire

Guyanne : 800-year-old farmers could teach us how to protect the Amazon

Jerusalem (Israel): Seventh-century B.C.E. clay bulla

Dongdazhangzi (Chine): The Warring States Cemetery

Tel Achziv (Israel): Ancient Phoenician Port City

Climat : la météo des XVIIIe et XIXe siècles bientôt reconstituée ?

Cholula (Mexique): Sépulture de 13 individus datée de 800 ans

Amara West (Egypte): looking back on the season 2012 in the cemetery

- Yecheng (Chine): 2011 Excavation of the Zhaopengcheng Northern Dynasties Monastery

Sacalum / Yo' Sah Kab (Mexique): Pre-Columbian sources of Maya Blue

Chotuna and Chornancap (Pérou): the legend of Naymlap

Pérou : Rare animal-shaped mounds discovered

Mynydd Y Betws (G-B): The first 8 vital questions (of 18)

Tal Abu Tbeirah (Irak): Bronze Age “Tomb of the Prince”

- Tangbalisay (Chine): Discovery of Andronovo Culture Tombs

Gardom's Edge (G-B): Evidence stacks up that monolith is astronomically aligned

Samanamalai (Inde): 2,200-year-old Tamil-Brahmi inscription found

Kanaljorden (Suède): Mesolithic wetland depositions of human skulls

Ancient civilizations reveal ways to manage fisheries for sustainability

- Dayunshan (Chine): Excavations of Western Han Jiangdu Imperial Tomb

- Jerusalem (Israel): Jeremiah, Prophet of the Bible, Brought Back to Life

Heuneburg hillfort (Allemagne) : Beer and Bling in Iron Age

The people of medieval Iceland survived disaster

Reign of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose II Suggests Crisis

Tel Haror (Israel): Cult practices revealed at Bronze Age Temple complex

- Inverness (G-B): Neolithic pottery at Culduthel section of Inverness flood scheme

Meidoum (Egypte): Researcher changes the dating of the  necropolis

Kanozero Island (Russie) : Stone Age cartoons

- Monsoon and major shifts in Indian civilizations

- El Hibeh (Egypte): Massive looting reported

- Kato Pafos (Chypre): Agora Project

Kretou Marottou-Ais Yiorkis (Chypre): investigations of the early Cypro-PPNB Neolithic site

- Interpretations of Israelite plaster figurines

Colorado River valley (Argentine): Prehistoric Secondary Burial

Lingshenghu (Chine): Excavation of the Western Han Cemetery

Ur (Irak) : Lyre found in the 'Great Death-Pit'

- Island of St Helena : Archaeologists unearth slave burial ground

Grado (Italie): A Ship Full of Fish Helped Recreate an Ancient Fish Sauce

Karnak (Egypte): Sénakht-en-Rê, la « redécouverte » d'un pharaon

Teotihuacan (Mexique) : The role of cosmetics in funerary rites

- Weijiawopu (Chine): a settlement site dating to the Honxgshan Culture

- Israel : Ancient "Graffiti" Unlock the Life of the Common Man

- Ohio (USA): Ancient American Pilgrimage : Communitas or Costly Signaling ?

Blue versus Green: Rocking the Byzantine Empire

- Zoar (Israel) : Ancient World’s Largest Cemetery Identified

East Talpiot (Israel): Doubts about 'the Jesus Discovery'

Role of Maya Women

Ancient Arabic writings help scientists piece together past climate

Azekah (Israel) : Exploration of mythical David and Goliath battle site

Suizhou (Chine) : Excavation at the Yejiashan West Zhou graveyard

East Talpiot (Israel) : Tomb exploration reveals first archaeological evidence of Christianity from the time of Jesus

Ancient peoples painted with sound

Classic Maya civilization collapse related to modest rainfall reductions

- Chiseldon (G-B): Unearthing and conserving an Iron Age feast

Versailles (France) : Archéologie au château

Chang-mo Grottoes (Tibet) : Survey

Skouriotissa / Mitsero (Chypre) : The Cyprus Archaeomagnetic Project

Gonesse (France) : 1 000 ans d'inhumations dans l'église

- The birds in the Iliad.

Helike (Grèce) : the prehistoric and classical capital of ancient Achaea

Amara West (Egypte) : changing funerary practises

Zhaitou (Chine) : Cemetery of Rong People of the Warring States Period

Humans may have helped the decline of African rainforests 3000 years ago

- Navolato (Mexique) : Trois urnes funéraires de la culture aztatlan

Maoshan site (Chine) : New achievements from the second and third excavations

Lac Enol (Espagne) : Sediments reveal more than 13,500 years of environmental history

Caistor St. Edmund (G-B) : unique 'wing' shaped building

Populonia (Italie) : News excavations

Taozhuang (Chine) : Mound Tomb of the Yue State Elite

Saiku (Japon) : Oldest hiragana version of ‘Iroha’ poem found on ancient earthenware

Baffin Island (Canada) : enigmatic Little Ice Age

Amara West (Egypte) : inscribed lintel discovered under rubble

Teotihuacan (Mexique) : Enterrements et classes sociales

Ridgeway Hill (G-B) : Viking mass grave linked to elite killers of the medieval world

Rites of Passage and Mortuary Archaeology

Tell es-Safi/Gath (Israël) : Horned Altar Hints at Philistine Origins

Vallée des Rois (Egypte) : Discovery of a new tomb, KV 64

Kissonerga-Skalia (Chypre) : Excavations  2011

Paredones and Huaca Prieta (Pérou) : Ancient popcorn discovered

Famars (France) : L’antique Fanum Martis sous le futur technopole du Valenciennois

- Kraskino (Russie) : New Discoveries in Primorsky Territory in 2011

The fermented cereal beverage of the Sumerians may not have been beer

Tamil Nadu (Inde) : Dancing Shiva X-rayed Indian masterpiece shown to be solid bronze

Eure et Loir (France) : 2011 - une année riche en découvertes archéologiques

Fort Huachuca (USA) : cultural and historical resources

France : L’enquête nationale sur l’âge du Bronze

Châteaumeillant-Mediolanum (France) : un oppidum gaulois dans la cité des Bituriges Cubi

Mirador Basin (Mexique) : Evidence of Tobacco in a Mayan Container

Hamin site (Chine) : a prehistory settlement in the Horqin District, Inner Mongolia

Kolossi (Chypre) : Excavations at the Sugar Mill

Calixtlahuaca (Mexique) : small collection of sculptures

Zea (Grèce) : The Art of Harbour Archaeology

Slaves or not, Babylonians were like us

Cape Espenberg (USA) : first prehistoric bronze artifact

- Pompéi (Italie) : Trash and Tombs Went Hand in Hand

Mazotos shipwreck (Chypre) : 2011 field season

Playback: 130-year-old sounds revealed

Sarmizegetusa (Roumanie) : the first Roman metropolis established north of the Danube

Vretsia-Roudias (Chypre) : Excavations in the Troodos mountains

Teotihuacan (Mexique) : Offrandes de consécration sous la Pyramide du Soleil

Xiaofangcheng (Chine) : Achievements of Investigation and Preliminary Excavations

Tucson (USA) : Prehistoric Tucson Foothills

- L'archéoacoustique maya ou à la recherche du son perdu

Research to analyze the images of women in Roman mosaics

Gotland (Suède) : Archaeologists Return to Investigate Viking Period Site

Belgrade (Serbie) : Les fleurs à l'attaque du patrimoine

Aşıklı Höyük (Turquie) : bracelet en obsidienne du 8e millénaire avant J.C