Evolution 4

Research finds skull condition thought extinct is actually widespread

Maryland (USA): Fossil dog represents a new species

The 2 million year melee—neanderthals vs. Humans

- Extinct primate fossils from China reveal why humans never evolved in Asia; Ancient climate change to blame

Neandertals and Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens had different dietary strategies

Competition between men drove evolution of deep voices

- Rising Star Cave (Af. Du Sud): Did Homo naledi bury dead ?

Laetoli (Tanzanie): scientists analyse prehistoric footprints

Study of chimpanzees explores the early origins of human hand dexterity

Dinaledi (Af. du Sud): Pieces of Homo naledi story continue to puzzle

Chimps Like Us: Baby, We Were Born to Run

- How human ancestors used fire to their advantage

- Did Psychedelic Mushrooms and Group Sex Play a Role in Human Evolution? 

Stone-throwing could mean chimps believe in a god

Flores (Indonesie): "Hobbits" disappeared when modern humans arrived

Denisova Cave (Russie): Novel collagen fingerprinting identifies a Neanderthal bone among 2,000 fragments

How diet shaped human evolution

Ongata-Rongai (Kenya): Australopithecus fossils found east of the Great Rift Valley

Human ancestors explored 'out of Africa' despite impaired nasal faculties

Sima de los Huesos (Espagne): Skeletons buried for 430,000 years belonged to earliest known relatives of Neanderthals

The benefits of food processing

- Primates prefer to fight with friends at their side

Why do chimpanzees throw stones at trees?

Ancient chimpanzee ‘Adam’ lived over one million years ago

Using 'baby teeth' to predict hominin tooth size

Predicting human evolution: Teeth tell the story

Fossil analysis pushes back human split from other primates by two million years

Human children and wild great apes share tool use cognition

How Humans Became Carnivores

Ancient species may have lived among humans

Neanderthals mated with modern humans much earlier than previously though

Mystery 'hobbits' not humans like us

Neanderthal DNA has subtle but significant impact on human traits

Sterkfontein Caves (Af. Du Sud) produce 2 new hominin fossils

Gorilla fossil suggests split from humans as far back as 10 million years ago

Early human ancestor did not have the jaws of a nutcracker

Sterkfontein Caves  (Af.du Sud): Skeletal remains from Milner Hall, a new excavation area

Life history effects on the molecular clock of autosomes and sex chromosomes

Humans evolved by sharing technology and culture

Science and Archaeology Experts Discuss Humankind’s Ancestral Journey

East Asia makes a comeback in the human evolution stakes

Harmful mutations have accumulated during early human migrations out of Africa

Chimps place trust in their friends too, suggesting humans gained the evolutionary trait

Giant ape Gigantopithecus went extinct 100,000 years ago due to its inability to adapt

Virtual fossil' reveals last common ancestor of humans and Neanderthals

Red Deer Cave (Chine): people' bone points to mysterious species of pre-modern human

Scientists Peg Anthropocene to First Farmers

How Hands Made Humans Human

What the mites on your face say about where you came from

Humans Evolved To Get Better Sleep In Less Time

What Is a Human? Long-Standing Debate Surrounds Our Family Tree

Study differentiates facial growth in Neanderthals and modern humans

Bonobos Documented for First Time Using Ancient Pre-Agricultural Tools, Breaking Bones, and Using Spears as Attack Weapons

Hualongdong (Chine): Well-preserved homo erectus skull discovered

Zallah Oasis  (Libye): New species of early anthropoid primate found

Hobbits Were a Separate Species, Ancient Chompers Show

Chimpanzee Language Claims - Lost In Translation By Anthropologists

The Evolution of the Human Fist

Tracing the Evolution of the Human Brain Through Casts of the Inner Skull

Study of Homo naledi suggests that new species walked upright and also climbed trees

Chimpanzees shed light on origins of human walking

The hand and foot of Homo naledi

Stem cell research hints at evolution of human brain

First demonstration of cumulative cultural evolution in the laboratory

Fossilized ear bones reveal human ancestors heard higher frequencies

Olorgesailie (Kenya): Earliest evidence for ambush hunting by early humans

Woranso-Mille (Ethiopie): Change in early human ancestor diet came earlier than thought

How the human brain has evolved in size—measured using tennis balls

Maropeng (Afrique du Sud): Bones reveal new human relative

Maropeng (Afrique du Sud): Homo Naledi , Une ancienne espèce du genre humain découverte

Shouldering the burden of evolution

Did grandmas make people pair up? Human longevity from grandmothering tied to human coupling

Altagracia (Rep. Dominicaine): The million year old monkey: New evidence confirms the antiquity of fossil primate

Human body has gone through four stages of evolution

Early human diet explains our eating habits

The Measure of Mankind

Malapa (Afrique du Sud): Earliest baboon found

- Olduvai Gorge (Tanzanie): Oldest humanlike hand bone discovered

- Tibetan paradise handed to ancient apes on a plateau, Chinese scientists believe

Human language may have started differently than thought

- Big Brains Needed Carbs - The importance of dietary carbohydrate in human evolution

How complex bonobo communication is similar to that of human infants

Australo-Melanesians and a very ancient ancestry

Body size increase did not play a role in the origins of Homo genus

Vleesbaai / Pinnacle Point (Afrique du Sud): Clues to How Homo sapiens Conquered the Earth

Homo Floresiensis: Facts About the 'Hobbit'

Le développement des Pygmées révèle l'importance de la plasticité de la croissance dans l'évolution humaine

Human Evolution's Biggest Questions May Find Answers in New Analysis

- First Humans Out of Africa Were Small, Scrappy

Humans have more primitive hands than chimpanzees

Researchers show how our sense of smell evolved, including in cave men

- Old World Monkey Had Tiny, Complex Brain

Can Evolution Explain All Human Behavior?

Tool use is 'innate' in chimpanzees but not bonobos, their closest evolutionary relative

La sixième extinction animale de masse est en route

Vulnerability made us human: how our early ancestors turned disability into advantage

Chimps can vary their smiles like humans

Chimpanzees may know when they are right and move to prove it

Tam Pa Ling (Laos): Deux fossiles trouvés attestent d'une diversité humaine ancienne

Cooking up cognition

Comparison of bonobo anatomy to humans offers evolutionary clues

Woranso-Mille (Ethiopie): New human ancestor species lived alongside Lucy's species

Interspecies love-ins and the offbeat history of our species

Lomekwi 3 (Kenya): Les plus vieux outils du monde ont 3,3 millions d’années

Vertebrae of humans with disc problems are closer in shape to the chimpanzee

Neuroscientists pinpoint neurons that help primates tell faces apart

Not much size difference between male and female Australopithecines

Lower back pain may have ties to our last common ancestor, chimpanzees

- Oldest stone tools raise questions about their creators

From sticks to stones—getting a grip on the human genus